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WWE Main Event results: Veer Mahaan vs. Storm Grayson

Only one match was featured on this week's edition of Main Event.
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This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio before Monday’s Raw.

Veer Mahaan defeated Storm Grayson (3:46)

This was a squash, but it went longer than it needed to with Veer getting the victory in dominant fashion.

WWE was feeding T-Bar local jobbers a few months back, but Veer Mahaan must have run out of lower card opponents -- because they gave him Chicago-based wrestler Storm Grayson.

Veer took his time in this one, choosing to stop a two count early on, then picking Grayson up and using a rest hold.

Although Grayson tried to get some offense in, Mahaan no-sold most of it. It went longer than it should, though, and Mahaan should have looked more impressive than he did here.

In the end, the Million Dollar Arm, a running splash, and the leaping Thesz Press finished Grayson off in under four minutes.

Final Thoughts --

One match was all she wrote this week. It seems that WWE did tape Austin Theory vs. Apollo Crews for Main Event on Monday, but it didn't end up airing. Maybe they chose to cut it after changing their plans with Theory and Pat McAfee. Either way, one crappy squash that ran under four minutes made this a pretty terrible show.