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WWE NXT results: Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre go face to face


The Big News: Roderick Strong will wrestle Drew McIntyre next week and, if he wins, he gets a match with Bobby Roode after TakeOver.

The Medium News: Eric Young returned to assist SAnitY in once again laying out The Authors of Pain.

The Little Beaver-sized News: Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas was made official for TakeOver.


As the show began, Nikki Cross was in the ring screeching for The Authors of Pain to come out. Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain came in through the crowd as Akam and Rezar stormed down the aisle. Suddenly, as Akam got in the ring, Eric Young returned and attacked Rezar in the aisle.

Young zip-tied Rezar to the guardrail and all three male members of SAnitY laid out Akam in the ring. Rezar finally dragged the guardrail into the ring, but he was no match for Wolfe, Dain, and Young.

Wolfe and Young gave Akam a double-team neckbreaker, and for one of the first times ever, someone stood tall over The Authors of Pain. SAnitY posed with the NXT Tag Team titles before walking away.


You know what we haven't had in a few months? A contract signing! That will be rectified next week as Asuka and Ember Moon put their signatures on the dotted line to make their match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III official.


Earlier today, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce were planning on giving us an iconic makeup tutorial when Ruby Riot randomly showed up in the hallway, ruining the shot. After making fun of Riot, they were in a bad mood and didn't do their tutorial.


The Street Profits defeated Chris & JC Metro

This was the long awaited debut of The Street Profits. Angelo Dawkins had spent several years as a TV jobber and this is his first actual push, as he teams with Montez Ford. Dawkins still does that weird, unexplained thing where he wears two headbands.

The Metros were trained by The Dudleys and dress like greasers, but they didn't even act like greasers and were just dressing the part.

Dawkins lost a headband as him and Ford did a series of moves to Chris Metro, but the dastardly jobbers got the brief advantage with a punch to the stomach. Dawkins ran over Chris with a spear and gave JC a Sky-High, followed by Ford hitting a frog splash for the pin.


Aleister Black was leaving the arena last week when he was attacked by Hideo Itami. Itami failed and Black seemed to not even be trying to fight as four people dragged Itami away kicking and screaming.

This led to an announcement for Black vs. Itami in 10 days at TakeOver.


The dapper NXT general manager, Mr. William Regal, was mid-ring after commercial to introduce the combatants in the main event at TakeOver. I did not have my stopwatch out this time, but Roode only took about two minutes to get to the ring with his own personal security. The security was there to stop a raving lunatic like Roderick Strong from running out.

Roode told McIntyre that he (Roode) is entitled. He doesn't need a second chance like McIntyre. He came in a year ago and has done everything he said he was going to do, from changing NXT to becoming the face of the brand. Whether McIntyre likes it or not, this is Roode's NXT, stating “this is not we, this is me.”

McIntyre said Roode is a prototype and has had an amazing year, but there is one big problem and that is that he is an ass. McIntyre is starting to pity Roode because he believes the crap coming out of his own mouth. McIntyre vowed to Claymore Roode back down to reality, and in Brooklyn Roode will be staring across the ring at the new NXT Champion.

Strong stormed out onto the stage to announce that he is not done with Roode. Strong said this is not about the NXT title, but about Roode disrespecting Strong's fiancee, family and Strong as a man. Strong said he wants to fight Roode and asks if he is a man.

Mr. Regal tried multiple times to stop Strong from mouthing off, but Roode snapped and screamed that he'll give Strong everything he wants. He'll give him a match with Roode, he'll give him a title shot -- if Strong beats McIntyre next week. Regal put Roode in his place, but McIntyre said he wants the match.

Regal still hesitated, but finally succumbed to the pressure and booked the match for next week.

So, next week it is Drew McIntyre vs. Roderick Strong. If Strong wins then he gets Roode in a match after TakeOver. Also, regardless of whether he wins or loses, McIntyre will still challenge Roode at TakeOver.


Kayla Braxton interviewed Johnny Gargano. Gargano said he was a little nervous wrestling last week, but he thought back to the Brooklyn crowd last year and how the reaction DIY got from the crowd helped lead to all their successes. Gargano announced that he wants a match at TakeOver: Brooklyn.


Danny Burch defeated Oney Lorcan

This was a rematch of a hard-hitting bout a few weeks ago where Lorcan defeated Burch. They began with some very intense grappling. The wrestling portion of our evening ended as Burch tripped Lorcan on a leap frog, which I guess for them is fighting words.

They exchanged some hard European uppercuts and Lorcan drove Burch into the turnbuckles harder than you've ever seen anyone take that move. Burch got tired of being hit, so he booted Lorcan in the mush and hit a missile dropkick.

Burch hit a hooking lariat, which is allegedly his finish. I don't believe he's ever won a match on NXT TV, but he has a finish. Lorcan kicked out of that and the Tower of London. Burch hit a knee to the face and several hard chops, but Lorcan tripped him up and went for a half-crab.

Lorcan kicked at Burch to try to turn him over, but Burch repeatedly booted him in the face over and over again. Lorcan put on the full Boston crab, but Burch rolled through and picked up the shocking win.

If this is not Burch's first TV win, he's definitely won less than five. Burch went for the handshake, but Lorcan slapped it away and began walking away. Lorcan then stopped himself, returned to center ring, and shook Burch's hand. Burch held the ropes open for Lorcan as he left.

It was 8:49 and I was getting ready to sign off and thank you all for reading when they suddenly informed us that Lorcan vs. Burch was not the main event.


Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated No Way Jose

This was the second week in a row that we got a main event that wasn't announced during the show. Jose took longer than Bobby Roode to get to the ring as he went into the crowd to fiesta before the match. Why is it okay for him to party immediately before his match, but it's not okay for Almas to party after his match?

Zelina Vega is Thea Trinidad's new name and she is there to force Almas to take the match seriously. When Almas did his thing where he just lays in the ropes, Jose kicked him off and then Almas got yelled at for doing that.

I guess that worked because the match didn't last much longer. Almas hit the running double knees in the corner and picked up the win with the hammerlock DDT. Vega did allow him to preen to the camera after winning, which was nice of her. Vega went to the announcer's table and yelled at them that Almas now deserves the spotlight for winning.

Vega said Almas is going to accept Gargano's open challenge for TakeOver. Next week is the go-home show for TakeOver, and until then, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!