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WWE Mixed Match Challenge live results: Second round begins


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The undefeated streak remains intact as Asuka teamed with The Miz to advance in the mixed tag team tournament. Asuka & Miz won their second round match by defeating Sasha Banks & Finn Balor on the seventh episode of Mixed Match Challenge from Los Angeles.

Asuka trying to protect her winning streak was the main story of the match -- with her remainig undefeated since 2015. In a sub-plot, The Miz was looking to avenge a loss to Finn Balor from the previous night on Raw. Miz would eventually score the deciding the pinfall in the mixed tag match. 

Asuka & Miz move on to a semifinal match in week ten of the tournament. Sasha & Finn are seemingly eliminated from the tournament, but an upcoming fan vote could possibly save them. The voting will save one team by adding them to the semifinal match in week eleven.  

In a philanthropic aspect of the show, each team in the tournament competes on behalf of a charity. Asuka & Miz are representing Rescue Dogs Rock as their charity -- while Sasha Banks & Finn Balor has the Special Olympics as their charity. The winning team gets $100,000 donated to their charity, and all other charities each receive $10,000.

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Asuka & The Miz defeated Sasha Banks & Finn Balor

Miz pinned Finn after reversing a crossface into a cradle. The undefeated streak of Asuka continues as she and Miz advance to the next round in the tournament. With less gaga than in previous tournament matches, there was still plenty of walking and talking early on.

Miz tried to cut a promo after the bell rang to start the match. Finn swooped in to attempt several roll-ups. Though Miz kept kicking out, an animated Asuka showed concern for her winning streak. Finn kept out-wrestling Miz, so Asuka made a blind tag. Her and Sasha turned up the intensity in the match.

A hot tag saw Finn run wild on Miz. Asuka jumped in the ring to break up a pinning attempt to save her streak. Miz delivered the Skull Crushing Finale on Finn. Sasha broke up the pin to make a save. That led to Finn jumping off the top rope for the Coup de Grace. Asuka again jumped in to break up the pin.

Heading into the finish, Sasha caught Asuka to apply the Bank Statement. Meanwhile, Finn applied a crossface on Miz. Asuka countered to trap Sasha in the Asuka Lock. Seeing Sasha in peril distracted Finn, which allowed Miz to cradle him for the pinfall.

Next week the tournament rolls on with another second round match. Alexa Bliss & Braun Strowman meet Naomi & Jimmy Uso in a second round match next Tuesday.

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