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WWE NXT results: DIY put their titles on the line against The Revival


The Big News: Mr. Regal made DIY vs. The Authors of Pain official for NXT TakeOver: San Antonio.

The Medium News: DIY defeated The Revival in an excellent main event.

The Little Beaver-sized News: Asuka got beat up by Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, and Nikki Cross.


We kicked off the show with footage from earlier today with Billie Kay and Peyton Royce attacking Asuka outside the arena, slamming her into a nearby van, and pouring water on her.

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce defeated Macy Evans & Sarah Bridges

The ladies got done beating up Asuka and entered the arena for their match here. This was a showcase for the heel duo. Evans got beat up all over the ring, but was able to make the tag to Bridges. Bridges looked good for a minute, but got cut off and pinned after Royce hit a bulldog onto Kay's knee.

Kay and Royce again made a challenge to Asuka after the match. They said her title belonged to them and they are the most dominant force in the division.

Both ladies suddenly looked on in surprise as Asuka dragged herself to the ring. Kay and Royce put the boots to her until she was saved by Nikki Cross, of all people. Cross sent them packing, but then gave Asuka a middle rope dropkick! Asuka may have some competition.


Backstage, Nikki Cross declared that she will take the NXT Women's Championship. Damo was seen watching SAnitY from afar.


Elias Samson defeated Jonathan Cruz

Cruz got a couple roll-ups for a near fall, but other than that he spent this match getting destroyed. The Drifter tried to pull Cruz through the ring post, and when that didn't work he gave him a running knee to the head.

Samson picked up the win with the Roll of the Dice.


Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated Oney Lorcan

This is a rematch from Osaka, where Lorcan defeated Almas. Almas did not take this match seriously until Lorcan hit him with a dropkick while Almas was relaxing on the ropes. Lorcan hit a blockbuster outside the ring before Almas took over inside of it. Almas almost won with a dropkick to the face and turned the kick out into an armbreaker.

Lorcan made his comeback, missed the running blockbuster in the ring, but hit a running Alabama slam into the turnbuckles. However, Almas picked up the win with a low dropkick and a hammerlock DDT.

Almas cut a promo after the match saying 2017 will be his year and screamed at the crowd to shut up.


Tom Phillips sat down with NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura earlier today. Nakamura said the matches with Joe were tough, but he's proud to still be champion. He said he liked Bobby Roode. Roode is good looking, he's a good wrestler, but he's not strong and he's not going to be the NXT Champion.

The interview ended with Nakamura being handed Roode's ticket stub from NXT TakeOver: Dallas.

It was announced that we we will have a contract signing for Nakamura vs. Roode on next week's show.


NXT Tag Team Champions DIY defeated The Revival to retain their titles

These two teams faced off at TakeOver: Brooklyn, with Revival winning and then DIY won the rematch in Toronto. If you include TV matches, DIY also won a match back in May and then won a match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic by forfeit.

The Revival got the heat on Johnny Gargano, working over his knee in the same way they have in their prior two matches. Gargano fought. crawled, scratched, and got ever so close to the tag. Gargano seemed to finally have his moment, but when he dove for the tag, Scott Dawson came out of nowhere with a pounce!

Gargano was able to get to the ropes to break up a half crab. Dash Wilder mocked Gargano, so Johnny Wrestling hit an enzuigiri and made the hot tag. Tommaso Ciampa ran wild on both men, with the fans chanting “psycho killer.” Revival did make a brief comeback when Dawson hit a clothesline on Ciampa so hard that Ciampa's kids felt it.

Ciampa got on the armbreaker, but Dawson threw Gargano into the pile. Revival went for the Shatter Machine, but Ciampa speared Dash and Dawson got a near fall with a roll-up. Gargano hit a suicide dive to Dawson while Ciampa hit a running knee off the apron to Dash.

After a series of reversals, Dawson got the nearest of near falls with a DDT to Ciampa. Finally, DIY won with the running knees to both men!

DIY has retained their titles, but is their luck up? In 17 days at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio they will face the winners of the Dusty Classic, the Authors of Pain.

Speaking of the number one contenders, Paul Ellering came out to distract the champs and the AOP ran through the crowd to attack Gargano and Ciampa! They hit the Super Collider and laid out DIY with multiple powerbombs.


Before the show could end, Mr. Regal was in his office and announced (after originally announcing it a month ago) that DIY will defend against the Authors of Pain in San Antonio. Then he announced a contract signing for Roode vs. Nakamura next week, which we found out 20 minutes ago.

We did get some new information as Asuka broke down the door and demanded a title match against “all of them,” implying a fatal four-way at TakeOver.

That does it for this week. Thank you all for reading, and until next week remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!