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WWE Main Event results: T-Bar vs. Tommaso Ciampa, Veer Mahaan vs. Apollo Crews

This week's show saw both the return of the former NXT Champion and another big win by Veer.
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This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana, before Monday’s Raw. Kevin Patrick returned to the announce table after he had been replaced by Jimmy Smith last week.

Veer Mahaan defeated Apollo Crews (w/Commander Azeez) (5:03)

There wasn’t much to this one. They used Azeez to try to distract Mahaan, but his unbeaten run continued here.

Crews and Azeez are pretty forgettable as an act and them working this show really doesn't help matters. Crews had really found a groove at one point last year, but the brakes have been slammed on that now.

This was slow and labored with Mahaan stupid enough to get distracted by Azeez. Crews tried to get some of his stuff in, but it was cut short.

Crews dodged the Million Dollar Arm, but Mahaan is still using his unnamed DDT finisher, catching Crews with it to take him to 7-0 since adopting his new name.

Tommaso Ciampa defeated T-Bar (8:30)

Ciampa won in a rematch from last month, but this went longer than it needed to after far too much of the match being taken up by rest holds.

Last time out on Main Event, Ciampa had posted a nasty looking elbow injury on his social media accounts. That was over a month ago and he has worked dark matches and NXT since then without favoring any kind of damage.

The crowd was really into Ciampa, but this match felt much longer that the time it ended up running. They made it look like they were working hard even though it wasn’t much of a spectacle.

They did have a good near fall toward the end where you could tell that the crowd thought it might be over. T-Bar used a big boot and Ciampa kicked out at two and three-quarters.

T-Bar went for the Eyes Wide Shut, but Ciampa wriggled out and hit a high knee. He got the win with a really ungainly looking inside cradle and fled the ring after the bell to celebrate.

Final Thoughts:

After the excellent tag match on last week’s show, we returned to mediocrity again on Main Event. Mahaan’s Raw debut is still a running joke, if you can call it that, and you have to worry for the likes of Ciampa who is surely way too good to be sporadically working this show.