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WWE NXT results: Moustache Mountain vs. Pete Dunne & Mark Andrews


The Big News: Tyler Bate moved one step closer to another shot at the UK title by pinning champion Pete Dunne in the tag team main event.

The Medium News: Kairi Sane continued her streak of not being pinned or submitted as she beat Peyton Royce.

The Little Beaver-sized News: The Street Profits moved to 2-0 against Sabbatelli & Moss. (Maybe if they wrestle 1000 times, the former NFL players can get a win?)


Remember last week when I said that this week we'd be back in the swing of things with a normal episode of NXT? I was lying. Instead, we have highlights of the NXT San Antonio house show from the night before NXT TakeOver: War Games.

Nigel McGuinness isn't here this week, which means we got more Percy Watson. At no point did I say that was a good thing. Christy St. Cloud is handling the ring announcing and was really enthusiastic which is the nicest thing I can say about her effort.

The Street Profits defeated Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss

These two teams first wrestled two weeks ago, won by the Profits. They celebrated by partying on top of a car which angered Sabbatelli & Moss. That, of course, led to “renewed hostilities” and this rematch.

There looked to be about 300 people in the crowd, but they were into the Profits and made enough noise for a couple thousand. The heels got the heat on Montez Ford when Sabbatelli knocked him off the ring apron and sent him crashing into the guardrails. The crowd exploded for Angelo Dawkins' hot tag which led to him running wild with his twisting splashes in the corner to both of his foes.

Sabbatelli had Dawkins pinned with a forearm to the face, but the referee stopped counting when he saw Moss holding down Dawkins' feet for leverage. Ford came back and pinned Sabbatelli with a frog splash after a Lo Down.


Tickets for NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia go on sale this Saturday!


After defeating Johnny Gargano last week, UK Champion Pete Dunne was approached by Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate/Trent Seven) who congratulated him on his victory. Bate brought up Dunne allowing Wolfgang to be beaten down by The Undisputed Era and challenged him to find a partner for a tag team match. We fast forward back to today and Seven enunciated the same thoughts. Bate said they are a real tag team, unlike Dunne and Mark Andrews.


The aforementioned Andrews cut a promo about why he agreed to be Dunne's partner. He said that there is an agreement in place that if their team wins, Andrews will become #1 contender to the UK Championship.


Kairi Sane defeated Peyton Royce

After the opening salvo, Royce ran the ropes and Sane did a drop down....and then did it again....and then did it again. Just as I was getting curious as to how long Royce would keep running and jumping over Sane, she suddenly stopped and got frustrated. Said frustration didn't last long as Royce knocked down Sane to get the heat.

Sane made her comeback and seemed content with caving in Royce's chest with forearms. Sane went up top for a big WhatAManeuver, but Royce sidestepped it and hit a running knee for a near fall. Sane made another comeback and even knocked an interfering Billie Kay off the apron before pinning Royce with the Insane Elbow.


Last week, Ruby Riott defeated Sonya Deville in a Winner Gets An Extra Letter Added To Her Last Name Match, but they are coming back! Next week, the war between Raw and SmackDown explodes again as Sonya and Ruby square off in a no holds barred match.


A video aired about Drew McIntyre's injury and an acknowledgment that he will be out for an undisclosed amount of time. However, we get the championship celebration next week for the new NXT Champion, Andrade “Cien” Almas.


Moustache Mountain defeated WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne & Mark Andrews

Back in January, all four men took part in the UK Championship tournament, which was won by Bate. Dunne won the title in the best WWE match all year at TakeOver: Chicago (again, go watch that match) and has since defended it multiple times.

The match started with Bate and Dunne. Bate appeared to get the best of him as it led to a standoff. Dunne reached out to tag Andrews, but before he did, he punched Bate right in the mouth. Andrews tagged in and we got superb scientific wrestling between the three noble babyfaces.

Dunne continued to show why he is a budding star. He does so many little things and creative misdirection spots that along with his skill, his sheer presence and personality make him a standout not just in the UK division, but in all of NXT. This match told a great story and made sense from beginning to end. Andrews wouldn't normally bother himself by teaming with such a rogue, but the lure of championship glory was enough to set aside his personal feelings for one night.

The dissention and destruction of the team slowly built from the opening bell with Dunne not happy with Andrews' clean cut ways and Andrews not happy with Dunne's lack of sportsmanship.

Toward the end, Andrews hit a hurricarana on Bate and Dunne caught his foe and dropped him with a sit-out power bomb in one fluid motion. Bate came back and almost had the champ pinned with a double team power bomb, but Andrews broke that up. There were a slew of near falls and kickouts, but the finish was nice and simple. Bate, the former champion, pinned Dunne, the current champion, with the Tyler Driver 97.

Andrews was frustrated after the match, but decided to fight another day and began walking away. However, Dunne laid him out with a blow to the back of the head and then hit a Bitter End.

This week was a throwaway show that did have an excellent main event that sets the stage for more excellent matches in the future. Next week, we're back in Full Sail (I'm serious this time), so until then, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers.