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WWE NXT results: Pete Dunne vs. Johnny Gargano


The Big News: Pete Dunne successfully defended his UK title, beating Johnny Gargano in the main event.

The Medium News: Ruby Riot scored one for SmackDown when she pinned Raw's Sonya Deville.

The Little Beaver-sized News: This was another post-TakeOver edition of NXT. If you watched TakeOver: War Games, you can skip 30 minutes of this show. If you didn't see TakeOver, go watch it and then skip 30 minutes of this show.


Ruby Riot defeated Sonya Deville

We kicked things off with yet another Raw vs. SmackDown match as Deville went one-on-one with Riot. Now, of course, this match was taped two days before Deville debuted and three days before Riot debuted, but let me have my fun. If I once reviewed Cesaro defending the US title on NXT three weeks after he lost it on Raw, then I can pretend this is an interbrand match between the two new arrivals.

Ironically, despite brand loyalty, Deville was wearing blue while Riot was wearing red.

Deville clipped Riot's knee and spent the heat portion of the match working it over. Riot made her comeback and almost had to tap to both a triangle and a kneebar, but she held on to pick up the win with a roundhouse kick.

I assume that this now ties the Raw vs SmackDown tally at 4-4.


In case you've never watched the NXT immediately following TakeOver, it's chalk full of recap packages and exclusive post-match promos. This is where I will usually inform people to go watch TakeOver and skip about 30 minutes of NXT TV.

They spent all night promoting “exclusive footage” from War Games. The exclusive footage was soundbites from fans yelling random stuff during the match.

Here's what you need to know or can't already guess about the miscellaneous post-match interviews: nothing.


For some reason, The Street Profits were partying while standing on a car, which offended Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss. This confrontation happened in a wind tunnel apparently because, due to the wind and the fans screaming, I had no idea what was said. This could not be re-taped for some reason.

Anyway, they will face each other next week. Also, Kairi Sane will wrestle Billie Kay.


WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne defeated Johnny Gargano to retain his title

Dunne challenged anyone to a match for the UK title and Gargano is anyone, so here we go! I say this once every three months when they do a Dunne match, but this man is a star.

Gargano was holding his own early as they fought outside the ring until he played to the crowd instead of going for a tornado DDT. When he finally did, Dunne pushed him off and then dropped him with an Ex-Plex on the ring apron, which is the hardest part of the ring.

Dunne spent the next few minutes working on the hand and fingers in a way where it doesn't end up looking cartoonish. Gargano made his comeback and spent the next few minutes throwing offense with his right hand while trying to massage his injured left hand. Gargano used both his slingshot spear and a combination suicide dive/tornado DDT.

Gargano locked on the Gargano Escape, but Dunne spat out his mouthpiece and bit Gargano's injured fingers to escape. Dunne punched Gargano in the face, then Gargano fell into the ropes and sprung back with a DDT. Suddenly Gargano realized Dunne's mouthpiece was sitting in the ring, threw it aside, and superkicked him for a near fall.

The finish saw Dunne counter a slingshot spear with a punch to the face and pick up the win with the Bitter End.

This was a super 10-minute match and made you wish they had 20 minutes on the main card, but they did a heck of a job with what they had.

That does it from Houston! We are back to normal next week. But until then, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!