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WWE Montreal live results: Owens makes the save for Zayn and Pat Patterson


Image: @Jessicuhhh. Report submitted by Pat Laprade.

- SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated The Ascension to retain their titles

Big E and Kofi Kingston were in the match and Xavier Woods was on the outside. They had a regular tag match with some near falls at the end. There was a spot where Big E kind of gave Kingston a slingshot over the top rope on the heels.

The champions retained after hitting the Midnight Hour on Viktor, with them getting a good pop for the win.

- SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi defeated Carmella to retain her title

Naomi got a good babyface reaction when she made her entrance and throughout the match. This was pretty much what you'd expect, with Naomi getting the pin after hitting the Rear View.

- Luke Harper & Sin Cara defeated Erick Rowan & Aiden English

English spoke some French (some good French actually) before singing and turning heel on the fans and the French-Canadian culture. The crowd reacted accordingly to that as he got some very good heat.

Sin Cara did some high-flying stuff and took all of the heat. Harper got a big pop for the hot tag, especially since it was against Rowan. He pinned Rowan with a sit-out scoop slam.

- Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin defeated United States Champion AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura's entrance got a major reaction for his debut in Montreal. Owens got the biggest babyface reaction of the night up until this point. It's too bad he (or Sami Zayn for that matter) wasn't on the promotional posters around Montreal to advertise the show.

Corbin and Styles started the match, and since Owens didn't start the crowd chanted "We want Owens!" There was a big pop when Corbin finally tagged him. Owens worked heel even though the fans cheered for him. The babyfaces were getting booed for having some offense on him, with most of the heat on Styles.

They all hit a big move towards the end, then Nakamura got the win over Corbin with the Kinshasa.

- Rusev defeated Tye Dillinger

Dillinger's 10 gimmick was really over with the crowd. Rusev even mocked him with it to get some heat, but he got cheered instead. Rusev ended up winning with the Accolade.

- Natalya defeated Charlotte Flair

This was a very good, well-paced technical match. Charlotte hit her moonsault for a near fall at one point. They both exchanged submission moves, with the crowd chanting "This is awesome" for the first time of the night. Natalya eventually won with a roll-up while holding onto Charlotte's tights.

- They presented Pat Patterson to the crowd before the main event and he sat at ringside. He got a nice pop.

- WWE Champion Jinder Mahal (w/ The Singh Brothers) defeated Sami Zayn to retain his title

Mahal was accompanied by both Singh Brothers. Zayn got a slightly bigger pop than Owens. He did all of his big moves, including a diving crossbody, blue thunder bomb, and tornado DDT.

Near the end, Zayn was on the top rope, but one of the Singh Brothers tripped him behind the referee's back. Zayn hit the exploder suplex into the turnbuckles and the Helluva Kick, but one of the brothers put Mahal's leg on the rope in a very well timed spot. Mahal finally won with the Khallas.

They all attacked Zayn after the match until Patterson jumped on the apron. The heels went towards Patterson and after a few seconds, Kevin Owens' music hit to another huge pop. He ran to the ring and attacked the Singhs, doing the cannon ball in the corner to one of them. Even Patterson, while on the apron, threw a kick at one brother.

Mahal tried to sneak attack Zayn and Owens, but they ducked, hit a double super kick and then a double clothesline to get Mahal out of the ring. The other brother was in the corner, Zayn gave him the Helluva Kick and threw him towards Owens, who finished him with the pop-up powerbomb. Owens and Zayn looked at each other in the middle of the ring. The crowd started chanting "yes" in French and Owens exited the ring.

Zayn then celebrated with the Quebec flag. This was a perfect ending for the Montreal market and the crowd went nuts (or nut as Patterson would say it) for it.