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WWE NXT results: Matt Riddle vs. Kassius Ohno


Images: WWE

Aside from one new match, the first new episode of NXT in 2019 was a retrospective of the previous year. Matt Riddle facing Kassius Ohno in a TakeOver rematch was the main event of a show mostly looking back on 2018.

Besides Ohno vs. Riddle from Full Sail -- and wrap-arounds by the commentary team from the Full Sail Arena -- much of the two-hour episode was a studio show featuring highlights of the best matches from 2018.

The show opened with a graphic honoring “Mean” Gene Okerlund. During the episode, a crawler across the bottom of the screen also acknowledged his passing and offered condolences on behalf of WWE.

Mauro Ranallo and the commentary team hosted the live-to-tape portion of the show from Full Sail. Meanwhile, Cathy Kelley hosted event center segments where she pitched to highlights and featurettes that recapped the year in NXT.

Some of the matches were joined in progress, while others were remixed with alternate footage and cinematic editing.

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Matt Riddle defeated Kassius Ohno

Riddle submitted Ohno in what was billed as a rematch of their bout at TakeOver: War Games II. In this second battle, Ohno got his heat back after the match to keep their feud alive.

Riddle had knocked Ohno out in seconds during their previous encounter. Ohno got a measure of revenge when he laid out Riddle in an angle from NXT television. After tapping out in this match, Ohno at first teased showing good sportsmanship. Instead, he attacked Riddle and administered a beatdown.

Riddle started the match with a flurry and a Taz-plex. He followed with a series of knee strikes on a reeling Ohno. Answering back with strikes, Ohno then used a release suplex to turn the tide. A barrage of kicks and strikes from Ohno had Riddle staggering.

“Let’s go bro,” chanted the Full Sail crowd.

Ohno flipped into a senton for a two count on Riddle. They exchanged strikes, and Riddle delivered a delayed German suplex that netted him a two count. Riddle crumpled after taking a roaring boot from Ohno for a near fall. An exchange of fighting spirit led to Riddle firing up for a hope spot.

A kick mowed down Riddle to cut off his comeback. Ohno executed two sentons before attempting a third. Ohno leapt for a senton, and Riddle trapped him in his grasp when he landed. Riddle fought to apply his finisher. He hit Ohno with strikes before applying the Bro-mission to finish the match. Ohno sold being distraught over the loss.

Ohno rolled out of the ring and went to leave. Riddle offered him a fist bump. Ohno at first declined with a boo-boo face before he finally got back into the ring. Ohno dropped down to one knee and offered a fist bump. Riddle acknowledged him. Ohno then attacked Riddle for a beatdown.

Ohno twice posted Riddle. He sent Riddle crashing into the ring steps and the barricade. Ohno concluded his vengeance by knocking Riddle out with a roaring elbow.

The show faded to black with Riddle selling his beating at the hands of Ohno.

During the episode, fan balloting began for year-end NXT awards with an announcement of nominees in each category. The sophisticated balloting procedure includes tweeting your vote using corresponding hashtags to make it official. Voting ends at midnight on January 25, and the awards winners will be revealed during the pre-show at TakeOver: Phoenix.