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WWE NXT results: Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan


The Big News: Killian Dain won his first televised singles match, defeating No Way Jose completely clean in Jose's big return.

The Medium News: Hideo Itami and Oney Lorcan beat the ever loving hell out of each other before Kassius Ohno stuck his nose in it.

The Little Beaver-sized News: Bobby Roode and Roderick Strong officially began their rivalry.


Heavy Machinery defeated Victor Andrews & Lars Sullivan

Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic are back to having the beeping noise in their theme song. Andrews cut a pre-match inset promo saying he was ready for this opportunity, but Sullivan slapped his shoulder and asked if he was ready.

Sullivan got more offense than anyone ever has against Heavy Machinery, including catching Knight on a crossbody and dropping him with a powerslam. Andrews insisted on tagging in and it all went downhill from there. Andrews got no offense and was the victim of the “tossing bear hug” where Knight has him in a bear hug and tosses him in the air to Dozovic.

The babyfaces kept their winning streak going with The Compacter (the assisted big splash) while Sullivan watched angrily from the apron.

After the match, Sullivan got back in the ring to put the boots to Andrews. He lifted him up and dropped him with a chokeslam, then tortured him with an over-the-shoulder backbreaker.


Last week, No Way Jose returned and prevented Killian Dain from interfering in the Roderick Strong vs. Eric Young main event. Christy St. Cloud told them about this week's main event afterwards. Dain said that No Way Jose is not safe.


Roderick Strong was out next for a promo. He said the last year has been a roller coaster. He's here on NXT, he has a beautiful fiancee and a handsome baby boy, but what took his breath away was telling everyone his story and everyone accepting him.

He thanked the fans and said his life has never been better, but the one thing he wants and needs is the NXT Championship.

This brought out the NXT Champion, Bobby Roode. It took him a full 40 seconds to walk from the curtain to the middle of the entrance ramp. He really is trying to break “slow walk” records. He pretended to cry as he said the great things Strong has. He's finally winning matches (which got a gasp), he has a moderately attractive fiancee, and a relatively normal son.

Now Strong wants to play the Bobby Roode Lottery. In Bobby Roode's NXT you don't click your heels together to get title shots, you earn them. He said Strong is a good hand and maybe one day he'll even take a selfie with Strong to show his son. His last piece of advice would be to not play the Bobby Roode Lottery because he is not man enough to win.

Strong had no rebuttal.


Nikki Cross was banging on a locker and then violently slammed her jacket on the ground screaming about Asuka and Ruby Riot. Next week it is Asuka vs. Cross vs. Riot in a triple threat elimination match for the NXT Women's Championship.


We had a video package for The Authors of Pain, narrated by Paul Ellering.


Peyton Royce defeated Sarah Logan

Logan used to wrestle a goat when she was a child -- or so says Nigel McGuinness. Goat wrestling did not help her much, as Royce took her head off with a spin kick, screwed it back on, and locked on an STF.

Logan got out of it and began her comeback with a headbutt and punches to the chest. Royce came back, hit a running knee to the face, and won with a Perfect Plex.


After last week's loss, Andrade “Cien” Almas was going out to party when he ignored an announcer who tried to ask about his losses. Thea Trinidad came up and slapped him in the face for being a loser.


Hideo Itami and Oney Lorcan went to a no contest

Earlier today, Itami said he is not going back to Japan after losing at TakeOver. Itami used the same hard strikes he always uses, but apparently this time it means he is taking out his frustrations on Lorcan. Percy Watson kept calling it "Kobayashi style."

Lorcan then beat the snot out of Itami. Itami went for a GTS, but Lorcan was having none of that. He slapped and chopped Itami with full vim. Itami sold an injured knee -- but he's okay! It's a miracle! He kicked Lorcan in the knee, stood up, and hit the Go to Sleep.

However, instead of pinning Lorcan, he dragged him to his feet and hit a second one. Itami was still angry, so he picked Lorcan up a third time and laid him out with a third GTS.

He went for a fourth one, but Kassius Ohno jogged out to stop him. Itami shoved Ohno, so Ohno shoved him right back. Ohno looked to be on the verge of tears as Itami rolled out of the ring and walked away.

The referee called for the bell and the match ended in a no contest.


We had a Drew McIntyre video, which led to the announcement that he will be in action next week.


Christy St. Cloud asked Ember Moon about what she thinks about the Women's title match next week. Moon said she is going to watch the title match, but is going to take care of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce first before going back for the title.


Killian Dain defeated No Way Jose

It was time for the main event. This is No Way Jose's first match since SAnitY attacked him at Axxess before NXT TakeOver: Orlando. SAnitY has new theme music and it is quite awful. We were informed that Jose loves to have fun. I seriously want heel promos where they talk about how much they hate fun.

Jose got the early advantage, booting Dain to the outside. Dain stayed just long enough so we could see a commercial for 205 Live and for the first annual Great Balls of Fire. After that, Dain was back in the ring and hammering away on Jose.

Jose fought out of the Ulster Plantation (One Winged Angel) and hit a TKO, but Dain kicked out at the last possible second. Jose went for the wind-up punch, but Dain headbutted him, hit a corner dropkick, and then the Ulster Plantation for the win.

Noted by the announcers is that Dain was out here all by himself, with SAnitY backstage.

That does it for this week. Can the reigning, defending, undefeated, and undisputed NXT Women's Champion, Asuka, retain her championship one more time next week? Until then, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!