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WWE Main Event results: T-Bar vs. Akira Tozawa


This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the UBS Arena in Elmont, New York, before Monday’s Raw.

Reggie defeated R-Truth (4:44)

Reggie didn’t garner much reaction for this non-24/7 title match and the crowd wasn't into Truth playing the heel. That and the rough finish, which was pretty much a botch, made this a fairly forgettable bout all told.

It always amazes me that R-Truth is still going strong: not because he’s not great at what he does, but because in January, he will be 50 years old. Not too shabby, eh?

Truth came out before this one and tried to get the crowd going for his first appearance on Main Event in over a year. He was last on this show back in April 2020 when he defeated Von Wagner, who was working as Cal Bloom at that time.

You could tell that they were out of step as Truth was talking to Reggie in the last few minutes. 

Truth went for a powerbomb and Reggie tried to slide over the top for a sunset flip, but he caught Truth who just landed on top of him. It looked clumsy (because it was) and was made worse when Truth had to make it look like he couldn’t kick out of the cover. 

Post-match, Reggie offered Truth a handshake, but he shrugged it off and headed to the back, leaving Reggie hanging.

T-Bar defeated Akira Tozawa (7:27)

This should have been a squash, but instead, this saw T-Bar beat up Tozawa and use a ton of rest holds before he finally got it done. Tozawa is fantastic at being a rag doll, but this was nothing to write home about.

T-Bar and Truth both need the reset button on their gimmicks, because neither is going anywhere fast. Since they broke up T-Bar and Mace by proxy of the WWE Draft, it’s been dark matches and Main Event appearances for ol' T.

T-Bar should have been booked as a monster here as he towered over Tozawa by some margin. He started by beating him down and throwing him around all over the place, but before long, it descended into rest holds. Tozawa even got the hope before they went to the finish.

In the end, T-Bar turned Tozawa inside out when he caught his charge with a high knee, finishing him off with the Eyes Wide Shut.

Final Thoughts:

There was nothing much to this one this week. T-Bar and Akira Tozawa were the better performers, but the Truth match was slightly more entertaining. Had I attended the UBS Arena that night, I'm not quite sure these two matches would have made me very hyped for Raw.