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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results: Day One Glow vs. Fabulous Truth


Mixed Match Challenge went overseas during the eighth week of the round-robin tournament. Streamed on Facebook Watch hours earlier than usual, the show from Manchester, England was arguably one of the best episodes of the second season in the mixed tag team tournament.

The show from England featured a rap battle and dance breaks much like other gaga in Mixed Match Challenge. However, a hot crowd helped to create a much better atmosphere than previous weeks.

Kayla Braxton and Vic Joseph hosted a 10-minute pre-show before the live stream began. Joseph was also on commentary at ringside with Renee Young calling the matches. No Michael Cole on the show this week.

Highlights from the pre-show included promos from The Fabulous Truth and Day One Glow. Carmella vowed that Naomi would be “snatched bald” in their tag match. Naomi clapped back saying the only person that will be snatched bald is Carmella.

The Fabulous Truth also interrupted a segment on the pre-show to issue a challenge. They wanted a rap battle against Day One Glow during their match later on. Carmella and R-Truth then had a dance break with Braxton and Joseph.

Before taking part in the dance break, Braxton and Joseph did a breakdown of the recent backstory between Finn Balor and Bobby Lashley on Raw. They would once again be on opposing sides -- only this time in a mixed tag team match when Country Dominance faced B'N'B in the opening bout this week.

Mickie James & Bobby Lashley (w/ Lio Rush) defeated Bayley & Finn Balor

James pinned Bayley in the aftermath of interference by Lio Rush. Country Dominance continues their undefeated streak -- improving to three wins in the tournament. B’N’B dropped to an even record of two wins and two losses. The crowd chanted and sang for Bayley before the match started.

Bayley cradled James for near falls in the opening minutes. Lashley tagged in and wanted to have a pose down with Balor. The WBF lives on in Mixed Match Challenge. When Balor was posing, Lashley jumped him. Lashley clubbed Balor, then he paused to pose and flex.

Lashley continued fighting dirty until Balor struck back by cutting him off with a dropkick. Balor sent Lashley outside. Rush jumped into the ring and Balor threw him outside. Rush still managed to cause a distraction that shifted Balor’s attention. Lashley capitalized before applying the dreaded nerve hold.

A hot tag led to Bayley running wild. James cut her off with a superkick. Balor rushed into the ring to break up a pinning attempt. Balor then ran into a brick wall -- but he fought back to drop Lashley with a slingblade. Lashley posted himself when missing a charge into a corner. With Lashley down selling, Rush was left one-on-one with Balor after weeks of interference and trash talk in matches on Raw.

Rush begged off and ran around the ring playing cat-and-mouse. Balor caught up to Rush, and Balor climbed to the top rope looking to pounce on his prey. Lashley shoved Balor off the top rope to save Rush from a Coup de Grace. That still could not save Rush from a Bayley-to-Belly.

Bayley suplexed Rush, and the crowd popped. With Bayley distracted with Rush, James swooped in to deliver a swinging DDT for the deciding pinfall.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Country Dominance in a post-match promo backstage. James cut a promo saying they are greater than Monster Eclipse. Lio Rush added that they would dominate, win, and collect -- which he said was their formula for success.

Both Country Dominance and Monster Eclipse are undefeated heading into their match next week. Jimmy Uso suddenly burst onto the scene getting hyped before his entrance for the SmackDown block match in the mixed tag tournament.

Naomi & Jimmy Uso defeated Carmella & R-Truth

Naomi pinned Carmella in a match that included a rap battle and a dance break. The Fabulous Truth remain winless in the tournament, while Day One Glow improve to an even record of two wins and two losses.

Carmella made a blind tag as Uso and Truth were walking and talking. Carmella and Truth started dancing together. Uso called them out asking what is up with the rap battle. Uso shoved Truth as he gave him a microphone.

Day One Glow then slayed in the rap battle. The freestyling turned into a dance break where the lights dimmed and everybody danced. Breaking up the dance party, Carmella superkicked Naomi with a cheap shot for a two count.

Naomi fought out of a headlock only to get trapped in an airplane spin combined with a headscissors takeover by Carmella. The finish came out of nowhere when Naomi springboarded into an enzuigiri to score a pinfall on Carmella.

No hard feelings afterwards as the show closed with Fabulous Truth and Day One Glow dancing on the stage.

Next week undefeated teams from each block face off in the round-robin tournament. Team Awe-ska meet Fenomenal Flair in the SmackDown block match, and Country Dominance face Monster Eclipse in the Raw block.

Raw block standings --

  • Ember Moon & Braun Strowman  (3-0)
  • Mickie James & Bobby Lashley  (3-0)
  • Bayley & Finn Balor  (2-2)
  • Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal  (0-3)
  • Natalya & Bobby Roode  (0-3)

SmackDown block standings --

  • Asuka & The Miz  (3-0)
  • Charlotte Flair & AJ Styles  (3-0)
  • Naomi & Jimmy Uso  (2-2)
  • Carmella & R-Truth  (0-3)
  • Lana & Rusev  (0-3)