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WWE Raw live results: Big Show vs. Strowman steel cage match


The Big Takeaway: Braun Strowman defeated the Big Show in a steel cage match. It was one of the greatest superheavyweight matches in wrestling history. Afterwards, Strowman slammed Show through the cage, which broke and sent Show falling out of the ring. He landed on the cage but sold his ribs like he may have suffered internal injuries. The Raw Women's Championship match at No Mercy will be a Fatal Fourway with Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax vs Emma. Jax & Emma teamed to defeat Bliss and Banks in a tag match. Also, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will defend the Raw Tag Team Championships against Sheamus and Cesaro. 

Show Recap:

John Cena defeated Jason Jordan (11:42) 

John Cena won with the AA. If there was an opponent that could come out and guaranteed that Cena would get cheered, it's Jason Jordan, who is now getting booed. They showed highlights of Cena debuting on SmackDown in July 2002 against Kurt Angle as the fiery rookie ready to test himself against the best. 15 years later, Cena was facing Angle's "son." They had a pretty good match where the punches looked awful, but the fans got into it after Cena clamped on the STF. Jordan reversed it into a crossface, but Cena powered out of it into an AA attempt. Jordan escaped and tried his hoist neckbreaker, but Cena turned his body weight over into a crossbody, leading to the finish. Cena helped Jordan up afterwards and they hugged. 

Roman Reigns walked out after the match and asked Cena "If you are what you say you are, why does it take a 16-time champ over 20 minutes to beat a rookie." (It took 11 minutes). Reigns said if Cena was as good as Cena said he is, he would have crushed him in seconds. Instead, Cena strung it out, let Jordan believe in himself, let the fans get into it and then Cena crushed him. Or, Cena lied last week (when he claimed that he didn't bury talent, which Reigns didn't mentioned but it is what was implied) and that Cena ran his mouth and Cena isn't as good or as fast as he thinks he is. Reigns called Cena a lying, fake-ass little bitch. Reigns asked Cena which is it?

Cena asked the fans to welcome Debbie Downer to Monday Night Raw. Cena said Reigns is doing the worst thing possible last week, trying to use his brains. Cena told Reigns to stay in his lane because that's not his strong suit. Cena said Reigns was thinking about questions like "Have I lost a step?" or "Does he string his opponent along, allow them to make their own mistakes so he could adapt and overcome?" Cena said Reigns would get the answer to these questions and told Reigns not to burn his brain cells and said Reigns had come out with his fly open. Regins muttered he had a extra bulge and that was why they called him the "Big Dog." Cena shot back he was looking for Reigns' balls but he didn't have any. Reigns said "You would be looking for those." Cena got back on script saying Reigns would get the answer to these questions at No Mercy, where Reigns would get beat by either a guy who lost a step or a guy who has been stringing Reigns along for years. Cena said he was letting Reigns waltz out and make mistake after mistake just in time for Cena to chop his ass down to size. 

Cena called Reigns a "golden boy, conceited, know-it-all who needs to be taught a lesson in respect." Cena said guys like Jordan, Chad Gable, and even the Miz have to scratch and claw for every inch. Cena said he doesn't respect Reigns, he doesn't respect how Reigns calls him a fake ass bitch. He said Reigns is living a lie. He said Reigns believes this is his yard, but the fans don't believe him. Cena asked Reigns if there's any room in Reigns head to see what was going on or does Cena have to beat some common sense into Reigns' head? Reigns told Cena to do it. Crowd chanted "yes." Reigns asked the fans if they wanted to see Cena beat his ass. Reigns told Cena this is the moment to back up Cena's big mouth. Cena grinned and didn't act. Reigns said Cena was all talk and said that's why he doesn't respect Cena. Reigns walked off and Cena grinned some more. 

Sheamus and Cesaro defeated Heath Slater and Rhyno (2:16) 

Sheamus pinned Rhyno with a Brogue Kick. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were on commentary. Ambrose and Rollins will defend the Raw Tag Team Championships against Sheamus and Cesaro at No Mercy. 

Renee Young did a backstage interview with Jeff and Matt Hardy. Matt spoke with his "Broken" accent about how it was a wonderful evening. Jeff said he and his brother have been innovating the business for 25 years and said he was thrilled that his daughter will see him wrestle the Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. Matt said if the Miztourage tried to interfere, they would go down in a twist of fate. 

Intercontinental Champion The Miz defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the Intercontinental Championship (13:02) 

Miz won clean with the Skull Crushing Finale. Jeff went for the Swanton, but Maryse touched Miz's hand to awaken him and Miz got out of the way. Good back-and-forth match where Jeff bumped all over the place, including falling to the floor when Jeff ran at Miz on the apron, but Miz tripped him. Jeff hit Poetry in Motion off the ring steps against the dasherboards. Earlier, Jeff went for the Swanton, but Curtis Axel crotched Jeff. Matt started brawling with Axel and Bo Dallas, leading to the referee ejecting Matt, Axel and Dallas from ringside. Booker T said that Miz was having the best year of his career. 

They announced Bliss vs. Sasha Banks for the Raw Women's Championship at No Mercy. 

Jax walked up to Angle backstage upset that Banks is getting the title shot at No Mercy. Angle said Banks had an obligation in her contract for a rematch. Emma stepped in and said the Internet was buzzing over her win over James last week and said her new hashtag was going to be #give emma a chance at the women's title. Jax told Emma if she didn't leave in five seconds, the hashtag was going to read #put emma in the hosptial. Angle ordered Emma and Jax to team tonight to face Bliss and Banks. If Emma and Jax win, Angle will add them to the Raw Women's Championship match at No Mercy and it will be a four way. If Banks and Emma win, then it remains a singles match. 

Enzo Amore, Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik defeated Drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Noam Dar (5:04) 

Enzo Amore pinned Drew Gulak with Eat Defeat after he thumbed Gulak in the eye. I bet Les Thatcher was happier than all hell about that finish. Enzo made a blind tag as Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik did stereo topes on Tony Nese and Noam Dar. The commentary here was interesting. They showed Enzo getting a pin last week on 205 Live with a schoolboy cradle with his feet on the ropes. This week, the announcers made Enzo seem like a cheating heel after he thumbed Gulak, namely Michael Cole. Of course, Enzo was the most over of the six. 

Banks and Bliss talked backstage. Bliss said she wasn't happy about teaming with Banks tonight. Banks said if they don't win tonight, then Bliss' chances of retaining the Raw Women's Championship at No Mercy is reduced to 25%. Bliss said the same was true for Banks. Bliss said Banks should leave her ego at the door and reminded Banks she defeated her last week. Then Banks got in Bliss' face and said they were going to win tonight and then she was going to make Bliss tap out at No Mercy. 

Finn Balor came out and said even though he won against Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam, you never truly defeat Wyatt because he always shows up when you least expect it. Balor said the next time Wyatt shows up, he will be ready. Balor said he doesn't run from his demons because sometimes he becomes them. Wyatt turned up on the TitanTron and said when he was a child, his mother used to take him hunting. He said he would never forget the first time he flicked his little finger, and an arrow went through the heart of his prey. It was exhilarating, but after awhile he got bored because it became too easy. So he decided to shake things up and he put his weapon down and he started using his hands, which became the judge, the jury and the executioner. He showed his prey no mercy. During those moments when he decided whether to end their pathetic existence or let them run along, he made a choice that defined him. He realized what his purpose in life was. 

Wyatt said Balor wasn't victorious over him at SummerSlam, the Demon was. Wyatt said the Demon was Balor's bow and arrow. Wyatt told Balor to make a choice and define his legacy. Balor said he's already made his choice and he knows exactly who he is, he is Finn Balor. Wyatt said Balor is the confident hero everyone becomes of being. At No Mercy, he questioned whether Balor could topple a God or was Balor going to be a scared little rabbit and told Balor to run, little rabbit, run. 

Nia Jax and Emma defeated Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss to make the Raw Women's Championship match at No Mercy a Fatal Four-Way (8:55) 

In booking directly from 2006 TNA, Emma pinned Banks after Jax gave Banks a legdrop and Emma tagged in so she could take the fall. Jax was mad at Emma for scoring the pin and gave her a Samoan drop afterwards. Shouldn't Jax have been happy that Emma scored the pin since she was now fighting for the championship at No Mercy and she complained about not being in the match to Angle earlier? Earlier, Bliss slapped Jax for attacking her last week, then screamed in horror and attempted to run. Banks and Bliss cooperated as a team, despite losing. 

Strowman did an interview with Young. Strowman said he didn't know what Angle was thinking putting him in the first cage match of his career just a few weeks from facing Lesnar at No Mercy. Strowman said the last time he was in the ring with the Big Show, they destroyed a 4,000-pound ring. Tonight, there would be thousands of pounds of steel around them and he would be thinking of destroying Lesnar when he's destroying Show. 

Rollins and Ambrose walked backstage to the ring and came across Elias backstage strumming on his guitar. 

Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose defeated Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in a nontitle match (11:48) 

Sheamus and Cesaro were at ringside. At the finish, Cesaro tried to get in the ring while Sheamus distracted the ref, but Rollins threw Karl Anderson into Sheamus. Rollins then pinned Anderson with a schoolboy cradle. Ambrose caught Luke Gallows with a tope shortly before the pin. Postmatch, Anderson and Gallows were mad at Sheamus and Cesaro for interfering, so Anderson hit Sheamus from behind. Sheamus and Cesaro began brawling with Anderson and Gallows, ending with Sheamus giving Anderson the Brogue kick and Cesaro throwing Gallows out of the ring. Sheamus and Cesaro are now wearing matching camouflage kilts.  

Amore talked with Alexander and Metalik in the back saying he was going to take them out to dinner tonight for a celebration. Neville walked in and said tomorrow night on 205 Live, there would be a five-way elimination match where the winner would get a Cruiserweight Championship match at No Mercy. Neville chuckled how Amore, Alexander and Metalik were going from friends one night to foes the next. The other participants in the five-way will be Nese and Brian Kendrick. 

Charly Caruso interviewed referee John Cohen, who was the referee who took the memorable bump for the last Strowman-Show match when they destroyed the ring. When Cohen announced that the ring had extra reinforcements, the crowd booed.

Show did an interview with Young saying he's had a lot of big matches over the last 23 years, but he's never faced an opponent as imposing as Strowman. But he's had more steel cage matches than Strowman has had matches. He vowed to mesh Strowman's flesh across the cage and give him a chokeslam straight to hell and walk out victorious. Show said Strowman is a guy who thinks he's earned respect based on what he's owed, not on what he's earned. Strowman said he was going to send Show to pasture, but there hasn't been one superstar man enough to do that. 

Braun Strowman defeated the Big Show in a steel cage match (16:56) 

Strowman won a terrific match with an Oklahoma Stampede after a superplex. Lots of big spots and this might have been the best superheavyweight match in Raw history. They opened with Strowman running against Show, who was wedged outside the ring against the cage. Strowman ran after Show again, but Show hit him with a knockout punch. Later, they fought on the top rope (two guys over 350 pounds right there on the top rope) when Strowman crotched Show. Then Show crotched Strowman, who sank to the canvas. Show then went back to the top rope after barely selling the crotched shot and hit a Randy Savage elbow off the top. Crowd started chanting "Holy S___." Show tried to escape throug the cage, but Strowman grabbed the door and pulled against Show's head. Strowman attempted to walk over Show and go out the door, but this time Show took the door and rammed it against Strowman's head. 

Postmatch, Strowman grabbed the microphone, pointed to a unconscious Show and said this was Lesnar's future. Strowman started to leave, then told Show "Time to go out to pasture, old man." He took Show and gave him a powerslam through the side of the cage, which broke and Show spilled out on top of the cage to the floor. It amazing looking at how well Show did in this match in his mid-40s, especially compared to how awful his matches were with Hulk Hogan when he was in his mid-20s.