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WWE Main Event results: Veer Mahaan vs. Mustafa Ali

T-Bar was also in action against Cedric Alexander.
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This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Pechanga Arena in San Diego, California, before Monday’s Raw.

Corey Graves joined the announce team this week to make it a three-man booth, alongside Byron Saxton and Kevin Patrick

Cedric Alexander defeated T-Bar (5:04)

This was a good, short match made all the better for having Graves on commentary.

T-Bar has had five wins to his name in all of 2022 and two of them came against Reggie. He was booked as a big man for a while but now, they just seem to beat him every week.

Alexander oscillates between being in The Hurt Business to working Main Event, either on his own or with Shelton Benjamin. He’s far too good for a show like this, as he showed here, but they seem to struggle to have anything for him when he’s not involved with MVP or Omos.

Alexander worked over T-Bar’s left knee throughout and it eventually played into the finish. What was weird here was seeing T-Bar attempt a top rope moonsault. Graves called it exactly as it was, saying that flashiness had not served him well in the past.

T-Bar landed on his feet, but Alexander seized his chance and was able to slowly hoist T-Bar up on his shoulders to finish him with a fireman’s carry slam.

The crowd absolutely loved the finish here, especially because Alexander slowed down the execution of the move to make it look like he wasn’t going to have the strength to pull it off.

Veer Mahaan defeated Mustafa Ali (5:38)

This was essentially an extended squash for Veer’s first match on Main Event since the end March.

Well, it's only taken ten weeks for Veer to wind up back on this show after what seemed like an endless build up to him debuting on Raw. That said, he’s vastly improved since his last outing back in March.

Mahaan has visibly improved his histrionics and the way he executes his moves. They’ve clearly worked with him on building up the tension and on his in-ring psychology.

That aside, this felt like a weird move. It's fine for him to squash someone, but to do it for such a long time against someone as good as Ali was illogical.

Ali was typically plucky throughout, playing the escapologist at all times until the end. He missed the 450 splash and Mahaan was able to nail him with the Million Dollar Arm that practically took Ali’s head off. When Mahaan locked in the Cervical Clutch, Ali passed out and they called for the bell.

Final Thoughts:

Two decent matches this week in front of a really good crowd made for a watchable episode. It would have been way better if it was Alexander vs. Ali and Mahaan vs. T-Bar instead, but knowing this show, that’s probably exactly what we’ll get next week.