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WWE NXT results: Samoa Joe takes on the Perfect 10


The Big News: Tye Dillinger slapped Samoa Joe...and then paid for it as he was choked into unconsciousness in the main event.

The Medium News: No Way Jose could beat two people, but four was just too many as SAnitY prevailed and Eric Young picked up the win.

The Little Beaver Sized News: Asuka claimed there is no competition left after she destroyed Nicole Matthews


This show was taped before SmackDown on November 22nd, so tonight (and tonight only) we are hailing from Ottawa.


NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated Nicole Matthews

The show kicked off with the reigning, undefeated, undisputed NXT Women's Champion going one-on-one with indie wrestler Nicole Matthews.

Matthews got in several strikes, but it was demoralizing as Asuka would shake off every one and come back for more, which killed Matthews' confidence. Asuka laid her out with a series of kicks, but then Matthews fell before the big kick, which may have been a botch, but the announcers sold it as something she meant to do.

Whether she meant to do it or not, she didn't last much longer as Asuka transitioned into a cross armbreaker and then into the Asuka Lock for the tap out.


Rich Swann was closing in on a victory last week when SAnitY hit the ring and laid out Swann and his opponent Kona Reeves. No Way Jose had made a challenge to EY, which set up tonight's match.


This Saturday in Osaka, Japan, Shinsuke Nakamura will challenge new NXT Champion Samoa Joe for the championship.


Speaking of that, Joe cut a promo backstage saying that it's clear Regal wants the belt on Nakamura, but it's also clear that Nakamura is not on Joe's level and he will prove that again on Saturday.

Up walked Tye Dillinger who challenged him to a match. Joe said that he would hate to embarrass Dillinger a second time in his home country. Dillinger then slapped Joe in the face and ran off. Oh well, sorry Tye, but Joe is gonna kill you.


Eric Young defeated No Way Jose

A lot of fans were into Jose, with kids clapping along to his theme song and adults literally dancing in the stands. Jose looked good in this match as EY bumped all over creation for him. Jose finally got cut off when Alexander Wolfe distracted him and Young dropped him neck-first on the top rope. Young broke out a dragon sleeper where he was standing on the middle rope.

Jose made his comeback and was on the verge of winning in spite of Wolfe's attempted interference, but Nikki Cross and Sawyer Fulton also interfered and that was too much. The former TNA World Champion picked up the win with the wheelbarrow neckbreaker!

Nikki Cross looked like she was about to go crazy on Jose after the match, but Wolfe restrained her. Cross broke free when leaving the ring, ran back in, and laid out Jose with a missile dropkick.


Next week we will be joined by the new NXT Tag Team Champions, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, who will make their first appearance since winning the belts.


Asuka cut a promo saying she hasn't changed. She just wants competition, but there isn't any left.


Tye Dillinger said it may have been an emotional reaction to challenge Joe, but if he can't beat Joe tonight then maybe he doesn't belong here. However, he intends to prove he is the best and that he does in fact belong here.


During the commercial hyping up the Osaka live event, they said that they would be filming the show for the WWE Network but didn't mention what it was for.


NXT Champion Samoa Joe defeated Tye Dillinger

Joe got the best reaction of the show so far. It wasn't an overwhelming reaction, but a good reaction nonetheless. Dillinger got an equal reaction, which was equal parts being Canadian and the 10 gimmick. Ultimately, fans like having things to chant.

Dillinger got to look better than the average Samoa Joe victim of the week. Joe cut him off and hit kind of a reverse piledriver where he drove Dillinger knee-first into the mat. Dillinger battled back with some slaps, but got dropped with Joe's twisting powerslam as he came off the ropes.

The crowd suddenly woke up 10 minutes in (ironically), trying to will their countryman to victory. Dillinger made his comeback and went for the Tye Breaker, but took a German suplex on his head. Dillinger did get a near fall for a two count with a superkick.

Dillinger tried again for the Tye Breaker, but Joe again got out of it. Joe dropped Dillinger with the corner uranage and followed it with the powerbomb/Boston Crab/STF combo, but instead of an STF he used a crossface, but not for long as we got the Coquina Clutch.

Dillinger fought for the ropes, but he succumbed and passed out to the pain, giving Joe the victory.

That does it for this week. Can Shinsuke Nakamura capture the NXT Championship this Saturday or will the reign of Joe continue? Until next Wednesday, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!