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WWE NXT results: A Glorious Celebration


The Big News: Bobby Roode had his Glorious Celebration after winning the NXT Championship at TakeOver.

The Medium News: SAnitY went 2-0, winning the tag team opener and the six-man main event.

The Little Beaver-sized News: The Revival challenged The Authors of Pain for NXT TakeOver: Orlando.


Nigel McGuinness has officially taken over for Corey Graves. Plus they have already updated the opening video package to include footage from TakeOver.


SAnitY defeated The Bollywood Boyz

The fans cheered for Harv and Gurv Sihra, but they also recognized they were the lambs being led to slaughter. Alexander Wolfe and the very hairy Killian Dain were the representatives of SAnitY. Harv and Gurv both got run over by Dain. Neither had any luck on their own nor when they tried to double team.

Dain used a Wasteland on Gurv and then powerbombed Harv on top of his brother before he finished off The Bollywood Boyz with the One Winged Angel. Wolfe never tagged in and never needed to.

Nikki Cross bellowed to bring her Asuka after the match and then slammed her head into the turnbuckles. Eric Young cut a promo about how he humbled Tye Dillinger and is telling Dillinger he belongs with SAnitY.


Liv Morgan defeated Billie Kay

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce's ring entrance was absurdly long and Liv Morgan had to stand there and watch. Morgan kicked out of Eat Defeat a minute in. She made her comeback and won with a roll-up when she knocked Kay into Royce, who had jumped up on the apron.


Tye Dillinger was staring off into the distance backstage and said that he was not humbled by SAnitY and will also not be joining them. Dillinger was about to talk about being in the Royal Rumble when SAnitY attacked him! They beat on Dillinger all the way to the ring when Roderick Strong and No Way Jose ran in for the save.

The three of them teamed up to send SAnitY fleeing for the back.


William Regal was backstage and announced Tyler Bate vs. Trent Seven for the WWE UK Championship next week.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce stormed into the office and demanded a match against Liv Morgan. They wanted a handicap match, but when Mr. Regal made a tag team match (allowing Morgan to team with anyone) they began laughing saying Morgan has no friends.


The Revival defeated Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery is Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic, and they have officially re-debuted on TV. They originally wrestled together during the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic after being a regular team on the NXT house show circuit.

Knight and Dozovic towered over The Revival. At one point Knight had Dash Wilder up with a bearhug and then literally threw him into the arms of Dozovic, who had his own bearhug.

The former two-time champs got the heat on Dozovic. Knight got the hot tag and ran wild on The Revival. Knight went to tag out, but Wilder pulled Dozovic off the apron. Knight chased Wilder all around the ring, but when he rolled back in, Scott Dawson kicked him in the gut and pinned him with a DDT.

The Revival cut a promo, reminding people that they are the greatest tag team in NXT. They stated that they were the Tag Team of The Year, which led to a few fans chanting that they deserve it. Revival said DIY never deserved to be Tag Team Champions, which was proven when they got demolished by The Authors of Pain. They said they have carried the tag team division and said that at NXT TakeOver: Orlando, they will make the AOP a footnote.

Before they could leave, out came the new NXT Tag Team Champions, The Authors of Pain. Revival ducked out of the ring, pantomiming that they won't wrestle until money and the championships are on the line.

As AOP backed up the aisle, The Revival ran in from out of nowhere, attacking Akam and Rezar from behind! They knocked Akam off the ramp, kicked Rezar a few times, and then ran away.


SAnitY vs. Dillinger, Strong & Jose was made for tonight's main event.


To prepare for his title defense against Trent Seven next week, we got a video package for Tyler Bate.


It was time for the Glorious Celebration! For the first time since becoming the NXT Champion, Bobby Roode has arrived in Full Sail University. Roode must have watched Billie Kay and Peyton Royce's entrance from earlier as he decided to somehow take even longer walking to the ring.

I just wanted to mention, as a quick trivia note, when the current NXT debuted in June 2012 and crowned their first champion, the TNA Champion was Bobby Roode.

Roode said he is not the guy to walk around and say that he told you so, but then began laughing, saying he is totally that guy. From the moment he stepped into an NXT ring, he told everybody that he was on a completely different level. Night after night, TakeOver after TakeOver, he proved just that.

Roode said Shinsuke Nakamura dominated Japan for a decade (he stopped to tell people what a decade was) and then he came to NXT and defeated every person he got in the ring with...except Roode. Nakamura hit him with everything he had, including the Kinshasa, and despite that he still didn't get the job done.

He said winning the title was the single greatest moment in NXT history because now they have a real champion. He did a little bit of a Ric Flair strut and said it is no longer “We are NXT,” it is Bobby Roode's NXT. He finished by saying this NXT is simply glorious.


Next up we got a Trent Seven video package, discussing Mustache Mountain and showing highlights of the UK title tournament.


SAnitY defeated Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong & No Way Jose

SAnitY was in the opener and the main event this week. After each babyface had made their individual entrances, they attacked SAnitY on the ramp.

Jose and Wolfe grabbed each other's hair and beard, but Jose got the better of their interaction. Young tagged in and Jose again got the better of EY. Finally Dain tagged in and got sustained offense on Dillinger while screaming at the other babyfaces.

Dain tagged out, which allowed Dillinger to make the hot tag to Strong. Strong heaved Wolfe into the air for a backbreaker. Strong went for a Sick Kick on Young, but Dain tripped Strong. Dillinger hit the Tye Breaker on Young but, behind the referee's back, Nikki Cross gave Dillinger a hurricarana over the top rope.

While that was going on, Dain ran over Strong and Young pinned him, giving SAnitY the win.

So that does it for this week. Thank you all for reading and until next week remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!