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WWE NXT results: A tale of chaos and SAnitY


The Big News: Instead of competing for the NXT Championship, Johnny Gargano spent the night in a local medical facility as Tommaso Ciampa laid him out.

The Medium News: Aleister Black beat Eric Young in a substitute main event.

The Little Beaver-sized News: Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli continued their slow-moving breakup, as Sabbatelli walked out on their tag team match.


The show began with The Undisputed Era coming to the ring for a promo. Cole pointed out all their championship belts and said this is what happens when you back them into a corner. NXT's mission has been to prevent this from happening, yet here they stand. Bobby Fish said they were thrown to the wolves at War Games and, again, in New Orleans, but they are one step above everyone else.

Roderick Strong was next, mocking the fans for asking why he joined Undisputed Era. He said for once he did something for himself and made the best decision of his career. He said if he had won the titles with Pete Dunne, how long would it have been until Dunne turned on him since he only cares about the UK Championship? Suddenly, in the middle of the match, he had an epiphany. Why fight by himself and come up short, when they could fight together and take over NXT.

Kyle O'Reilly said they are done being backed into a corner -- and no matter what the powers that be do, they cannot be stopped. Times are changing and they are leaving everyone in the dust.

Cole said they will prove it as he defends his North American title by himself against Oney Lorcan. He actually laughed about needing help to beat Lorcan.


NXT North American Champion Adam Cole defeated Oney Lorcan to retain his title

This was the first televised title defense for Cole. It was more competitive for Cole than he was expecting -- as Lorcan went after Cole's DDP-trademarked taped ribs. Cole sold them for the duration of the match.

The fans liked Lorcan, but no one felt he had a chance to win here. He dropped Cole ribs-first across the top rope and Cole was injured! Oh no, what a horrible thing to happen to him. O'Reilly ran down with a paramedic to check on his leader. Strong gave Lorcan a back suplex on the apron when suddenly -- it was a miracle! Cole got up and finished off Lorcan, retaining the title.

After the match, Strong and O'Reilly continued the beatdown. Danny Burch ran down for the save, but he got overpowered by all three men.


Up next was a video package for Shayna Baszler.


Last week, Candice LeRae defeated Zelina Vega after a double Gargano Escape, with Gargano doing it to an interfering Andrade “Cien” Almas.

LeRae will wrestle Bianca Belair next week, so we got a video package for Belair.


Heavy Machinery defeated Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli

These two teams squared off two weeks ago, but that match didn't have a finish due to the War Raiders debuting and destroying both teams.

These teams actually work pretty well together and we had some good four-way brawling to start the match. It broke down into a tag team match with Otis Dozovic playing the role of Ricky Morton tonight. He made the hot tag to Tucker Knight, who ran wild on Moss. Sabbatelli was knocked off the apron, accidentally, by his partner.

Sabbatelli did his best Sid impersonation by reaching for a tag to his ailing partner, before dropping off the apron and walking away. All that was missing was for him to threaten to punch Brutus Beefcake. Anyway, Dozovic beat Moss with The Compactor.

After the match, Heavy Machinery vowed to eat all the steaks and lift all the weights -- and then they will kick the asses of the War Raiders.


We had a video package looking at potential challengers for Shayna Baszler, including Nikki Cross, Aliyah, and Kairi Sane.


Dakota Kai was interviewed by Cathy Kelley regarding Shayna Baszler earlier today. She refused to talk about Baszler. Kelley kept asking questions and Kai kept deflecting them until Baszler walked in. Baszler intimidated her and informed her that Baszler running the women's division is Kai's worst nightmare.


Kona Reeves is coming.


Lacey Evans, Vanessa Borne, and LeRae also vowed to defeat Baszler if they get the chance.


Next week:

  • TM61 vs. The Street Profits
  • Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong


Johnny Gargano came to the ring for his championship match with Aleister Black, when he was attacked by Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa threw Gargano into the stage, but he fought back and delivered a running crossbody off the announce table. Gargano continued to punch away before Ciampa booted him low and shoved him down. The fans chanted that Ciampa tapped out until Ciampa hit the Randy Orton punt to the head of a downed Johnny Wrestling.

Referees finally came out, but Ciampa ignored them and hit an Emerald Fusion through some production tables set up nearby.

The EMTs and medical staff came out to stretcher Gargano away. Kassius Ohno was one of the people helping out. As they loaded Gargano into the ambulance, Black arrived and watched the scene unfold. As the ambulance drove away, the camera zoomed out and there was Ciampa on top of a ring truck.


Back in the arena, Black stormed to the ring and grabbed a mic. He was prepared to offer a challenge to Ciampa, but SAnitY came out instead. Eric Young said that Gargano's hope was taken away by chaos. Out of chaos, EY said, we will find hope and we will find sanity. Before Young could continue, Black cut him off and challenged him to an immediate title match.

NXT Champion Aleister Black defeated Eric Young to retain his title

A bell rang and the match was on. The announcers weren't sure if this was an actual title match, but the bout itself was on. This was a basic match and was probably designed as a sendoff for SAnitY in addition to a showcase for the new champion.

Alexander Wolfe tried getting involved early, but he got kicked out of the ring. Young did not enjoy being kicked in the thigh, but there was nothing he could do to stop it, as Black turned EY black and blue. Young did the Ric Flair corner flip and slid back into the ring, but he got laid out with Black Mass for the pin.

Wolfe and Killian Dain slid in and both took the Black Mass for their troubles.

So, that does it for another episode of NXT. Until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers.