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WWE Main Event results: Tozawa vs. Carrillo, Dorado vs. Garza

Lince Dorado vs Angel Garza

The Big Takeaway:

On a show that was otherwise missable, Angel Garza looked great in a win over Lince Dorado while Akira Tozawa’s woes continued with a loss to Humberto Carrillo.


Humberto Carrillo defeated Akira Tozawa (5:27)

With only eight wins to his name in all of 2020, Tozawa suffered yet another defeat this week, leaving him rather rudderless. The briefest of brief 24/7 Title reigns aside, Tozawa has really had very little to brag about this year.

By contrast, Carrillo has found himself with a little win streak, picking up four victories in as many weeks on Main Event. His wins against Dorado, Tucker, Gran Metalik and Tozawa have all been earned with the same, as yet unnamed, finishing move.

It did look hopeful at one point for Tozawa who went close in the late goings. They traded near falls but it was same combination that saw off Metalik last week that got the job done here. Carrillo nailed Tozawa with a spinning backbreaker and followed it up with putting him in a torture wrack position before slamming him face-first in a kind of sitout flapjack. 

This was perfectly good opening match fodder, but nothing much to go out of your way to find.

Angel Garza defeated Lince Dorado (w/ Gran Metalik) (7:52)

Garza has very much been on the fringe of things over the last few months. It’s been the same sort of stuttering, sporadic start to his main roster career as Carrillo. After his alliance with Andrade ended last month, Garza has drifted around with the occasional appearance on Main Event. 

Lucha House Party are almost regulars on Main Event and without much success. When one works and the other accompanies, there’s virtually no reason for it and that was no different this week. Metalik could have stayed home for this one.

Garza is an excellent, pompous heel, full of hubris. After a slow mat-based start, he increased the pace and nailed Dorado with a forearm to send him off the top turnbuckle to the mats outside. With delight, he whipped off his trousers and threw them at his opponent as we headed to a break.

His finisher is refreshing, too. The Wing Clipper (a kind of butterfly cradle drop) is a move no one has done in a long time in this company. He set it up by smacking Dorado with a superkick and comfortably got the win.

After the bell, he lay himself out across the top turnbuckle with a sick sinister grin. At 28 years old, Garza is very good at what he does and has a lot of charisma.

Final Thoughts:

There is wasted talent on this show every week. Ricochet and Shelton Benjamin were on Main Event almost every week for a while, but Garza ought to be on Raw or SmackDown given the way he carries himself. Logically, too, Carrillo has paid his dues on this show and really ought to be getting a chance to prove himself on a weekly television show.