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WWE Money in the Bank live results: Roman Reigns vs. Edge


Date: July 18, 2021
Location: Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, TX

Show Recap -- 


Kayla Braxton hosts with Jerry Lawler, Booker T, JBL, and Peter Rosenberg. The crowd (those who have shown up so far) chanted “welcome back” as soon as they were introduced, and they all got their names chanted except for Rosenberg (the crowd chanted for Braxton when Rosenberg was introduced). 

Sonya Deville joined them and they interviewed Liv Morgan (by video) about the Money in the Bank match. Morgan was practically in tears already speaking about the opportunity. Morgan said she had no other option than to win tonight. 

Three of the four panelists picked Charlotte Flair to beat Rhea Ripley. All four picked AJ Styles and Omos to beat the Viking Raiders, and all four picked Bobby Lashley to beat Kofi Kingston. 

They aired a video recap of Smackdown and the return of a live crowd. Braxton spoke about the reaction Edge received. 

Miz and John Morrison busted in on the panel. The crowd was happy to see them and they chanted “Johnny drip stick.” Morrison admitted he was nervous for tonight but that was a good thing. 

The Usos defeated Rey & Dominik Mysterio to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships (11:26)  

The crowd seems pumped to see anyone and everyone so far. They booed the Usos once they got the heat but part of the crowd chanted for them later, too. 

Dominik tried a dive off the top rope but he was caught by both Usos and they swung him into the barricade. Rey made a hot tag and hit Jey with a seated senton off the top for two. Jimmy blind-tagged in and gave Rey a superkick and Samoan drop for two. Rey went for a 619 on Jey but Jimmy (not the legal man) jumped in the way and took the move instead. 

This led to Jey hitting a splash for a close nearfall. That spawned a “this is awesome” chant. Jimmy dropped Rey face-first on the turnbuckle and Jey assisted him in making the cover (which the referee couldn’t see) for the pinfall win. So Jimmy pinned Rey. 

The crowd popped for the title change. The match itself was fine. 


The show started with a big fireworks display. The stage seems the same as the one used for Smackdown. 

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Nikki A.S.H. defeated Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Naomi, Natalya, Tamina, Zelina Vega and Liv Morgan (15:46) 

Bliss, Naomi, Asuka, and Morgan seemed to get the best reactions coming out. 

All of the women began fighting outside the ring as Bliss pranced around the ring. It seemed like she might use magic to grab the briefcase without climbing but Asuka attacked her. Everyone traded moves after that. Morgan tried quickly climbing the ladder as Tamina held it up but Tamina attacked both her and Vega. 

Later in the match, Bliss “creepily” crawled up a ladder that had Morgan pinned in the corner. Natalya went after Bliss but Bliss no-sold it and laughed. Bliss and Vega found themselves on top of the ladder until Bliss hypnotized Vega and caused her to climb down the ladder. The crowd lightly groaned. Bliss tried climbing the ladder but Natalya powerbombed her. 

Vega was lying face-first on a ladder platform and Naomi powerbombed Morgan on top of her. Naomi managed to hit a double stunner on Natalya and Tamina. She also slammed Nikki on a ladder and followed with a leg drop. 

Vega jumped on Natalya’s back but Natalya managed to climb to the ladder anyway. Natalya began passing out as Vega tried grabbing the briefcase but Morgan knocked them down. Everyone brawled in the ring until they were knocked down by a flying Nikki. 

Bliss gave Nikki her version of Sister Abigail but was stopped from climbing by Natalya and Tamina. Everyone buried Bliss under a pile of ladders, which the crowd booed. 

Three ladders were set up in the ring and six women battled at the top (not Bliss). As they fought for position, Nikki ASH simply climbed above them (over Morgan) and grabbed the ladder because they weren’t paying enough attention. Nikki wins. 

The crowd popped for the finish, which made Nikki look smart and everyone else look dumb. The match was about what you’d expect. 

The Usos celebrated backstage. Roman Reigns said he was happy for them. They offered him the title belts and said, “for you,” but he told them, “hold on to them for me.” He advised them that winning the titles was the easy part. Reigns told Jey that he’s the reason he was there, then looked at Jimmy and said, “and you…” but didn’t follow up. A few people chucked as the camera zoomed in Jimmy’s face. Jey and Jimmy took turns sucking up to Reigns. He told them he was proud of them. (There were some brief “boring” chants as Reigns spoke to the Usos as well.) 

Before the upcoming match, they decided to replay some footage from last year of the Viking Raiders and the Street Profits doing their competitions (bowling, basketball, axe throwing). 

AJ Styles & Omos defeated The Viking Raiders to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships (12:56) 

Omos started the match and knocked down both Viking Raiders but Ivar and Erik briefly gained control after Styles got in. There was a very cool spot where Omos launched Styles out of the ring and Styles wiped out Erik with a flying hurricanrana. The Raiders again gained control of Styles but Omos tagged in and slammed Ivar. 

Erik and Ivar double-teamed Styles before knocking Omos from the apron. They gave Styles a combo springboard clothesline/German suplex for two. Styles fought off both guys and tagged in Omos. He press-slammed Ivar, which popped the crowd, for two. 

Ivar fought off Styles before he and Erik took turns going after Omos. Erik brought Omos down to his knees with a dive as Styles went after Ivar in the ring. Ivar ducked a Phenomenal forearm and they gave him a Viking Experience, but Omos shoved Erik into Ivar to break up the cover. 

There was a brief exchange that led to Omos giving Erik a tree slam for the pinfall win. The crowd was happy that the champs retained. (They chanted for Styles throughout the match.) 

Kevin Patrick interviewed Drew McIntyre. He was thrilled to be back with the live crowd and he needed to win tonight. He had one last story to tell: he was kicking off heads tonight, climbing the ladder and winning the briefcase. (He seemed to get a mixed reaction but got more cheers the more he mentioned the name of the city.) 

Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeated Kofi Kingston to retain the WWE Championship (7:37) 

Lashley squashed Kingston. 

Kingston (who entered alone) got a very good reaction coming out. 

MVP held Kingston’s foot as the match started and Lashley went for a spear, but Kingston countered into a cover for a one count. Lashley quickly took over after that. Kingston tried fighting back but Lashley killed him with a spinebuster. Before the three-minute mark of the match, Lashley drove Kingston twice into the post. 

The crowd chanted for Kingston as Lashley nailed a running forearm in the corner and followed with a flatliner. Lashley applied the Hurt Lock and Kingston seemed to be countering it but Lashley used his strength to toss him across the ring with a fallaway slam. Lashley hit another flatliner, followed by three consecutive Ron Simmons Dominators. 

The crowd booed as Lashley taunted them. Lashley applied the Hurt Lock and Kingston appeared to tap. The referee called it. Lashley wins by submission. 

Charlotte Flair defeated Rhea Ripley to win the Raw Women’s Championship (16:49)  

Corey Graves noted that it’s been an especially long time for Charlotte wrestling in front of a live crowd because she didn’t compete at this year’s WrestleMania. 

When the match started, the crowd chanted for Charlotte before chanting for Ripley. When they chanted for Ripley, Charlotte flipped off the crowd which caused the screen to go black for a moment (but we still got to see it anyway). The crowd popped when they realized they got to Charlotte. That also led to a “we want Becky” chant. 

There seemed to be dueling chants for each woman but that also bled into another “we want Becky” chant. The crowd got into it after Ripley hit a Northern Lights suplex. She also hit a hard German suplex. Charlotte blocked a missile dropkick and applied a Boston crab. A series of counters led to a big boot by Charlotte for two. 

Another series of counters led to Ripley impressively powering Charlotte into a vertical suplex, which got a nice reaction from the crowd. Charlotte booted Ripley from the ring before hitting a moonsault off the top to the outside. Ripley blocked a Natural Selection and applied a standing cloverleaf but Charlotte countered into a rollup for two. 

Charlotte countered a Riptide and spiked Ripley with a DDT for a nearfall. They traded strikes until Charlotte hit a back elbow. She tried doing a cover with her feet on the ropes but the referee caught her. Ripley kicked Charlotte in the head but Charlotte shoved her off the top and hit a Natural Selection from the top rope for a very close nearfall. “This is awesome” chant. 

Charlotte went for a Figure Eight but Ripley chucked her from the ring. Charlotte slammed Ripley into the post, trapped Ripley’s leg between the post and the steel steps, then kicked the steps repeatedly. Charlotte put Ripley in the Figure Eight and Ripley had no choice but to tap out. Charlotte is the new champion. 

The crowd really got into this as it went and they popped for the finish. Very good match. 

Riddle approached Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs in Gorilla position. Riddle was a fan of theirs and Boogs was a fan of his. They wished each other luck. Riddle said Randy Orton was a big fan of theirs too. Boogs was excited but Riddle admitted that Orton never actually told him that, he just assumed as much. Riddle asked Boogs to play Orton’s theme and Boogs obliged. They sang Orton’s theme together. Nakamura initially seemed annoyed but he got into it and did Orton’s pose. Kevin Owens was nearby and appeared nonplussed. The crowd enjoyed this. 

(Apparently, a bunch of people lost their feed on Peacock. I’m watching on the WWE Network in Canada and it’s working fine.) 

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Big E defeated Kevin Owens, Riddle, Shinsuke Nakamura, Seth Rollins, Ricochet, John Morrison and Drew McIntyre (18:05) 

Rollins and Morrison argued over who was the drip-iest until Riddle kicked Rollins in the face. Ricochet then wiped out Morrison with a crazy flip dive. Big E and McIntyre had a big staredown. McIntyre gave him an overhead suplex but Big E wiped him out with a spear to the outside. Nakamura gave Owens a reverse exploder onto a ladder. 

Morrison (who is actually a big crowd favourite) gave Nakamura a corkscrew dive off a ladder. Namakura put Morrison in an armbar on top of the ladder but Rollins knocked down Nakamura with a flying knee. Morrison and Rollins decided to work together and they knocked down a few people with ladders. 

Morrison gave Riddle a Samoan drop on a ladder before he and Rollins gave Ricochet a back body drop on a ladder. Owens went after Rollins but Morrison saved him. They set up a ladder bridge but Owens fought them off for a moment. Morrison and Rollins held up a ladder but Owens used a Lionsault to take them down. 

It didn’t matter though because Rollins (with Morrison’s help) gave Owens a falcon arrow onto the edge of a ladder (like the Sami Zayn Michinoku Driver on Owens a few years ago). McIntyre went after Rollins and Morrison but they fought him off and Morrison hit a spinning elbow drop off the top (which probably missed). Rollins then hit Morrison with a ladder. 

A bunch of babyfaces finally came back in and Riddle took out Rollins with an RKO. Riddle and Nakamura traded strikes until McIntyre took them down with a double Claymore. He also gave Big E a Future Shock DDT and gave Ricochet a reverse Alabama Slam on a ladder. McIntyre then wiped out a bunch of bodies with a flip dive. 

McIntyre did a big 3-2-1 countdown before hitting Rollins with a Claymore. Veer and Shanky ran down to prevent McIntyre from climbing the ladder. Jinder Mahal ran down and attacked McIntyre with a chair. They dragged McIntyre away. 

Riddle began climbing the ladder but Ricochet leaped onto the ladder to stop him. Riddle pushed the ladder over but Ricochet used the opportunity to wipe out a crowd with a crazy dive. 

Riddle and Ricochet battled atop a ladder and Big E stopped Rollins from getting involved. Riddle yanked Big E and Ricochet from the ladder and gave them both RKOs. Nakamura fought off Riddle but Morrison sprayed him with a drip stick. Owens gave out stunners to Morrison and Nakamura. Ricochet blocked a stunner but Owens gave him a pop-up powerbomb instead. 

Owens began climbing but Rollins powerbombed him to the outside through a ladder bridge. “Holy shit” and “this is awesome” chants. Rollins took too long to climb the ladder which allowed Big E to catch him with a Big Ending off a ladder. 

Big E climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase. Big E is Mr. Money in the Bank. Crowd was very happy. Big E celebrated and the crowd remained on their feet. This was terrific. 

The announcers plugged SummerSlam in Las Vegas. 

Patrick interviewed Seth Rollins who could barely breathe. Rollins was pissed that he lost. Rollins thought he should have been in the Universal title match instead of the ladder match and he blamed Edge. He wasn’t waiting around. He said he was next in line for the winner of Edge vs. Reigns. 

Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman) defeated Edge to retain the Universal Championship (33:05) 

The crowd cheered Edge. The crowd booed Roman Reigns. They’re pumped for the match. 

Edge used a waist lock takedown before smacking Reigns in the head to mock him. Reigns knocked Edge out of the ring with a shoulder block and mocked him. Once they got going, it seemed like Reigns would take control, but Edge targeted his arm/shoulder until Reigns bailed from the ring. Reigns came back with right hands but Edge knocked him from the ring again. 

Edge went after him but Reigns gave him a Samoan drop on the outside. It seemed like Edge might get counted out (not really) but he got back in. Reigns toyed with Edge and attacked him around ringside for a bit. (Edge sold like he’s been beaten up for a while, but not that much has happened really.) The crowd chanted “Roman sucks” as he slowly sauntered around Edge. 

Reigns held Edge for a long time in a rest hold. It’s somehow already been 14-minutes. Edge fought out but ate a right hand. Reigns followed with a drive-by dropkick for two. 

Edge countered a superman punch into a backslide for two, then they knocked each other down with big boots. They traded strikes until Edge hit an Edge-O-Matic for two. 

(This match is now as long as the men’s ladder match.) 

Edge hit a flapjack and impaler DDT for two. With Reigns sitting on the top rope, Edge slammed his head into the top of the ring post before booting him in the corner. Edge applied a crossface but Reigns just barely got a rope break. 

Edge went for a spear but Reigns caught him in a guillotine. Edge responded by driving himself and Reigns out of the ring. Reigns went for a spear on the outside but Edge moved and Reigns crashed through the barricade. 

Edge then ran outside and speared Reigns through a different part of the barricade. Edge hoisted Reigns on his shoulders into the ring and applied a cover but Reigns kicked out. The crowd chanted for Edge. Edge tried another DDT but Reigns blocked and hit a superman punch. Edge fell into referee Charles Robinson, who died on the spot. 

Reigns broke a piece off a steel chair and tried using it to put Edge in a crossface. (Officials and medical staff ran down to check on Robinson, but nobody thought to send a new referee into the ring). Edge fought out and put Reigns into a crossface using the metal piece of the chair. 

The Usos made their way down the ramp but were taken out by Dominik and Rey Mysterio. 

Edge still had the hold on but Seth Rollins slipped in and kicked Edge in the head. Reigns got up and set up for a spear. Edge speared Reigns anyway, which was cool, and a new referee ran out but Reigns just barely kicked out. 

Rollins ran back down and leaped on the apron. Edge chased him away but Reigns speared Edge for the win. Reigns retains. 

(I didn’t like this but the crowd was into it all the way through. So take that for what it’s worth. I don’t blame Edge or Reigns, it was just the match layout.) 

Rollins attacked Edge after the match. Rollins and Reigns had a brief staredown before Edge attacked Rollins. Edge attacked him through the crowd and as soon as they disappeared from the frame, Reigns’ music played. 

Heyman handed Reigns a mic. Reigns said the whole world can acknowledge him. 

John Cena’s music hit and the place erupted. 

Cena entered. He posed and played to the crowd as Reigns looked annoyed and the show came to an end.