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WWE Main Event results: Viking Raiders vs. Lucha House Party


This week's show was taped Monday in San Diego, CA, prior to WWE Raw.

Jeff Hardy defeated Shelton Benjamin (5:28)

Hardy and Benjamin kicked off a fun show and understandably got a fantastic reaction from those in attendance. If you’re going to warm up a pre-Raw crowd, this was  a good way to do it.

Other than defeating Karion Kross when he made his main roster debut, it has been a muted 2021 for Hardy with sporadic wins. Main Event appearances are a worry for someone who they could do so much with.

The same is also certainly true of Benjamin who, like Hardy, is utterly wasted on this show. Since being ousted from the Hurt Business, Benjamin has notched just one singles win and far too many outings on Main Event.

At the bell, Benjamin went for the Paydirt and throughout the match, Hardy kept looking for the Twist of Fate. The story of the match was that both men just wanted to hit their finisher and be done with it.

In the end, after lots of back and forth, Benjamin missed a spinning kick and it was Hardy who was able to connect with the Twist of Fate which the crowd loved. He tore off his shirt and went up top to hit the swanton for the win. 

This was perfectly good in the time that they had and it was cool to see them shake hands afterward as Hardy celebrated. He pointed to Benjamin as he applauded his reaction as if to say to the crowd, "This guy is the man."

The Viking Raiders defeated Lucha House Party (7:00)

This was another excellent way to hype up this expectant crowd. Fast and well-paced, it didn’t outstay its welcome and pitched power and strength against speed and agility.

For Lucha House Party, warming up a crowd or doing a job is all they seem to be used for. Crowds seem to like chanting "Lu-cha" and they work their backsides off, but they don’t seem to get much cheese.

The Viking Raiders are a good team, but frankly look ridiculous in their gear as they come to the ring. I think it’s the helmets with curling horns that are the most absurd element. I’m not sure even seven-year-olds will be asking for those for Christmas.

The match was good, though, and the last minute was chaotic in the best possible way. Erik was double-teamed by Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado who were flipping and flying all over. 

You got the sense that it was building to a finish that would see them lose out and that’s just what happened. Ivar got the hot tag and he and Erik hit the Viking Experience on Metalik for a neat win to close out the show.

Final Thoughts:

These were two good matches between some very fine performers, all of whom deserve more exposure. With the WWE/Hulu partnership reportedly set to expire as early as the end of 2021, it will be interesting to see what happens next, both for this show and its format and all the performers who wind up on it.