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WWE Main Event results: Veer Mahaan vs. Shelton Benjamin


Happy New Year, everyone! This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, before Monday’s Raw.

T-Bar defeated Sal Sergio (2:26)

This was just a squash with nothing to it. T-Bar is a decent big guy, but they have absolutely nothing for him right now.

Sergio was Antonio De Luca for an NXT match back in 2020, but has also worked as Mambo Italiano. A graduate from both Lance Storm and Booker T's wrestling schools, he got nothing in here and was just used as a body to be thrown around by T-Bar. He nailed Sergio over the top rope, chokeslammed him on the apron and then finished him with a big boot and the Eyes Wide Shut.

There's nothing wrong at all with a squash match on Main Event every now and then, but when you only have two matches on the entire show, you can’t help but feel short-changed.

Veer Mahaan defeated Shelton Benjamin (6:55)

Mahaan had a good match last week, but he and Benjamin didn’t particularly gell here. The main thing is he’s still absolutely, definitely coming to Raw...maybe.

It's 2022 and they continue to waste Benjamin who is just way better than bouncing around on this show week after week. He did the best he could here, but there were some clunky spots down to poor timing by Mahaan more than anything.

Benjamin nailed Mahan with a kind of leg lariat/superkick before the commercial where he slapped his thigh so hard, people audibly gasped. Otherwise, this was pretty forgettable.

In the end, Veer used his as-yet unnamed finisher to get the victory. It's kind of a Sister Abigail meets a Cross Rhodes but essentially a spinning, inverted DDT. It looks like it's here to stay while the references to his short-lived baseball career are apparently gone.

Final Thoughts:

Well, it's the first WWE Main Event of 2022 and we’re still on autopilot. This was a very forgettable show, but it will be interesting to see what this year holds for Main Event. The Hulu deal reportedly expires this year and with the dwindling roster due to all the cuts, it might mean that the need for a show like this is even more negligible.