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WWE Raw live results: Brock Lesnar responds to Goldberg


The Big Takeaway: Seth Rollins pinned both Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho in the nontitle main event. Postmatch, Owens laid out Rollins by power bombing him onto the apron. Brock Lesnar's appearance with Paul Heyman to continue the buildup with Goldberg centered around a tiny minority of fans in Minneapolis chanting Goldberg's name. Lesnar is clearly the heel in the program. For whatever this says about quality control, each of the three Hell in a Cell matches for this Sunday featured one (or both) of the combatants saying they were going to hell. 

Michael Cole claimed the show was suppsed to start with Karl Anderson vs. Enzo Amore, but Jericho came out instead. He said the match between himself vs. Rollins vs. Owens was canceled because a serious, tragic event had happened. The List of Jericho had been stolen. He refused to leave the ring until he got it back. 

Owens came out and the announcers wondered if he stole the list. Fans started chanting "Where's the list?" Jericho asked Owens, who denied stealing the list and said he didn't care about the list. He wasn't going to worry about the list until he and Jericho took care of Rollins tonight. Jedricho said there would be no match until he got the list because it's his private property. Stephanie McMahon came out and said she didn't have the list either, but she would do everything in her executive power to make sure he gets the list back. She told Jericho to listen to Kevin and complete in the main event, get back on the same page and stop being ridiculous. Jericho got mad and demanded to see security video. 

Rollins walked out holding the List of Jericho behind the back. Jericho accused him of hiding it while Rollins played dumb. Rollins held it up and Stephanie ordered him to bring the list to the ring. Rollins started reading names on off the list, which included Stephanie for putting Owens in a Hell in a Cell match. Owens demanded Rollins give Jericho his "stupid list" back. Rollins claimed Jericho put Owens on the list, referring to him as "his former best friend." Jericho adamantly denied that. Rollins said he was going to give him the list back, but he wanted to make some alterations to the list, a list dedicated to Owens. He wanted to list al the parts of Owens' body that would never be the same after Hell in a Cell this Sunday. 

Rollins said Owens has never been in a Hell in a Cell match, but he has. Rollins started the list with Owens' back, saying it would never be the same. He continued with Owens' mouth because he would kick Owens teeth down his throat so he couldn't kiss HHH and Stephanie's ass anymore. He concluded with Owens' ego, and when he Pedigreed Owens through the mat, he would let HHH and Stephanie know that he would stop at nothing to get the Universal Championship and tear their foundation down. Rollins told Jericho if he wanted the list to come and get it, then left with it. 

There will be a contract signing between Sasha Banks and Charlotte tonight for the Hell in a Cell match tonight. 

Stephanie approached Rollins backstage. Rollins didn't have the list and she wanted to know where it was or else Jericho wasn't wrestling. Rollins accused Stephanie of trying to keep him out of the Hell in a Cell main event by putting him in the Triple Threat match tonight. He said he didn't have the list anymore and told her it was in the locker room. 

Enzo and Big Cass came out. Enzo was midway through his spiel when Anderson ahd Luke Gallows interrupted it. Gallows said he and Anderson were all about "being mean and making green" and claimed they bought off someone in the production truck to shut off Enzo's mic. So Enzo balled up his fist, pretended to have a mic and did the spiel anyway with the crowd singing along while he just yelled. Cass followed suit. 

Enzo Amore defeated Karl Anderson (7:20)

Anderson tried to pin Amore with an O'Connor Roll, but Cass jumped on the apron. Then Gallows jumped on the apron, for some reason. Anderson went after Cass, who gave him a big boot, allowing Amore to score the pin. Announcers made it clear the only reason Enzo won was because of Cass. Anderson and Gallows have a new gimmick of being "the fun police" in the WWE. Anderson hit several scissor kicks. Cole mentioned Anderson as being a 4-time IWGP Tag Team champion in Japan. 

Rusev did a taped interview saying sometimes he trouble sleeping at night, but last night he slept like a baby. Because when he went to bed, he knew Roman Reigns' run as U.S. Champion is about to come to an end. He said Reigns had done despicable things to him, and they showed a video of Lana being covered in wedding cake. Rusev said Reigns would walk into Hell in a Cell, but he would be carried out, then let out a roar.  

During the Raw pregame show, Sheamus and Cesaro argued some more. Sheamus said  he was going to be a champion, but not with Cesaro. 

Cesaro and Sheamus defeated Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day in a nontitle match (11:42)

Cesaro used a spinning backbreaker on Kofi Kingston to get  the heat as the crowd chanted "shame" at him. Big E. got the hot tag and started throwing belly-to-belly suplexes on Sheamus, who responded wit the Irish Curse backbreaker. Big E. got a near fall after the Samoa Joe STO out of the corner. Cesaro and Kingston had some good near falls, including Cesaro kicking out of the SOS. Big E. tagged in and hoisted Kingston into a tope attempt on Cesaro, who decked Kingston with an uppercut. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Big E. for the pin.  Crowd cheered whenever Cesaro tagged in and booed when Sheamus got in. Good match with unique spots. Sheamus and Cesaro argued some more going up the ramp. 

Jericho went into the locker room looking for his list. He ran into the Shining Stars and Titus O'Neal, who tired without success to sell him vacation plans to Puerto Rico. O'Neal mentioned his name is Titus Brand now. Jericho walked up to Jinder Mahal, who told Jericho that he would have to find inner peace in order to find the list. Mahal started breathing, but Jericho starting saying "stupid idiot" in cadance with Mahal's breathing. 

Dana Brooke was set to face Bayley again. Brooke was mad that the WWE Universe labeled her victory over Bayley an "upset" last week. Brooke said she got a rematch approved for tonight, but instead of a regular match, it was going to be an arm wrestling match. Fans were so happy about that, they started chanting "We want wrestling." Before long, they chanted "This is stupid."  

Brooke, being a former fitness competitor, won easily. Bayley said she wanted to try again with the left arm. Fans hated this, even when Bayley was making a comeback. Just as she did, Brooke suckerpunched Bayley, then rammed Bayley's right shoulder into the arm wrestling platform. Brooke came off the ropes, but Bayley caught her with a Bayley-to-belly. 

Curtis Axel did an in-ring promo saying he was stunned that Bo Dallas turned on him. Axel said he had to think back to his roots after Dallas attacked him, which got a big pop since they were in AWA country. He brought up his grandfather Larry Henning and his father Curt, and went Dallas attacked him, he attacked everything he believed in, which he can't let happen in his hometown of Minneapolis. Of course, it was Axel's hometown, but it was easily the best response that Axel has ever had for a promo.

Bo Dallas defeated Curtis Axel (2:58) 

Dallas went for a Roll of the Dice, but Axel reversed it into the Perfect-Plex for a two count. He used several other Henning spots, including a rolling neck snap. Axel threw a few knee lifts before Dallas sidestepped one, got behind Axel and pinned him clean with a schoolboy cradle. 

Jericho continued his search for the List backstage when a stagehand told him he found someone with the list. Jericho turned the corner and Braun Strowman was holding it. Jericho asked for the list. Strowman asked him to say please. Jericho did, and Strowman noted that Sami Zayn's name wasn't on the list. After Strowman handed the list back to Jericho and walked away, Jericho barked that Zayn's name was on page 4, then added Strowman's name. 

Reigns did a taped interview. He still got booed. Reigns said a few weeks ago, he told Rusev he was going to hell and he was taking Rusev with him. Those are lines straight out of HHH's mouth for a promo he did with Bautista and their Hell in a Cell match from 10 years ago. Reigns said Rusev didn't know what it was like to fight in a Hell in a Cell match, or win one. Those are words straight out of Rollins' mouth from earlier tonight. Reigns vowed to be ready. 

They've started putting the lyrics to R-Truth's theme song during his entrance. The first verse of tonight's lyrics didn't match up with what Truth said at all.  

The Golden Truth defeated The Shining Stars (4:00) 

O'Neal now has a group with the Shining Stars. Mark Henry was at ringside with Goldust and Truth. O'Neal low bridged Truth out of the ring. Henry got in O'Neal's face as Primo climbed the top rope. Henry pushed O'Neal into Primo, who crotched himself. Truth then pinned Primo with a 3-D in a match that was mainly comedy. 

Foley was out for the Banks-Charlotte contract signing. He tried to paint their Hell in a Cell match as a historic match in the making. Charlotte is now being introduced as Charlotte Flair. A fan at ringside did some of Ric Flair's mannerisms as Charlotte walked up the ring steps, and she could barely keep a straight face. Foley gave this really scripted speech about both women having burst through the glass ceiling together. They would hear critics deride them for competing in a barbaric match, but this was a new era.

Banks said she's never been more ready in her life. Charlotte said she was ready to sign the contract so the title can come home to the shoulder of the queen. She ordered Mick to give her the contract. She demanded to give the contract. Foley said he didn't know if they knew what they were getting themselves into when they stepped in to Hell in a Cell. Banks said she's watched every Hell in a Cell on the WWE Network, so she knows what's ahead. Foley did an impassioned speech about how the Hell in a Cell is more than a structure, it's a living, breathing thing that will keep you awake at night and a demon you can't escape. 

Charlotte called Banks a second-rate talent. She said she was the first woman to hold the Raw Women's Championship and she was willing to go to hell and back to get the championship again. When she was finished with Banks on Sunday, she would know what respect is because she would respect the queen. 

Banks said she understands she may have to crawl back up the ramp broken, but that doesn't matter because what's important is the championship. Charlotte reminded her how many times Banks has been injured this year. Crowd started chanting "boring." Banks said she was not afraid to step in to Hell in a Cell. Charlotte said she wasn't either. Foley said they should be because he he walked into Hell in a Cell and came out a shell of his former self. He sees the sorrow and sadness in other wrestler's eyes whenever they see his inability to walk correctly, and that's because of what the cell did to him. The fans started chanting for Foley after being bored moments earlier. 

Foley did a promo that only he could pull off about how he went to Flair's house in 1991 and saw Charlotte and her brother wearing matching clothes. He didn't want to see her broken. He turned to Banks and said his children had an autographed photo of Eddy Guerrero that they gave to her. Now, that photo is a part of Banks' home, and his legacy is part of her career.  He demanded that both women look him into the eye and tell him they understood what they were getting themselves into. 

Charlotte signed the contract and told Banks "See you in Boston." Banks signed the contract and said "See you in hell." Foley's micwork here was nothing short of incredible.

Rich Swann defeated Brian Kendrick (8:32) 

Brian Kendrick went for the Captain's Hook, but Rich Swann escaped and got the upset pin after an Oklahoma Side Roll. Pretty good match where Kendrick also went for his old finish, the Kendrick (sliced bread #2). T.J. Perkins was on commentary and said a series of statements. Nothing more than that. 

Tom Phillips interviewed Owens, who was in no mood to joke. Owens said he and Jericho were going to break Rollins tonight in the three-way and whatever's left of Rollins would hobble into Hell in a Cell. Owens recalled seeing the first Hell in a Cell match 20 years ago (well, 19) and thought it was the craziest thing he had ever seen. This Sunday, there wouldn't be any kids who grow up wanting to be in a Hell in a Cell match because he's going to leave a permanent scar on Rollins and anyone watching. Because it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about him, the only thing that matters is the Universal Championship and he'll do anything to keep it. Owens said he and Rollins were going to hell together, but he was the only one coming back. 

Strowman was set to face Zayn. They both were in the ring when Strowman said he wanted some competition. He stared right at Zayn and said he didn't see any competition. Strowman started to leave, but Zayn slapped the back of his head. Zayn engaged Strowman into a chase where he drop kicked him a couple of times, then went for a pescado, but Strowman caught him and threw him into the dasherboards and left. 

Zayn got up and demanded that Strowman get back in the ring, but Strowman refused. 

Perkins was in the back when Kendrick walked up. Kendrick asked for his help. Perkins asked if Kendrick thought he could just hit reset on everything he's done. Kendrick said if he losses this Sunday, he can't feed his family and his career was riding on the match. Kendrick asked Perkins to let him win. Perkins grabbed his stuff and left while Kendrick cried. 

Paul Heyman and Lesnar came out to respond to Goldberg. Goldberg is now being referred to as "the Icon." Heyman, all business, tried to do a promo without saying Goldberg's name and stuttered a bit. There were some Goldberg chants, but that was drowned out by Suplex City chants. Heyman said the Goldberg chants were starting to piss Lesnar off. He said when fantasy warfare meets the reality of his client, Goldberg is going to be like Humpty Dumpty because all of the chants in the world won't be able to put Goldberg together again.

Heyman said many people want to jump on the Lesnar bandwagon just like many people jump on the bandwagon of chanting Goldberg. There was a tiny minority chanting for Goldberg, and Heyman advised them to please refrain from doing so before his client took matters into his own freaking hands with them. That didn't silence them. Heyman just let the fans have dueling chants. Heyman said Lesnar didn't return home to have half the crowd chanting for Goldberg (it didn't sound like half the crowd). Then a very audible "Goldberg sucks" chant started. 

Then Lesnar's music just played for a totally nothing segment. Really just seemed to make Lesnar the heel in the program.

Owens and Jericho talked backstage. Jericho asked about Owens' statement that the Universal Championship was the only thing that matters to him. Jericho asked him if their friendship meant anything to him. Owens said of course it did. Jericho said that's why he would never put Owens on the list and his name wouldn't be on it, no matter what happens tonight. Owens looked concerned as Jericho gave a long glare at his list on his way to the ring. 

Goldberg returns to Raw next week. 

Seth Rollins defeated WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho in a three-way nontitle match (9:56) 

Rollins basically worked like he was on the short end of a handicap match. Rollins threw Owens into the barricade before Jericho came up from behind and threw Rollins into the crowd. Then Rollins jumped off the dasherboards onto both heels and threw Jericho over the boards. Owens and Rollins were left one-on-one in the ring for a few minutes. Rollins went for the Pedigree on Jericho, but Owens stopped it and screamed that Rollins couldn't Pedigree Jericho. Jericho and Owens put the boots to Rollins and they had a 2-on-1 beatdown for a lengthy period. Rollins escaped a Pop-Up Power Bomb attempt, gave Owens a tope (which Corey Graves actually called a tope suicdia), but missed a frog splash on Jericho, who hit a Code Breaker for a near fall. 

Owens hit the Cannonball on Rollins. They lifted Rollins to the top rope, but Rollins jumped off the top rope and pinned both men with a schoolboy cradle. 

Afterwards, Jericho and Owens attacked Rollins again, ramming his shoulder into the post. Several referees helped Rollins to his feet, but Rollins elbowed them off him and attacked Owens from behind. They had a pull-apart brawl that included Owens throwing Rollins into the post. It ended up with Owens power bombing Rolling onto the apron. Rollins was motionless as Owens posed with his championship to a round of boos.