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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results: Team Awe-ska vs. Day One Glow


The round-robin mixed tag team tournament continued with more comedy and gaga on the show from Newark, New Jersey. One team on the Smackdown block remains undefeated in Mixed Match Challenge while another team from the Raw block is still winless.

Bayley & Finn Balor defeated Natalya & Bobby Roode

Balor pinned Roode with the Coup de Grace. Team Pawz is winless in the tournament. B’N’B improves to two wins and one loss. This match pitted babyface teams against each other.

The match began with comedy based on Balor and Roode trading their jacket and robe with each other. Roode could not take Balor’s jacket off so he tagged out. Bayley and Nattie started chain wrestling. Nattie teased doing a dive, but Roode made a blind tag to “save” her. They briefly bickered about whether Nattie could do a dive. Nattie insisted she can dive. We may never know if she can thanks to Roode.

Out of nowhere, Naomi and Jimmy Uso were shown stretching backstage. Okay, whatever. Meanwhile, Bayley jumped off the backs of Balor and Roode for a crossbody on Nattie. That led into the finish.

Roode taunted Balor as he climbed the turnbuckles to attempt a double foot stomp. Balor rolled out of the way to avoid the move. Balor then fired up on Roode. Jumping off the top rope, Balor hit his own version of the double foot stomp for the pinfall.

Asuka & The Miz defeated Naomi & Jimmy Uso

Miz pinned Uso after a Skull Crushing Finale. This match continued the comedic tone of the show. The winners of the inaugural mixed tag tournament -- Team Awe-ska -- remain undefeated. In this particular matchup, Asuka is on opposing sides against her Smackdown tag team partner -- Naomi.

Asuka and Naomi were wrestling each other when they both attempted a hip attack for a stalemate. They danced together and hugged, which greatly upset Miz. Uso challenged Miz to hug it out. Miz begged off and powdered. Uso gave chase and caught Miz in a bear hug.

Naomi moments later ran wild on Asuka -- and Asuka soon fought back. Miz saved Asuka on an attempted split-legged moonsault from Naomi. Day One Glow cleaned house on Team Awe-ska to set up stereo Umaga splashes in opposite corners.

Leading to the finish, Naomi did a plancha to the outside on Asuka. Miz rushed into the ring to deliver a Skull Crushing Finale on Uso for the deciding pinfall.

On the next episode of Mixed Match Challenge, Ravishing Rusev Day (Lana & Rusev) against Fenomenal Flair (Charlotte Flair & AJ Styles) is the Smackdown block match. In the Raw block match, Mahalicia (Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal) meets Monster Eclipse (Ember Moon & Braun Strowman) in the ongoing round-robin tournament.

Raw block standings --

Ember Moon & Braun Strowman (2-0)

Mickie James & Bobby Lashley (2-0)

Bayley & Finn Balor (2-1)

Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal (0-2)

Natalya & Bobby Roode (0-3)

Smackdown block standings --

Asuka & The Miz (3-0)

Charlotte Flair & AJ Styles (2-0)

Naomi & Jimmy Uso (1-2)

Carmella & R-Truth (0-2)

Lana & Rusev (0-2)