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WWE NXT results: Regal introduces the North American title


The Big News: The NXT North American Championship will debut at TakeOver: New Orleans in a six-way ladder match with EC3, Adam Cole, Velveteen Dream, Lars Sullivan, Killian Dain, and Ricochet.

The Medium News: Johnny Gargano will return at TakeOver, as he goes one-on-one with Tommaso Ciampa in an unsanctioned match.

The Little Beaver-sized News: The Authors of Pain will meet Pete Dunne & Roderick Strong next week in the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.


Earlier today, Tommaso Ciampa showed up at Full Sail for tonight's event and confronted William Regal about Johnny Gargano assaulting him at his physical therapist and his home. Mr. Regal agreed that was crazy and booked Ciampa vs. Gargano in an unsanctioned match at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. If Gargano wins, he gets his job back. But if Ciampa wins, then Gargano's banished forever.

So if Gargano loses, what's stopping him from showing up at Ciampa's physical therapist or at his house at 3 a.m.?


On the other side of the opening credits, we were joined inside the arena by Mr. Regal. He announced that we will crown our first-ever NXT North American Champion at TakeOver: New Orleans. Before he could go on, we were joined by the re-debuting EC3. He debuted a new theme bragging about him being in the top one percent.

He thanked Regal for rolling out the red carpet for him, including giving him a lucrative contract and a wonderful theme song, but he couldn't believe Regal would create a brand new championship and give it to him on his very first day. He stated that North America is the best region in the world and he is a literal money-printing machine.

Regal cut him off and said he's not being handed the North American title. He is one of the best, however, and because of that he will be in the North American title match. It will be him and five other men in a ladder match to determine the first champion. The fans were much happier than he was about this.

EC3 did state that no matter how many men he has to go through, he will be North American Champion and prove that he is in the top one percent of this industry.


We were magically whisked away to the NXT Control Center, where Charly Caruso talked about the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. We are down to the semifinals, which will occur tonight.


Earlier today, TM61 were at the Performance Center and were disappointed about losing in the Dusty Classic. They said they need a change in attitude to beat some of these better teams.

Meanwhile, Ember Moon and Shayna Baszler got into a fight behind them, which the cameraman, rightfully, felt was more important. A bunch of people ran in to break it up while the cameraman bumped for them.


The Authors of Pain defeated The Street Profits in a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic semifinal match

The incredibly popular Street Profits were here to kick off the in-ring action tonight. They had a hard road to the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic ahead of them as they went two-on-two with the reigning tournament winners, The Authors of Pain.

Montez Ford talked trash to Rezar, so Rezar shoved him and yelled back at him. Ford showed his intelligence by immediately tagging out. Dawkins came in and became a punching bag for a little bit, but soon ran wild on both Akam and Rezar. This caused Ford to run around dancing outside the ring before offering Paul Ellering whatever was in his solo cup. Ellering threw it to the ground and threatened Ford.

Ford stalked Ellering up the ramp and didn't even notice that Akam and Rezar took back over on Dawkins, pinning him after the Last Chapter. Montez Ford is the biggest idiot of the week.


Cathy Kelley interviewed Mr. Regal backstage. He said Adam Cole will be the second competitor in the North American title ladder match. Velveteen Dream walked up and said Regal looked well and then was miffed when Regal didn't return the compliment. Anyway, Dream wanted to be in the ladder match as well. Regal agreed and made him the third entrant.


Aleister Black has promised to be here tonight, but 30 minutes in he had yet to arrive. To be fair, he may have forgotten this show was at Full Sail and instead flew to Center Stage.


Lars Sullivan defeated John Silver

Sullivan hasn't been seen in almost three months. To welcome him back they found the smallest and skinniest man in Orlando, put him in tights, and told him to go get killed. If it helps, Silver did do a great job getting killed as Sullivan flung him all over the ring before hitting a military press powerslam and a diving headbutt, of all things.

Sullivan picked up the win with the Freak Accident.


Again, Kelley was wandering backstage and, again, ran into Mr. Regal and, again, asked him who else would be in the North American title match. Regal ran into Lars Sullivan and put him into the ladder match. Sullivan promised to destroy people with a ladder, but he wanted Killian Dain as well.

Regal then put Dain in the ladder match too. Sullivan continued to glare at him, so Regal made Sullivan vs. Dain for next week on NXT.


Dakota Kai was out for the next match when we suddenly went backstage due to a commotion!

Aleister Black had finally arrived at the arena and was brutally attacked by the NXT Champion. Andrade "Cien" Almas laid the boots into his challenger -- before trying to drown him in ice water. Almas showed a heart by stopping the drowning, but he dragged Black into the arena and into the ringside area.

Almas threw him into the ring and laid him out with a steel chair. Almas screamed that Black needs to respect both Almas and Zelina Vega before leaving.

Jeez, if I was Aleister Black I would have wished I didn't show up at all. Oh and Kai's match has been rescheduled.


Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne defeated SAnitY (Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe) in a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic semifinal match

Strong and Dunne became allies due to a common foe in the Undisputed Era. They got into the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic due to an injury by Tyler Bate. They somehow won their first round match, but now they must defeat the former NXT Tag Team Champions in Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe of SAnitY.

Strong started the match and Dunne was not going to allow SAnitY to use sneaky underhanded tactics to gain an advantage. Especially since Dunne has his own sneaky underhanded tactics. Dunne worked over the arm of Young, but EY got out of a double wristlock and turned it into a suplex.

Strong and Wolfe tagged in and woke the crowd up with a hockey fight spot. Wolfe used a German suplex and an Attitude Adjustment on Strong, but he kicked out. Young used his wheelbarrow suplex, but Dunne broke it up.

A four-way brawl broke out, which ended with Young using his diving elbow on Strong, but he kicked out of that as well. Strong ran wild, Dunne tagged in, and he pinned Young after a double team pop-up into a flapjack.

Strong and Dunne have defeated one duo of former NXT Tag Team Champions and now are in the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic against another team of former champions. It is Strong & Dunne vs. The Authors of Pain in the finals next week.


For Pete's sake, Kelley was once again outside of Mr. Regal's office. She, again, asked who would be in the North American title match. Again, Regal said she was in luck and he had the sixth contestant in his office. Regal went into his office and out walked the sixth and final contestant -- Ricochet. The show went off the air with the fans in the arena chanting for Ricochet as Kelley look stunned.

So, that does it for this week. It is the go home show for TakeOver next Wednesday! Until then, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!