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WWE Mixed Match Challenge live results: Final first round match


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Charlotte Flair teamed with Bobby Roode to advance in the Mixed Match Challenge as the first round concluded in Phoenix, Arizona.

The "Robe Warriors" defeated the team of Nia Jax & Apollo in advancing to the next round of the tournament. Following the match was the first time an angle took place on the show when Nia turned on Titus Worldwide after her team lost. 

Charlotte & Bobby move on to the quarterfinals where they meet Rusev & Lana in three weeks time. The quarterfinals begin next week with Sasha Banks & Finn Balor against Asuka & The Miz. Technically every team still has a chance to advance until week eleven in the tournament since a fan vote can save one team by adding them to a semifinal match.

Besides the novelty of a mixed tag team tournament, the series has a philanthropic aspect with each team choosing a charity to represent. Charlotte & Roode are supporting Girl Up as their charity, while Jax & Crews are representing Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The winners of the tournament will receive a $100,000 donation to their charity, though $10,000 will also be donated to every other team's charity.

The show opened with Michael Cole claiming the Mixed Match Challenge was the "most interactive show in the world." Well, there is a comments section. A team from the tournament is usually trolling in the thread. This week that team was Naomi & Jimmy Uso. 

Viewers could also leave emoji responses during the show. Corey Graves even demonstrated this on the air. Cole might have a point with his previous claim. I remain skeptical.

Mashing up their entrances, Charlotte & Bobby went together like peanut butter and jelly. They both complimented each other -- complete with matching robes. Thus, they are called the Robe Warriors.

Nia Jax & Apollo seemed to get along -- but Nia and Titus Worldwide not so much. Titus O'Neil and Dana Brooke accompanied Nia & Apollo to the ring -- and Nia bickered with them from the start.

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Charlotte Flair & Bobby Roode defeated Nia Jax & Apollo

Bobby Roode pinned Apollo to win the match. Like most matches in the tournament, there was plenty of gaga. That began when Bobby Roode did a strut. Charlotte was having none of that. She proceeded to demonstrate the proper way to strut. Bobby kept doing his best Ric Flair, and Bobby's "woo" needed work. Charlotte noted that in a running joke.

Dana Brooke interfered by tripping Charlotte, which allowed Nia to strike. Nia nevertheless scolded Dana for interfering -- yelling "stay out of my business!" Nia soon found herself dropkicked out of the ring. Charlotte did the "glorious" pose.

"Not bad," Bobby Roode remarked.

Something not so good, Charlotte and Nia ran through some spots with several hiccups. After another distraction by Titus Worldwide at ringside, Nia shoved Charlotte off the apron to the floor. Nia got in Dana's face and yelled at her for interfering again. Apollo tried to play peacemaker. The argument allowed Charlotte to gain the advantage on a distracted Nia.

Charlotte went after a knee, and soon applied a figure four leglock. Nia escaped to set up a hot tag. The pace quickened.

As they went home, Bobby countered a standing moonsault by Apollo. At the same time, Charlotte did a moonsault off the top rope on to Nia. Bobby then delivered the Glorious DDT for the pinfall.

Renee Young interviewed the winners. Charlotte gave a "woo" and Bobby tried to do the same with mixed results. The running joke cotinued.

Following the post-match interview, Nia Jax cut a promo on Titus Worldwide. Apollo bent down to assist in giving Titus a classic schoolboy when Nia shoved Titus. Nia blocked a punch from Dana, and then she executed a Samoan Drop on Dana. While Nia clearly turned on Titus Worldwide, Apollo's future with the group remained in question as the show closed.

As Nia stormed off, the announcers plugged her match this Sunday against Asuka. Not only was Asuka mentioned at that point in the show, she and Miz earlier had cut a promo hyping their match next week. Their opponents also cut a promo building towards Sasha Banks & Finn Balor against Asuka & The Miz when the quarterfinals begin next Tuesday.

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