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WWE Main Event results: Veer debuts, Mace & T-Bar in action


Veer (w/Jinder Mahal & Shanky) defeated Drew Gulak (5:05)

Veer made his Main Event in-ring debut on this show with Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton talking up his past as a pitcher.

Real name Rinku Singh, Veer was the winner of the reality show Million Dollar Arm after throwing a 87 mph pitch. He had a brief spell with the Pittsburgh Pirates, making him the first Indian to play professional baseball.

His look needs some work and is typical of WWE in this kind of context: face paint, a kind of loin cloth, wrap-around deal and lots of shouting and grunting. But, he was absolutely fine here and Gulak was the perfect foil.

In the end, Veer planted Gulak in the corner and hit him with three running smashes before teeing him up for a discuss clothesline for his first win. As The Million Dollar Arm, his finisher makes a lot of sense. This match was all it needed to be to get him over as both a powerhouse and a threat.

Mace and T-Bar defeated Lucha House Party (7:17)

Well, there was more face paint and power over speed and agility in this one as well, but it probably went a little longer than it needed to.

This was a rematch from three weeks ago where Lucha House Party did the job just as they did here. But it stands to reason that if you want to get a team like this over, put them on one of the televised shows. 

I stand by what I said last time out: Mace and T-Bar are in real danger of becoming the new Ascension. They only ever work on this show against low to mid-card teams and have never been given a program to get their teeth into.

This one went through an ad break and after that, it felt very much like the finish of their match back in June. Metalik got the hot tag and looked like he would seal the deal, but he missed a top rope moonsault. Dorado took out T-Bar and they ended up outside, but Mace nailed Gran Metalik with a sitout power bomb to get the win.

There was nothing much to this one in the end, but was probably what it needed to be if they want to get Mace and T-Bar over as a credible tag team.

Final Thoughts:

After last week’s NXT debutants, there was less to write home about this week but Veer’s debut was at least intriguing. Closing out the show with the tag team rematch didn’t have nearly the same buzz as Karrion Kross’ win over Shelton Benjamin last week, but WWE seems unsure what to do with this show with any consistency at the best of times.