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WWE Raw live results: Bobby Lashley & MVP vs. The New Day


Date: July 5, 2021
Location: Yuengling Center in Tampa, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

The second-to-last Raw in the ThunderDome was an uneventful one.

Show Recap -- 

MizTV with The Miz & John Morrison 

Miz said his Money in the Bank expertise meant that the next Mr. Money in the Bank would be his best friend John Morrison. Morrison called himself “America’s moist wanted” and said he was the best equipped to win the ladder match. Miz introduced his next guest, Drew McIntyre, who he recently cashed in on to win the WWE title. 

McIntyre entered and reminded Miz that Lashley was the reason that he won the title and McIntyre’s been fighting ever since to win it back. Because MITB is taking place in Texas, McIntyre told us a story about the Alamo and Davy Crockett, who he claimed to be related to. McIntyre said he would shove Morrison’s head up Miz’s ass, and just like Crockett, he would rather die in Texas than give up the briefcase. 

Ricochet entered next. Miz said Ricochet risked his and Morrison’s careers last week with that diving crossbody spot. Ricochet said he was willing to do whatever it took to win the briefcase. As Morrison spoke, Riddle interrupted. 

Riddle sat on the top of the ladder and Miz asked why he was sitting up there. Riddle thought they were all supposed to do that (a callback to that silly segment from a few years ago). Riddle commented on how “high” he was and began rambling until Miz stopped him. Miz wondered why Randy Orton hasn’t kicked him in the skull yet. 

AJ Styles and Omos interrupted. Styles said Orton dropped out so it should’ve only been a singles match between him and McIntyre. Styles said this was all Riddle’s fault as he was the one who got pinned last week. 

Riddle wanted a high five from Omos who was almost as high as he was. Omos pushed the ladder which caused Riddle to fall and land awkwardly on his bad ankle. Styles kicked him in the leg as well. Omos and Styles left the ring after McIntyre got in their faces. Omos was about to get back in the ring but McIntyre clotheslined him back out. 

Morrison decked Ricochet but Ricochet eventually dropkicked him from the ring. Miz was left alone with the babyfaces but nothing happened to him (besides Ricochet breaking a drip stick.) 

This segment was pretty pointless and the ending (after Omos dropped Riddle) felt awkward. 

John Morrison (w/The Miz) defeated Ricochet via countout (13:00) 

They aired a replay of last week’s crossbody dive earlier and a few times during this match, so they’re really playing it up. 

A few minutes into the match, Ricochet tried to leap off Miz’s wheelchair but Morrison caught him and powerbombed him right into the barricade. After a break, they went back and forth until Morrison hit a standing Spanish Fly for two. Ricochet spiked Morrison moments later with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. 

Miz sprayed Ricochet with the drip stick which led to Morrison using a creative cradle for a nearfall. With Morrison standing on the apron, Ricochet did a running dive to bring them both crashing to the outside. I’m not sure what they were trying to pull off exactly, but Ricochet actually seemed to take the worst of this. 

Morrison won by countout after he managed to slip in the ring but Miz blocked Ricochet with his wheelchair and he wasn’t able to beat the ten count. This was a poor finish. 

Jinder Mahal arrived at the building in a custom red motorcycle. Kevin Patrick was there for an interview. Patrick was impressed with the bike. Mahal said he got it after one of his title defenses and picked it up with his old friend Drew. He tried reaching out to McIntyre recently but it took him three days to respond, and when he did, he said he was too busy to hang out. Mahal thought he deserved better and wanted to prove what he’s always known, that he’s better than McIntyre. 

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler and Reginald were in the back. Reginald thought he saw Alexa Bliss behind them but when they turned around, she wasn’t there. Baszler was sick of his crap. They left. Of course, the camera panned over to show that Bliss was there. 

Naomi told Nikki A.S.H. (Nikki Cross) that she loved her new look and name. Asuka said she always wanted to team with a superhero. Nikki thanked them, but she wasn’t a superhero like Black Widow, she was almost a superhero. Nikki cut a promo about giving hope and said she was ready to win MITB. Naomi and Asuka each told her that they planned on winning. 

Nikki’s music hit so she went to the ring. Bliss showed up to tell Naomi and Asuka not to get their hopes up for MITB. 

8-woman tag team match: Eva Marie, Doudrop, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (w/Reginald) defeated Nikki A.S.H., Alexa Bliss, Naomi & Asuka (11:56) 

Doudrop was supposed to start but Marie tagged herself in. The moment she felt in danger, she frantically tagged out. Naomi wiped out Jax and Baszler with a dive. Asuka used a hip attack to stagger Doudrop on the outside before Nikki knocked her down with a dive. Marie was left standing in the ring but she turned around and saw Bliss who shrieked at her. Marie left the ring and they went to break two minutes into the match. 

[Second hour] 

Bliss and Doudrop were going at it until Nikki quickly tagged herself in. She knocked Doudrop to a knee and tagged in Asuka who used a series of kicks until Doudrop dropped her with a headbutt. Doudrop tagged in Jax and they squished Asuka by running into her at the same time. They worked over Asuka from there. 

Jax became worried when she noticed that Bliss hypnotized Reginald. Baszler decided to just chuck Bliss into the barricade to stop it. Asuka fought back and Jax inadvertently knocked Baszler off the apron. Jax tagged in Marie but before Asuka could kill her, Marie tagged Baszler. 

They traded submissions until Naomi tagged in and hit a springboard kick. Asuka followed with a German suplex but Baszler kicked out. (Doudrop was actually supposed to break it up but didn’t get in on time.) This led to everyone trading moves until Nikki put Baszler in a La Magistral cradle but Baszler was not the legal woman. 

Jax was legal and gave Nikki a Samoan drop for the pinfall win. Marie announced herself as the winner after the match. 

Patrick barged into Lashley and MVP’s dressing room. MVP was annoyed that he kept getting into their room. Lashley said he decided to take a vacation after beating both McIntyre and Xavier Woods in Hell in a Cell matches. He heard Kofi Kingston call him soft last week so now he planned on hurting him. 

They announced their return to Madison Square Garden for Smackdown (by using a screencap of a New York Post article). 

Mustafa Ali defeated Mansoor (2:52) 

They aired a backstage clip from last week following the battle royal where Ali eliminated Mansoor. Mansoor wanted to know what Ali’s problem was. Ali said he didn’t want Mansoor to end up like him. 

There was a spot where Ali got his foot trapped between the ropes so Mansoor helped him out of it and gave him a chance to regroup. Of course, this led to Ali rolling up Mansoor for the win. Mansoor seemed disappointed and Ali basically told him, “I told you so.” 

Sarah Schreiber interviewed McIntyre. He had an opinion about Mahal’s text message story but didn’t give it here. He did give Mahal credit for at least wanting to fight him unlike others in the locker room. McIntyre told us another story, this time about a warrior and the Loch Ness Monster. It led to him saying he’d win MITB. 

Drew McIntyre defeated Jinder Mahal (w/Veer & Shanky) via DQ (10:15) 

Mahal rolled out of the ring after getting suplexed by McIntyre. Veer and Shanky got in McIntyre’s way and the momentary distraction allowed Mahal to strike McIntyre in the throat before giving him a vertical suplex on the announce table, which led to break. 

Mahal remained in control until McIntyre came back with a headbutt, clotheslines, overhead suplexes and a swinging neckbreaker. McIntyre did a 3MB pose before blocking a Khallas and hitting a Future Shock DDT. 

McIntyre set up for a Claymore but he was attacked by Veer and Shanky for the DQ. Mahal laid him out with a Khallas. Mahal posed before quickly heading to the stage. Mahal grabbed McIntyre’s sword. Mahal said McIntyre took his opportunity away, so he was taking his family heirloom. 

The New Day told Patrick that they didn’t need to adjust their strategy now that tonight’s match was a tag match given their overall tag team success. Woods said he was back despite what MVP claimed and he knew Kingston could beat Lashley at MITB. 

Kingston quoted Kevin Garnett by saying “anything is possible” and was excited to face Lashley in front of real people. Kingston said Lashley and MVP can take all the vacations they want, and take their lady friends with them, because Lashley’s championship responsibilities will become his. Before they left, Woods said it would be a “breeze,” which was a shoutout to Tyler Breeze. 

Lucha House Party defeated Mace & T-Bar (3:33) 

T-Bar and Mace killed Lince Dorado the entire match until he was saved by Gran Metalik, who wiped out Mace with a dive. Dorado gave T-Bar a hurricanrana into a pin for the win. That’s what happened. (Dorado wore a Kane-inspired mask, which Corey Graves noted.) 

Riddle checked on his foot in the back when he was approached by Damian Priest. Priest warned him to take it easy against Styles because it could hurt his chances at MITB. Riddle said he wasn’t afraid of heights, ladders or AJ Styles. He wanted to show everyone, including Orton, that the three most dangerous letters in WWE were R-K-Bro. (Priest smirked, realizing Riddle’s mistake.) The highlight of this was Riddle pointing to the sky when he mentioned Orton as if Orton was in heaven. 

[Third hour] 

Riddle defeated Raw Tag Team Champion AJ Styles (w/Omos) (13:00) 

Styles worked over Riddle’s injured foot and Riddle sold it big. Riddle did the Karate Kid pose because it at least meant keeping weight off his injured foot. Styles thought this was ridiculous but it actually worked because Riddle managed to hit a crane kick which popped the announcers. It didn’t matter though because Riddle was in too much pain and Styles regained control. Omos also gave Riddle a cheap shot behind the referee’s back, which led to break. 

Styles applied an ankle lock but Riddle rolled through and also countered a Calf Crusher into a knee strike before hitting a senton for two. Riddle blocked a Phenomenal forearm before hitting a draping DDT. Styles dodged a Floating Bro and Riddle landed awkwardly on his ankle. Styles followed with a rack bomb for a nearfall. 

The Viking Raiders suddenly appeared behind the barricade which distracted both Omos and Styles. Riddle put Styles in a schoolboy for the pinfall win. (Styles kicked out immediately after the three count.) Riddle posed with the Raiders after the match. Riddle said he loved Randy and pointed to the sky. 

Charlotte Flair segment 

Charlotte entered with a crutch. She said it must be hard for people to see her like this. She mentioned the NBA Playoffs have been ruined by injuries to the likes of Anthony Davis and James Harden. 

She admitted that she might miss MITB. She also admitted that Rhea Ripley is learning well. Ripley is acting like that because she knew who was better. Charlotte didn’t have to consider what she would do if somebody was better than her because nobody was. 

Ripley entered with a crutch, mocking Charlotte as she “struggled” down the ramp. Ripley said she can play Charlotte’s game better than she can and said Charlotte was just being a drama queen. They each kicked out each other’s crutch at the same time. Of course, Charlotte’s leg was fine. 

They tried attacking each other with the crutches but were basically equals. Ripley just barely got the advantage and hit Charlotte in the gut with a crutch. Before she could do worse, Charlotte left the ring. 

Jaxson Ryker & R-Truth defeated Elias & Cedric Alexander (1:04) 

Before the match, Akira Tozawa ran into the ring because he was being chased by the 24/7 crew. Truth tried rolling him up but he kicked out. Tozawa ran to the back and Truth decided to join the chase which left Ryker alone. 

It didn’t matter though because Elias bailed on Alexander during the match. Ryker pinned Alexander quickly with a spinning side slam. 

Lashley was getting ready in the back when Patrick approached for another interview. MVP stopped him, though, and told him how focused Lashley was (after Kingston accused him of not being focused enough). 

Announced for Raw next week: 

  • Ricochet vs. John Morrison falls count anywhere
  • Sheamus defends the US title against Humberto Carrillo
  • Omos vs. Erik in Omos’ first singles match
  • AJ Styles vs. Ivar 

Announced for the show in two weeks (Raw’s return to a live crowd): 

  • AJ Styles & Omos defend the tag title against the Viking Raiders

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods defeated WWE Champion Bobby Lashley & MVP (14:35) 

The New Day were in full control and wiped out Hurt Business with dives leading to break. 

After the break, Lashley fought off Woods and clotheslined him to take over. Kingston made a hot tag and gave MVP a bulldog for two. Kingston superkicked Lashley off the apron but that allowed MVP to clothesline Kingston for two. MVP booted Kingston and tagged Lashley who hit a spinebuster but Woods broke up the cover. Lashley chucked Woods from the ring. 

MVP tagged in but Kingston took out Lashley with a Trouble in Paradise. Woods knocked Lashley down outside the ring as Kingston blocked MVP’s finisher and hit Trouble in Paradise for the pinfall win. 

(There was some miscommunication between Lashley and Kingston/Woods in this match, so hopefully, they get that sorted out for their match at MITB.)