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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results: Fenomenal Flair vs. Rusev-Lana


The mixed match tag team tournament continued from Atlanta with two more round-robin matches. Two teams improve their undefeated records in the tournament with three wins each in their respective blocks. Two other teams drop to three losses as their winless streaks continue.

Ember Moon & Braun Strowman defeated Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal (w/ The Singh Brothers)

Strowman pinned Mahal after delivering a powerslam. Monster Eclipse remain undefeated, and Mahalicia are still winless in the tournament.

Strowman was overpowering Mahal at every turn when the women tagged in. For some reason, Fox began running the ropes with Moon just watching her do so. Fox gassed out and drank water. The Singhs then caused a distraction that allowed Fox to give Moon a neckbreaker.

The next few minutes were the heat spot, a hope spot, and the babyface comeback. Strowman cleaned house on Mahal. Moon wiped out the Singhs with a tope to the outside. Meanwhile, Strowman was mauling Mahal when Fox confronted him in the ring.

Fox was wearing a hat when she rhetorically asked Strowman, “Who do you think you are?” Fox started chest bumping Strowman while also proclaiming herself as captain. Strowman stole her hat, put it on his head, and proclaimed himself captain. This spot would have been much funnier if it took place on the Jericho cruise -- or at least somewhere on water. Here it was just wacky and nonsensical.

Leading into the finish, Moon swooped in to hit Fox with the Eclipse. Strowman then powerslammed Mahal to score the pinfall.

On the next episode in the Raw block, Country Dominance (Mickie James & Bobby Lashley) meet B’N’B (Bayley & Finn Balor) in the tournament.

Raw block standings --

  • Ember Moon & Braun Strowman  (3-0)
  • Mickie James & Bobby Lashley  (2-0)
  • Bayley & Finn Balor  (2-1)
  • Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal  (0-3)
  • Natalya & Bobby Roode  (0-3)

Charlotte Flair & AJ Styles defeated Lana & Rusev

Flair submitted Lana with the Figure Eight leglock. Fenomenal Flair improves to three wins, and Ravishing Rusev Day dropped to three losses.

The match began with Rusev and Styles grabbing signs from fans at ringside. They held up the signs in a “yay/boo” spot. A chop-off developed next in the match. Rusev earlier in the week had challenged Styles to a chop-off. They all traded chops. Charlotte then challenged Rusev to a chop-off.

Charlotte was chopping Rusev when Lana attacked her from behind for a cheapshot. Lana hit an X-factor for a two count. Lana was mocking Charlotte when she fired up on Lana. Styles was a house of fire when he tagged in. He executed an ushigoroshi on Rusev, but Rusev kicked out at two on a subsequent lateral press.

Lana jumped in at one point for a Russian leg sweep on Styles. Charlotte cut off Lana and climbed the turnbuckles. Rusev sacrificed himself to save his wife by stepping in to take the moonsault from Charlotte. Lana tried for a schoolboy, but Charlotte kicked out. For the finish, Charlotte applied the Figure Eight, and Lana then tapped out.

Next week in the SmackDown block, Fabulous Truth (Carmella & R-Truth) face Day One Glow (Naomi & Jimmy Uso).

SmackDown block standings --

  • Asuka & The Miz  (3-0)
  • Charlotte Flair & AJ Styles  (3-0)
  • Naomi & Jimmy Uso  (1-2)
  • Carmella & R-Truth  (0-2)
  • Lana & Rusev  (0-3)