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WWE NXT results: Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Roode


The Big News: Roderick Strong finally pinned Bobby Roode in the main event, but it was overshadowed by Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O'Reilly laying out Drew McIntyre in the show's closing scene.

The Medium News: Strong challenged McIntyre to a future title match earlier in the night, which McIntyre accepted.

The Little Beaver-sized News: The undefeated, undisputed NXT Women's Champion, Asuka will be on the show next week. I wonder what she's going to say?


Before beginning, I want to send my best wishes to everyone in Houston and the surrounding areas who are affected by Hurricane Harvey.


The show began with SAnitY laying unconscious outside the building. Mr. Regal looked quite angry as he stared the night sky down.


We kicked things off inside the arena with the 11th and new NXT Champion Drew McIntyre returning to the ring for the first time since winning the title. The fans were respectful, but it wasn't as over-the-top giddy as you've had in prior title changes.

McIntyre said that all the bumps, bruises, and sacrifices were worth it for this moment. He said that he understands he has a huge target on his back, then turned his attention to Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O'Reilly.

He put them on notice that this is Drew McIntyre's world now, and if they want a shot at the champ all they need to do is walk down to the ring, look him in the eye, and ask for a fight.

This brought out Roderick Strong. Strong came out to congratulate McIntyre, but also said he doesn't care about Cole, he only cares about himself, his family, and the championship. Strong vowed to defeat Bobby Roode tonight, and after that Strong is stepping up and challenging McIntyre as a man.

McIntyre said he wanted to be challenged like a man and now he hopes Strong is ready to get knocked out like one.


We got a replay of last week's Bobby Roode interview where he said he has unfinished business in NXT. He vowed that after he beats Strong he will get his NXT Championship back and take it with him to SmackDown.


Next week, we will be joined by the undefeated, undisputed NXT Women's Champion, Asuka, where she will update us on her status.


Peyton Royce defeated Ruby Riot

It wasn't mentioned, but at some point in the last few months Royce let the dye out of her hair and is now back to being what I assume is her natural hair color, which is black. So now she looks more like her BFF Billie Kay.

This feud is part of the ongoing rivalry between the Iconic Duo and pretty much anyone who they feel is not glamorous. Royce and Kay mocked Riot about a month ago, then Riot defeated Kay in a match, which was followed by Royce saying Riot will never be iconic.

Royce took over by snapping Riot off the top rope. She threw Riot out of the ring, which got the crowd to buzz a little bit as Kay interfered on behalf of her friend. Riot made her comeback, which didn't get the same reaction as it normally does and actually got less of a reaction than Kay's interference.

Riot was on the middle rope, then Royce hit a spin kick to the head and a rolling Death Valley Driver, but Riot kicked out. Riot hit a powerbomb for a near fall -- and the Iconic Duo have had enough.

Kay tried to drag Royce away and take a countout, but Riot hit a suicide dive onto both of them. Behind the referee's back, Kay dragged Riot outside the ring and nearly booted Riot's head off. That allowed Royce to pick up the win back in the ring with a fisherman's suplex.


Mr. Regal was backstage and said this thing where people are being laid out won't keep happening. Kassius Ohno came in and wanted a no disqualification match with Hideo Itami next week. Mr. Regal agreed to it. Ohno was wearing a shirt of Mitsuharu Misawa giving Stan Hansen an elbow strike.


Heavy Machinery defeated Edwin Negron & Damien Aweel

Heavy Machinery haven't been seen since losing their NXT Tag Team title match to The Authors of Pain a few months ago, but here they were back at the beginning and facing the jobber tag team of the week.

Neither Aweel nor Negron had any success by themselves and somehow fared even worse when they tried a double team. Heavy Machinery picked up the win with The Compactor.


We got a recap of Lars Sullivan destroying No Way Jose last week. This led to Mr. Regal informing Sullivan that actions have consequences. Since he beat up three different tag team partners, next week he will have a three-on-one handicap match. Sullivan shook his head and left.


In addition to the aforementioned Ohno vs. Itami no DQ match, Andrade “Cien” Almas will get his rematch with Cezar Bononi next week.


Roderick Strong defeated Bobby Roode

In what might be his final match on the yellow brand, Roode took a brisk one minute and 42 seconds to get to the ring. At the bell, Roode told Strong off and said that he is a failure and this will always be Bobby Roode's NXT. Roode waved his arms around and was about to scream “Glorious” -- but he got shoved down and it was on!

This match was a little rough at the start, but once they settled down they had their typical good match. Roode kept looking for ways to get reprieves, but no matter what he did Strong would somehow turn it into a backbreaker.

This led to them squaring off on the ring apron, which is the hardest part of the ring, and Roode shoving his foe into the ring post and then the steps. Strong still refused to stay down, so Roode laid him out with a spinebuster on the black mats.

Roode used his own backbreaker in the ring, which allowed him to do his Glorious pose. Strong started his comeback with a pop-up gut check. Strong used a butterfly suplex into a powerbomb and, when Roode kicked out, Strong turned it into a Boston Crab. Roode got out of that and cut him off again with a TKO into an Ace Crusher.

They ended up fighting up the ropes as Strong used a top rope superplex for a two count. Roode finally hit his Glorious DDT, but Strong rolled close enough to the ropes to get his foot on them before the pinfall. That played off their title match when Strong had the title won with a Sick Kick, but Roode barely got his foot on the ropes.

Roode screamed at Strong, so Strong hit three consecutive jumping knees to the jaw. Finally, Strong blew Roode a kiss goodbye and picked up the win with a suplex into a backbreaker.

Roderick Strong has finally defeated Bobby Roode. Drew McIntyre came out to stand on the ramp and accept Strong's challenge when he was attacked by Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O'Reilly!

Cole laid out McIntyre with a DDT on the ramp and punched several security guards in the face. Mr. Regal finally showed up and they went running into the night with Regal staring them down.

Not sure if this will ever be brought up, or if it will be like when Samoa Joe ran away from the building into a waiting car to drive him away, but during the attack Strong didn't even try to make the save.

So that does it from Full Sail. Until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!