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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results: Fenomenal Flair vs. Fabulous Truth


The fourth week of the ongoing mixed tag team tournament continued the round-robin gaga. For the second week in a row, one of the two matches on Mixed Match Challenge featured a dance-off. On this week's episode from Indianapolis, things got groovy -- but not for everyone.

Injuries continue to plague the tournament. A most recent development is an injury to Kevin Owens. An announcement of him being injured leaves Natalya without a tag team partner for the tournament. In a promo on the show, Natalya said she needed two new paws for Team Pawz. She wondered out loud who would be her mystery partner for a match next week.

In matches on this show, Fenomenal Flair faced Fabulous Truth. Likewise, B’N’B met Monster Eclipse in the show opener. Once again, gaga was prevalent in what had the tone of house show matches.

Ember Moon & Braun Strowman defeated Bayley & Finn Balor

Strowman pinned Balor with a running powerslam. The women started the match before Strowman began mauling Balor. Trying to chop down a proverbial redwood, Balor fought back to no avail. Strowman toyed with him like a cat playing with a ball of yarn. That built to a hot tag. Strowman missed a charge into a corner -- and Balor tagged out.

Bayley ran wild on Moon -- but Moon soon turned the tables to gain an advantage. Moon springboarded into a flying crossbody for a near fall. Bayley used a running knee strike for a two count. Moon went to the top rope, but Bayley tripped her up. A Bayley-to-Belly led to Strowman breaking up a pinning attempt.

Strowman posted himself when missing a charge into a corner. Balor jumped off the top rope to deliver a double foot stomp onto Strowman’s back. The monster fell for the first time in the match. Bayley dispatched Moon at ringside. Meanwhile, Strowman recovered to powerslam Balor for the pinfall.

Charlotte Flair & AJ Styles defeated Carmella & R-Truth

Styles pinned Truth with a roll-up. Carmella and Truth rapped a duet together before the match. Charlotte was selling her injuries from a stunt at the finish of her match with Becky Lynch on SmackDown. In storyline, she was medically cleared but “banged up” for this match.

They all played to the crowd early on with dueling chants of “Wooo” and “What’s up” going back and forth. Truth and Styles started the wrestling match when a dance-off developed.

The lights dimmed and the ring turned into a nightclub. Everybody was dancing to the music. They all did the splits. Styles was last -- and he sold his groin upon trying the splits. He blamed it on his age and having kids. Everyone laughed at him.

Carmella caught Styles with a flying headscissors to break up the dance party. Carmella begged off from Charlotte. A chase ensued around the ring. Moments later, Carmella applied a headscissors submission -- only for Charlotte to power out for a tag to Styles.

Styles cleaned house on Truth. They traded near falls with Carmella and Charlotte each making a save. Styles attempted a sunset flip, and Carmella grabbed Truth’s hands to keep him from going over into a pinning combination. Charlotte rushed over to pull Carmella off the apron. Truth lost his grip and Styles then rolled him up for a pinfall.

SmackDown block standings --

  • Flair & Styles (2-0)
  • Asuka & Miz (1-0)
  • Naomi & Jimmy Uso (1-1)
  • Lana & Rusev (0-1)
  • Carmella & R-Truth (0-2)

Raw block standings --

  • Ember Moon & Braun Strowman (2-0)
  • Mickie James & Bobby Lashley (1-0)
  • Bayley & Finn Balor (1-1)
  • Natalya & ??? (0-1)
  • Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal (0-2)