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WWE Raw live results: Brock Lesnar appears

The build to SummerSlam picks up with Lesnar returning to Raw.

Date: July 11, 2022
Location: AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX

Show Recap --

Brock Lesnar entered to kick off the show. He was in a good mood and laughed at his own pyro going off late. He removed his cowboy hat to show manners to the people of Texas.

Lesnar said Roman Reigns has been living high on the hog since WrestleMania. “Pigs get fat while hogs get slaughtered.” Lesnar continued, “Roman Reigns, you’re a hog, and I slaughter hogs on my farm every single day.” He said the Tribal Hog would get a country shit-kicking at SummerSlam.

Paul Heyman interrupted and Lesnar responded, “speaking of hogs.” The crowd told Heyman that he sucked. Heyman admitted that the last man standing match at SummerSlam match favoured Lesnar. Heyman said Reigns dominated people technically by pinning and submitting them, while Lesnar has destroyed people for 20 years. Lesnar was content sending people to the morgue.

However, Heyman said Reigns has been champion for almost 700 days and this was one streak that Lesnar would not end. If Heyman had to train Reigns to stick his hand up Lesnar’s ass and pull out his heart, he would do just that.

Theory interrupted. He planned on taking back his US title at SummerSlam from Bobby Lashley. After the Universal title match, he would walk to the ring, place his foot on the champion’s chest (after they’ve already been destroyed) and be declared the new champion. Lesnar invited him to the ring right now.

Theory replayed a video from Elimination Chamber of Lesnar giving him an F5 off the top of a pod. Theory showed that replay as a warning to Reigns — but also to remind Lesnar that he did not forget.

Chad Gable and Otis appeared around ringside and Theory instructed them to attack. Lesnar called them cockroaches. Gable chop-blocked Lesnar so that Otis could attack but it had no effect. Lesnar chucked them aside and hit them both repeatedly with the steel steps.

Lesnar suplexed Gable before easily putting Otis through the announce table with an F5. Lesnar tipped his cowboy hat toward Heyman while the crowd gave him an ovation.


Before the upcoming match, Damian Priest noted that Rey Mysterio was celebrating his 20th anniversary at Madison Square Garden in a few weeks and the crowd cheered. However, Priest said Mysterio was finished and informed Dominik that his father had nothing left but a few cheap tricks. Priest invited Dominik to join Judgment Day.

Bálor called Rey a legend but mocked him and played a replay of what they did to fellow legend Edge. Bálor said Edge wasn’t coming back and called him a bad leader. He called Rey a bad leader and a bad father. Rey decked Bálor but Priest yanked Bálor out of the ring before the Mysterios could do worse. 

Finn Bálor (w/Damian Priest) defeated Rey Mysterio (w/Dominik Mysterio) (approx. 10:01)

The match began during a break and Bálor was already in control. Bálor teased doing the three amigos which drew boos from the crowd but he didn’t end up doing it. Instead, he clipped Mysterio’s leg and stomped away at it. A momentary distraction from Dominik allowed Rey to hit a sliding powerbomb to the outside which led to break.

Back from break, Rey brought Bálor down from the top with a beautiful hurricanrana before hitting a 619. Bálor dodged a frog splash moments before Rey applied a crucifix pin for a nearfall. Bálor used a headlock elbow drop for two followed by a Coup de Grace for the pinfall win.

This was good and they would almost certainly have a great match uninterrupted by commercials.


Becky Lynch promo

Lynch entered and cut a promo while standing on top of the announce table. She was upset about not winning Money in the Bank after everything she went through to get into the match. She said Liv Morgan winning the match and winning the title was like winning the lottery.

Lynch shouldn’t have to win the lottery because of how hard she works. After winning the multi-woman match last week, she should already be the number one contender but instead, it’s Carmella. In fact, she should have been given her one-on-one title rematch the night after WrestleMania.

Lynch didn’t care who won tonight, she wanted a title match at SummerSlam. She threw the mic down.

Women’s Championship match: Carmella defeated Bianca Belair via count-out — Belair retains the title (11:43)

They wrestled for 12 minutes before it ended in a count-out.

Belair slammed Carmella’s face onto the announce table and argued with Lynch as they went to break a minute into this title match.


With no explanation, Carmella was in control after the break. Corey Graves called her “a badass with a great ass.”

Carmella tried a second high cross but Belair easily caught her and hit a vertical suplex. Carmella reversed a Glam Slam into a rollup for two. Belair hit the Glam Slam but Carmella got her knees up on a standing moonsault attempt and hit a superkick for two. Belair tried a KOD but Carmella countered into a facebuster for two. Belair fought back with a clothesline and spinebuster for two.

Carmella tried escaping so Belair went after her but Carmella raked her eyes. Belair shoved Carmella into the ring post before pushing her back in the ring. Before Belair could enter the ring, she was distracted by Lynch and got counted out.

Carmella celebrated with the title even though she didn’t win it. Belair decked her. Lynch called Belair a loser.

The crowd was real silent for this match.


The cryptic video played.

Miz TV with guest Ciampa 

Miz asked Ciampa for the reasoning behind his recent attacks on Raw. Ciampa wanted all eyes on him and nobody demanded more attention than Miz.

Miz rambled for a bit before showing a clip of Logan Paul reiterating that he was coming for Miz at SummerSlam. Miz was in denial and once again asked Paul to retract his statement so that they could become tag champions. If Paul turned him down, he’d find a new partner and he wouldn’t have to look very far.

AJ Styles interrupted. He told Miz to shut up. Styles said Ciampa was there to do Miz’s dirty work. He was about to reference Miz’s tiny balls but Miz cut him off. Styles managed to finish his statement and called Miz a coward — with tiny balls. This drew a tepid “tiny balls” chant. Styles jumped in the ring while Miz and Ciampa bailed.

Ezekiel entered. Ezekiel introduced himself to Styles for the first time ever and recalled Elias’ past matches against him. Ezekiel also noted that Elias thought Miz had tiny balls. He said he went to Adam Pearce and offered to be Styles’ partner tonight — if Styles was on the same page. Styles shook his hand. (It was originally supposed to be a handicap match.)


AJ Styles & Ezekiel defeated The Miz & Ciampa via disqualification (11:38)

The heels worked over Ezekiel before, during and after a break. Styles finally got back in and hit Miz with a gutbuster for two. Styles shoved Ciampa off the apron before Miz hit a low DDT for two. Styles reversed a Skull Crushing Finale into a fireman’s carry neckbreaker but Ciampa broke up the cover. Ezekiel chucked Ciampa from the ring before Miz dropped Ezekiel with a dropkick.

Styles put Miz in the Calf Crusher but Ciampa broke up the cover for a second time. He hammered away at Styles and the referee called for a DQ. Graves was baffled by the DQ.

Styles laid out Ciampa after the match while Miz scampered away.

(Yes, they followed a count-out in a title match with a DQ.)


Riddle and Bobby Lashley had a meeting in the back about their upcoming tag match. Riddle also wanted to watch Stranger Things with Lashley because he gets scared when he sees Vecna. Lashley told him that he’s already watched “the Stranger Things.” Lashley gave him a fist bump before walking away. 


Alexa Bliss & Asuka defeated Doudrop & Nikki ASH (4:12)

Bliss picked up the pinfall win over Nikki after a DDT.

The announcers played up the importance of this match given the murky Women’s title situation.


The Usos entered ahead of a break.


The Usos cut a promo. They called themselves a broken record, coming out on Smackdown and Raw saying the same things while dominating both shows. They mocked the Street Profits for crying about their loss at MITB.

The Street Profits interrupted. They said the Usos gave everything they had at MITB but Montez Ford’s shoulder was still off the mat. They planned on taking the titles at SummerSlam.

R-Truth interrupted. He wanted the teams to get along and called San Antonio the city of brotherly love. He claimed to be a tag team counsellor.

The Usos told him to leave unless he was wearing a referee shirt under his t-shirt. Truth was, in fact, wearing a referee shirt. He auditioned to be the ref at SummerSlam. Jimmy Uso told Truth to take his clown-ass to the back.

Truth didn’t appreciate that. He asked San Antonio if they wanted to see this clown-ass fight. They cheered. Truth acted tough and said he’d fight them both — with his partners the Street Profits.

Omos and MVP interrupted. MVP was watching in the back and thought Omos would make a great referee, but Omos wanted to be in the match to even the odds. The Usos were good with that.

The Street Profits asked Truth if he was in and the three of them attacked but they were laid out by Omos and the Usos. 


Six-man tag team match: Tag Team Champions The Usos & Omos (w/MVP) defeated The Street Profits & R-Truth (11:32)

Ford and Angelo Dawkins each hit dives on the Usos so Truth tried one too but he was caught and dropped by Omos ahead of a break.

Ford made a hot tag and hit a blockbuster and standing moonsault for two. Omos cut off his dive attempt so the Street Profits teamed up to drive him into the post. The Profits gave Jimmy an electric chair drop/back elbow combo but Jey broke up the cover. Truth tried John Cena’s comeback but Omos drove him into the steel steps.

As Dawkins ran wild, Omos made a blind tag and gave him a tree slam for the pinfall win.

I don’t know what the point of this was.


Kevin Patrick interviewed Seth Rollins who cut a promo on Riddle. Rollins warned Riddle that when you play with fire, you’re going to get burned — just ask Cody Rhodes. Theory showed up and asked him for advice on cashing in MITB. Rollins said he came to the right place. They walked off together. (They almost acted as if they’d never spoken before.) 


There was a new cryptic video making it more evident that it’s probably for Edge. The artifacts in this one were Mick Foley’s flannel shirt (which was on fire) and merch from Randy Orton and John Cena.

Logan Paul announced via video that he will be on Raw next week.


10:35pm - Lashley enters.
10:37pm - Riddle enters.
10:38pm - Commercial break.
10:43pm - Replay of Riddle giving Rollins an RKO last week.
10:44pm - Rollins enters. Theory enters.
10:45pm - Main event begins.
10:49pm - Commercial break.
10:52pm - NXT plug.
10:53pm - Main event resumes. 


US Champion Bobby Lashley & Riddle defeated Seth Rollins & Theory (13:51)

There was a cool spot early where Lashley effortlessly gave Rollins and Theory a flatliner/DDT combo. Rollins tried a dive but Lashley caught him and drove him into the ring post while Riddle gave Theory a PK.

Randomly, Dolph Ziggler’s music hit and he sauntered out in a suit. Graves exclaimed, “he’s back!” as they went to break. (Ziggler returned a few weeks ago in a promo segment with Robert Roode and was also in the MITB last-chance qualifier two weeks ago.)

Back from break, Rollins gave Riddle a reverse superplex for two. Rollins remained in control until Riddle fought him off with a Pelé Kick. Theory tagged in and tried his rolling dropkick (I think) but Riddle caught him in a submission. Theory fought back before Riddle made the hot tag to Lashley.

Lashley ran wild on Rollins before giving Theory a big chokeslam. Rollins gave Lashley consecutive forearm strikes and a frog splash for two.

Riddle tagged in and gave Theory a powerslam and draping DDT. He set up for an RKO but Rollins pulled Theory from the ring so Lashley speared Rollins through the barricade.

Theory tried to pin Riddle with his feet on the rope but Ziggler pushed him off. Theory was stunned and Riddle used the distraction to give him an RKO for the pinfall win.

The crowd popped big for the finish. They were also into Lashley as they have been for weeks.

(Riddle smacked Lashley in the chest in celebration so Lashley did the same which caused Riddle to fall down. That was funny.)

— After the match, Ziggler laid out Theory with a superkick.