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WWE Raw live results: Bobby Lashley vs. Omos steel cage match

The build to Hell in a Cell continues in Norfolk, Virginia.

Date: May 16, 2022
Location: Scope Arena in Norfolk, VA 

Show Recap --

There was a lengthy video package hyping Bobby Lashley vs. Omos. The announcers stood beside the ring to plug the match, run down tonight’s show and plug the tag title unification match on this Friday’s Smackdown. There was also a literal countdown (down to the second) to when Cody Rhodes will appear tonight, roughly two hours from now.

Omos entered with MVP who cut a promo on Lashley. MVP said we are living in the age of the Nigerian Giant Omos and he would brutalize Lashley.

Cedric Alexander attacked Lashley from behind during his entrance and Omos joined in. Lashley fought back and they had to be separated by a million officials. The fans chanted for Lashley as he entered the ring and awaited Omos. Commercial break.

Steel Cage Match: Bobby Lashley defeated Omos (w/MVP) (7:33)

MVP managed to hit Lashley with his cane through an opening in the cage a couple of times early in the match. He tried it again later but Lashley grabbed his arm through the opening and yanked him into the cage. Lashley immediately speared Omos for a close nearfall three minutes into the match.

Alexander ran back down and climbed to the top of the cage but Lashley slammed him off the top into the ring. Lashley tried a high cross but Omos caught him and chucked him into the side of the cage.

Omos slammed Lashley into the other side of the cage and the panel broke (like the Paul Wight/Steve Austin spot). Lashley fell through the cage, crawled to his feet and was declared the winner because he technically escaped the cage. Lashley was perfectly content to win this way.

The crowd was into Lashley and they popped for the finish. 


Mustafa Ali and Theory entered for a match. Before that could happen, Theory grabbed a mic. He wondered why Mustafa Ali thought he deserved this match. He said they needed a special referee to call this one down the middle: The Miz.

Theory didn’t think it was fair that Ali was getting a match against the US champ after losing last week so he got Ali a separate match to prove himself first. His opponent was Veer Mahaan.

Veer Mahaan defeated Mustafa Ali [special referee: The Miz] (2:49)

Ali fought back despite a blatant trip by Theory from outside the ring. Ali went for a dive but Miz stood in his way. When Miz finally moved, Mahaan turned Ali inside out with the million-dollar clothesline. Veer put him in the Cervical Clutch for the submission win.

Mahaan put the hold on again after the match while Theory and Miz took a selfie with him.

As Mahaan cleared the announce table, Rey and Dominik Mysterio entered to their music. They knocked Mahaan off the apron but Mahaan caught Dominik who tried a high cross. Rey then brought Mahaan down with a seated senton. The Mysterios posed in the ring as Mahaan looked on in frustration. 


At the beginning of the show, they announced a 6-pack challenge to determine Bianca Belair’s next title challenger (with Asuka, Becky Lynch, Naomi, Sasha Banks, Nikki ASH, and Doudrop).

About 40 minutes into the show, Becky Lynch approached Adam Pearce. She claimed she saw Naomi and Banks leave the building with their bags and therefore the six-pack challenge shouldn’t happen. She wanted to be named number one contender by default because she never received a title rematch.

Pearce told her that she would face Asuka in the main event and the winner would be the number one contender.


Raw Tag Team Champion Riddle defeated Smackdown Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso (w/Jey Uso) (10:55)

Jimmy drove Riddle into the steel steps before a break.


Riddle fought back with a Pelé kick, running forearms, and exploder suplex but Jimmy got his knees up on a dive. Jimmy followed with a pop-up Samoan Drop for a nearfall. Jimmy blocked an RKO attempt off the top before Riddle got his knees up on a splash. 

Jimmy distracted the referee which allowed Jey to knock Riddle off the top. Jey tried to assist Jimmy in making the cover but the referee caught him and tossed him from ringside. Riddle then rolled up Jimmy for the pinfall win.

(I believe Corey Graves said Randy Orton wasn’t there tonight because of a family commitment.) 


Earlier today, Liv Morgan told Kevin Patrick that Rhea Ripley wasn’t going to get away with what she did because Morgan never gives up on a fight. Angel and Humberto jumped in. They wanted to feature her on the kiss cam. AJ Styles and Finn Bálor jumped in next. Styles called them creepy and told them to leave. Styles and Bálor asked Morgan to join them at ringside tonight. She seemed unsure and said she’d think about it. 


The Judgment Day segment

Edge sat on his throne with Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest standing by his side. Priest told us that all our favourites would receive punishment. Ripley said, “I will not be the figure of my mistakes, there is nothing holding me back. Now, it’s time for complete and utter eradication.”

Edge sees that the fans are angry and he can understand why considering the state of the world. He advised everyone to stop being sheep. We’ve already seen what they can do to the likes of Morgan, Styles and Bálor. He basically said anyone could join them and offered an opening to the aforementioned trio (specifically focusing on Styles).


(Graves reiterated that Banks and Naomi left the arena and called it unprofessional. He acknowledged that there could be more going on.) 

AJ Styles & Finn Bálor (w/Liv Morgan) defeated Los Lotharios (9:19)

Angel and Humberto controlled through a break and Bálor made a hot tag after they returned. Bálor went for a shotgun dropkick but Angel caught him with a superkick. Humberto tried something off the top but Bálor got his legs up and Humberto took a great bump.

Styles took out Angel with a Phenomenal forearm while Bálor hit Humberto with a Coup de Grace for the pinfall win. Morgan did the too sweet thing with Bálor and Styles after the match.

Bálor and Styles work well as a team, obviously. The crowd was into them.


Chad Gable (and Otis) approached Kevin Owens with the results of the DNA test. They compared the DNA from Ezekiel’s red cup to DNA from Elias’ old guitar. Owens was getting impatient as Gable explained the process so he grabbed the envelope. The test results were inconclusive because the sample was contaminated by barbecue sauce.

Otis theorized that Elias must’ve eaten some pulled pork and smoked ribs. Owens screamed at him. He also yelled at Gable for screwing this up because he’s supposed to be the smartest man in the world. Gable said he beat the truth out of Elias tonight. Owens told him to go do that. (Owens and Gable continue to be great together.)

(Owens wore a “Sami Zayn forever” t-shirt.)


Alexa Bliss defeated Sonya Deville (4:00)

Bliss has new music.

Deville had control of the match and decided to untie the turnbuckle cover. The ref caught her and started tying it back up as Deville hit a spinebuster. She made a cover but the ref wasn’t paying attention. He finally made the cover but Bliss kicked out and followed with a DDT for the pinfall win.

Deville slapped the ref post-match. 


Cody Rhodes promo 

Rhodes entered to a strong reaction.

Rhodes said he was told that Seth Rollins wasn’t here tonight but hoped that he was listening. Rhodes tried to move forward last week but Rollins dumped gasoline on the flame and stomped his head into the table. Rollins told Rhodes that he would never take anything away from him again.

Rhodes wondered what he took from Rollins. Rhodes beat him twice but he didn’t cross any personal lines. Rhodes accused Rollins of being stuck in a purgatory of his own creation and Rollins was trying to pull him into it.

Rhodes recalled Rollins debuting in 2012 with the Shield and Rhodes was among a few of the bitter boys in the back. Rollins was tag champ within months and shattered the glass ceiling soon after. Rhodes’ story was much different. He painted his face with a smile while he was dead inside. But he endured.

Rhodes knew he would never be the American Dream, “so why not embrace the nightmare.” Rhodes said Rollins was embarrassed over two losses but that wouldn’t overcome his own desire to reach the top. Rhodes would not be denied his second chance because Rollins would have to kill him. “And I’m going to give him the chance.”

Rhodes challenged Rollins to a rematch inside Hell in a Cell. The crowd cheered.

Rollins’ laugh could be heard through the speakers and he suddenly appeared on the screen. Rollins said it wasn’t enough for Rhodes to steal his spotlight at WrestleMania or for him to cheat at Backlash. Rollins said Rhodes must be stupid to challenge him to a HIAC match because anyone who has entered the cell with him has changed forever.

Rollins threatened to expose Rhodes for the fraud that he was. Rollins accepted. Rhodes responded, “I’ll see you in hell.”

(The match was made official after a break.)


Sarah Schreiber interviewed Asuka. Asuka again mocked Becky Lynch by calling her a baby and said she’d give her something to cry about.

(Graves again stated that Banks and Naomi unprofessionally left the arena.)


Owens joined commentary and he was great. They showed the picture you may have seen online of Ezekiel and Elias standing together. Owens called it an obvious photoshop from when Elias was at a concert. He also mentioned that he met Elias’ parents when they all lived close together in Orlando and they never mentioned having another kid.

Ezekiel defeated Chad Gable (w/Otis) (11:01)

Ezekiel was on offense when Otis levelled him outside the ring as Gable distracted the ref. Elias made his comeback shortly after the break and hit a lifting knee strike for two. Gable followed with a moonsault for two. Elias hit a Stinger splash before knocking Otis off the apron. Gable tried a cradle but Ezekiel countered into a cradle of his own for the pinfall win.


There was a backstage segment with Tamina, Truth, Akira Tozawa, Dana Brooke and Carmella. Some stuff happened before Brooke bumped into Carmella. They argued and Brooke told Carmella that she hasn’t been relevant since the chinless guy (James Ellsworth) worked there. Brooke ran off because Truth was chasing her.


Lacey Evans promo

Lacy Evans entered and was introduced to the crowd as a “mother, wife, daughter, United States marine, and WWE superstar.” She mentioned how much she loved the servicemen and servicewomen of the United States and implored the crowd to give them an ovation. The crowd chanted “USA.”

Evans said finding the courage to fight and change the circumstances of your life was hard, but we had what it took to do so. She was ready to show everyone, especially her girls, that you can break the cycle. We have what it takes to make it.

Evans ended with: “I may not be better than any of these other WWE superstars in the Raw women’s locker room, but they damn sure are no better than me.” 


In a smoky hallway in the back, Riddle warned the Usos that RK-Bro 4:20 would smoke their asses. Elsewhere, the Usos said they’d have all the gold come Friday.

The Lashley/Omos feud isn’t over because Lashley has some sort of challenge set for Omos next week.


10:40pm: Bianca Belair enters. Commercial break.
10:45pm: Recap of Lashley winning the cage match.
10:47pm: Asuka enters. Lynch enters.
10:49pm: Match begins.
10:50pm: Commercial break.


Asuka defeated Becky Lynch (9:56)

They went to break a minute into the match and came back with about six minutes left in the show.

They exchanged cradles before Asuka kicked Lynch in the head. Asuka followed up with a few more kicks, a German suplex and a sliding knee for two. Asuka reversed a Man-handle Slam into an arm drag but Lynch caught her in between the ropes and hit a diving leg drop for two.

After a few more counters and cradles, Asuka caught Lynch in an Asuka Lock. Lynch flipped over into a cover for two. Another counter sequence led to Asuka applying an armbar but Lynch got a rope break.

Lynch rolled outside and dared Belair to hit her (trying to get Asuka disqualified) but Belair didn’t bite. Asuka went outside but Lynch pushed her into Belair.

Belair jumped on the apron and Lynch used the distraction to grab Asuka’s umbrella. Lynch tried to hit Asuka with it but Asuka sprayed mist in her face and followed with a kick to the head for the pinfall win. Asuka is the number one contender. Lynch was freaking out after the match.

Good match, even with the time they got, and I liked the finish.