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WWE Raw live results: Brock Lesnar returns, Ultimate Deletion


The Big Takeaway: Brock Lesnar returned as a heel. At the beginning of the show, Reigns demanded to Kurt Angle that he face Lesnar before the end of the night. That led to U.S. Marshals coming to the ring to arrest Reigns since he was trespassing (because Vince McMahon suspended him last week). Reigns was handcuffed, but he beat up the Marshals. Then Lesnar came out and destroyed Reigns, whose hands were still handcuffed. Reigns did a stretcher job. Angle ordered Bliss to face Jax for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania. John Cena issued another challenge to the Undertaker. Instead of the Undertaker coming out, Kane showed up and choke slammed Cena. It will be Cena vs. Kane next week. The Ultimate Deletion was the tamest of the deletion series, which probably isn’t a surprise. Matt Hardy defeated Bray Wyatt and sent Wyatt into the Lake of Reincarnation. Wyatt’s body was never found in the lake by Senor Benjamin. 

Show Recap:

Kurt Angle came out and said that Reigns was trespassing because he was suspended. But Reigns was there anyway. Reigns came out and said he wanted Lesnar. Angle said that Lesnar hasn’t arrived to the building yet, but he will be there. However, Reigns can’t confront him because he’s supposed to be suspended. Reigns, who was cheered, said this is Dallas, Texas, where he’s made plenty of memories and will make some more tonight. He ordered Angle to go to the back to talk to whoever Angle has to talk to, but he isn’t leaving the ring until he faces Lesnar tonight. Angle left, but three members of the U.S. Marshals came out. While Reigns was sitting in a chair, just like the 1998 Steve Austin build to WrestleMania, the Marshals showed up to arrest Reigns, just like the 1998 Steve Austin build to WrestleMania. One of the Marshals read Reigns his Miranda rights, much to Reigns disbelief. Regins was handcuffed and the crowd booed. One of the Marshals put his hands on Reigns, who told the man not to put his hands on him. Then another Marshall tried to forcefully put Reigns’ head under the ropes, and Reigns gave him a back elbow. Reigns then assaulted and laid out the three Marshals. 

Then Lesnar came out with Reigns still handcuffed. Reigns grabbed the chair with the limited movement his hands had, but Lesnar gave him a German suplex and slammed the chair across Reigns’ back three times. Lesnar gave Regins another German suplex and picked up the chair again, slamming across his chest. Crowd was silent except for some “Roman” chants. Lesnar delivered another German suplex and two more chair shots. Michael Cole did everything he could to paint Lesnar as the heel, calling the attack cowardly and a glorified mugging. Lesnar got some boos as he and Paul Heyman left. The Marshals didn’t come for Lesnar, who returned to the ring, hit Reigns with three more chair shots and another German. Lesnar was about to leave, then came back and gave Reigns the F-5. 

Paramedics came out after Lesnar left to place Regins on a stretcher. There was a small “You deserve it” chant as Reigns was carried away, but that was the minority. 

As Lesnar was placed on the stretcher, Lesnar came back out and tipped it over, sending the personnel and referees scrambling. Reigns was still tied to the stretcher as Lesnar hovered over him and finally walked away. Reigns was finally placed in the ambulance after a commercial. 

Bliss and James came out for the match with Asuka. Bliss did a promo where she admitted she said things about Jax that were hurtful and wrong last week. She claimed she and James were just joking around and it was just girl talk. Bliss said she got carried away in the moment and there was nothing to say except I’m sorry. Crowd booed her. Then Bliss went back heel and said she was sorry she didn’t speak the truth sooner. Bliss said she didn’t lose one ounce of sleep, the word sorry doesn’t fit in her vocabulary and she felt no remorse. She said Nia was humiliated in front of the entire world and she loved every moment of it. Bliss said she never liked Nia, she used Nia. Bliss couldn’t believe Nia would think someone like Nia would think someone like her would be friends with someone like Nia. Bliss said she felt so much better because she dropped 300 pounds of pathetic loser. Now that she doesn’t have Nia dragging her down,  she can finally end Asuka’s winning streak. Bliss got lots of heat. 

Asuka defeated Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss by countout in a nontitle match (11:59) 

There was a cool spot where Asuka tried to build a comeback with a leg sweep, but Bliss jumped over and hit a kick to the back. James interfered freely, including jumping on the apron while Asuka was on the 2nd rope to distract Asuka long enough to give Bliss time to recover and cheap shot Asuka. Bliss hit a Code Red off the second rope for a two count, and Bliss was kicking and screaming when she didn’t get the pin after that. Asuka hit a running hip attack and put on the ankle lock, which popped the crowd. Asuka kept dragging Bliss to the middle of the ring before Bliss finally got to the ropes. Bliss sold her right ankle and walked out for the countout in a finish the fans hated. 

Jax ran out and sent James and Bliss scrambling. Bliss pushed James into Jax, who plowed over her. Suddenly, Bliss’ ankle was fine and she was running for her life. Bliss tried to escape through the crowd and grabbed Bliss’ hair, but James attacked her from behind. Jax threw James into the LED board under the apron and chased Bliss to the back. 

After a commercial, Bliss approached Angle and said that Jax should be suspended and arrested. Angle said he’s had enough attempted arrests tonight. He saw what Jax did tonight,  but he heard what Bliss said last week, and so did his daughters and millions of other girls last week. He said the Raw Women’s Champion should be a role model to girls, not a bully. Angle said Bliss would face Jax at WrestleMania for the Raw Women’s Championship. 

Strowman came out. Cole annnounced that Strowman must have a partner to face the Bar at WrestleMania. Crowd chanted “Get These Hands.” Strowman said he won the tag team battle royal by himself, carved a path to distraction and now he’s going to WrestleMania, but management informed him he needed a partner. Strowman said he didn’t think he needs a partner because he knows he can win the tag team titles by himself. 

Sheamus and Cesaro came out. Sheamus said Strowman was out of his mind if he thinks he can beat the Bar by himself. Sheamus said the Bar was the greatest tag team in the history of the WWE. Cesaro said becoming a great tag team doesn’t happen overnight. You have to travel together, be on the road together, you have to eat together and you have to sleep together. Crowd chuckled over that line, as did Strowman. Sheamus told the crowd to grow up because it doesn’t matter if the Black Panther, Captain American or Jerry Jones, he doesn’t stand a chance against them. 

Strowman told them to shut up before they could give their catchphrase. Sheamus said they’ve beaten every tag team on Raw and Strowman would be no different. Strowman said he has a partner for WrestleMania and Angle said he gets to have a match with one of them  right now. Sheamus acted like he was going to join Cesaro in jumping Strowman, but Sheamus jumped out of the ring at the last second and Cesaro was stuck by himself facing Strowman. 

Braun Strowman defeated Cesaro (8:38) 

Cesaro sidestepped Strowman when he made a mad dash, and Strowman took a bump over the top rope. Strowman threw Cesaro against the dasherboards twice, but Strowman missed a charge into the corner and his shoulder went into the post. Cesaro attempted the Gotch Neutralizer, but Strowman picked up Cesaro and tossed him over the top rope. Jonathan Coachman then compared Cesaro trying to beat Strowman to UMBC beating Virginia over the weekend. Cesaro tried to spring off the ropes with an uppercut, but Strowman caught him with a right hand. Strowman went for the powerslam, but Sheamus jumped on the apron to distract him. Cesaro plowed over Sheamus on the floor. In the ring, Strowman caught Cesaro trying to hit a crossbody block and pinned him with the powerslam.

Matt Hardy was at the Hardy Compound with Queen Rebecca playing the piano, King Maxil and Lord Wolfgang standing by Hardy’s side and Vanguard One the Drone taking instructions. Hardy told Senior Benjamin to prepare the battlefield for annihilaton. 

The Revival defeated Titus O’Neil and Apollo (3:15) 

Neither team got a ring entrance. The match had no heat. Apollo got the hot tag and hit a standing moonsault on Scott Dawson. Dash Wilder grabbed Titus O’Neil and rammed his back to the apron while he was awaiting a tag. Wilder then made a blind tag and pinned Apollo with the Shatter Machine.

Postmatch, Charly Caruso did an interview, Wilder said they would become the first tag team to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania. 

The announcement of Mark Henry as the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame. Jim Ross, The Godfather, Xavier Woods, The Rock and The Big Show were interviewed. They showed Arnold Schwarzenegger inducting him into the International Sports Hall of Fame. He got a great ovation from the live crowd.

Sasha Banks and Bayley were set for a tag team match with Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille. Bayley and Banks made separate ring entrances. Banks came out and said she wanted to fix things with Bayley. Banks said she understood she hurt Bayley’s feelings at Elimination Chamber, but Bayley had to understand that was every woman for themselves. Banks said she wasn’t trying to betray their friendship, she was trying to win the Raw Women’s Championship, just like she will try to win the Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania.  But Banks said Bayley wasn’t trying to win anything when she refused to tag her on Raw the follow night, nor was Bayley trying to win when she didn’t come to her aid when Rose, Paige and DeVille jumped her last week. Banks said that was twice that Bayley left her. But since she’s a bigger person and she considers Bayley her sister, she forgives her. Crowd booed Banks and they gave both women the “what” treatment. 

Bayley took the microphone and said the night after Elimination Chamber in their tag match, she acted impulsively. She was angry. The following week, she didn’t cost Banks her match, she helped her win. Then she took off because she can’t get over what Banks did to her at Elimination Chamber. It’s not just that she did it, it’s how she did it. Bayley said the look on Banks’ face after she did it, the glare in her eyes and the smirk that Banks had ate at Bayley’s core. Bayley said Banks grabbed her hand and kicked her down that pod and watched her fall. Banks smiled, and Bayley can’t get that picture out of her head. Bayley asked Banks why was knocking her down that pod so easy like it meant nothing. 

Absolution came out. Paige said Rose and DeVille would show these whiny little girls how real women settle the score.

Absolution defeated Bayley and Sasha Banks (9:55) 

Paige went for the hot tag but DeVille caught her over the shoulder and slammed her UFC style. Banks fought out of the corner for a tag, but Bayley didn’t reach out for the tag. Then DeVille knocked Banks into the corner, and Bayley slapped Banks’ back. Bayley really didn’t play up to the crowd during her comeback. Bayley hit an elbow off the second rope, but Rose made the save. Banks put the fists to Rose in the corner, tying up the referee. Meanwhile, Bayley had DeVille pinned after a backslide, but the referee had his back turned. Bayley and Banks argued, but DeVille jumped Bayley and sent her into Banks. DeVille pinned Bayley after a head kick.   

Cena came out. He said he challenged the Undertaker last week and gave him a choice...yes or no. Tonight, they would find out his response. Cena said he finds it amazing that the Undertaker has been in hiding because he’s embarrassed. Crowd lightly booed, and Cena said agreed because he can’t believe that the Undertaker feels that he no longer belongs here. Cena said that was absolutely ridiculous because as long as there is a WWE the name Undertaker has meaning. He asked the crowd about the Undertaker and everyone chanted “yes.” Cena pointed out a fan dressed as the Undertaker and did some more cheerleading. Cena said the Undertaker’s response to his challenge was...nothing. Silence. Not a yes or a no. Simply nothing. And that was the biggest mistake the Undertaker has ever made.

Cena said he doesn’t mind going to WrestleMania as a fan. But for Undertaker to not get off his ass and give him a yes or no is damn disrespectful to him, and to the fans. Cena said it was disrespectful to an oversized mortician that the Undertaker turned into a God. Cena couldn’t believe, after all these years, he can’t find it within himself to simply say “yes” or “no.” Cena said if the Undertaker is retired, then say you’re retired and say no, then everyone will understand. But if Undertaker isn’t retired, say yes and give everyone what they want to see.

But the Undertaker sits there and drowns in his own insecurity. Cena said the Undertaker is no longer the God the fans made him, he is now the man he’s allowed himself to become. And that man is now a coward. Cena repeated that the Undertaker is a coward. 

Cena pleaded for Undertaker to prove him wrong, roll a casket out here, send down a bolt of lightning, do something. Crowd chanted “do something.” 

There was a moment of silence. Cena said that was the moment that the Undertaker let everyone down who ever believed in him. Cena said Undertaker isn’t a God and right now he should barely be able to call himself a man. 

Then Kane came out. Cena thought Kane was out to give everyone the response they deserve. Cena asked Kane is the answer yes or no? Kane grabbed Cena and gave him a chokeslam. Coachman asked what that a yes or a no? Cole wondered if it meant that Kane will face Cena at WrestleMania.  

At the Hardy Compound earlier today, Hardy asked George Washington the Giraffe for advice on his Final Deletion match with Wyatt and fed him a carrot. 

The Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel came out. Miz held up the WrestleMania magazine, which he wasn’t on the cover of. A.J. Styles and Lesnar get to be in singles matches, but he doesn’t get the courtesy of being in a singles match. He can lose his championship without getting pinned or submitted. Miz kept saying “no respect,” which Dallas and Axel repeated. Last week, Miz said he exposed Finn Balor and Seth Rollins for what they are—-liars. Deep down, Miz said Balor and Rollins resent each other and all it took was a little nudge to get them at each other’s throats. At WrestleMania, that little nudge will turn them into a big push when “Tyler Black” and “Prince Devitt” (he actually used those names) when he sends them down to the Bingo Halls when they Too Sweets all of their indy fans. 

Rollins came out and claimed he had won all the WWE Championships except the Intercontinental Championship. He forgot about the Universal Championship. 

Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeated The Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel (10:25) 

Karl Anderson got a hot tag against Curtis Axel and gave him a flying neckbreaker, followed by a crossbody block off the top rope. Miz tagged in and gave Anderson the Pimp Juice DDT. Balor tagged in and did a somersault tope onto Axel and Dallas. Balor was set to hit the Coup de Grace on Dallas, but Axel crotched Balor. Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Balor reversed it into a cradle. Axel jumped on the apron, but Balor met with him with a right hand. Miz used an O’Connor Role for a two count, but Balor kicked Miz into Axel and pinned Miz with a schoolboy cradle. 

Postmatch, Miz attacked Balor. Dallas and Axel jumped Anderson and kept Luke Gallows out of the ring. Miz choked Balor and had Balor outnumbered 3-on-1. Rollins came down for the save, ending with Miz getting the Curb Stomp. Then Balor and Rollins had a staredown. Rollins told Balor that Balor owed him one.

Next week, Kane faces Cena in Cleveland 

After saying that Ronda Rousey would appear live on every Raw leading up to WrestleMania, Rousey didn’t appear on Raw for the second week in a row. Instead, she appeared on a video package. What aired was a very good interview. She discussed winning an Olympic medal in judo and her reward was living out of her car. After she lost her final fight, she wondered why God hated her. Even after the scripted line about dealing with bully bosses, the company was able to get UFC footage. Rousey put over her husband and the one who was able to take her away from the MMA world and said her trip to WWE continued her ongoing search for respect. It was a really good piece. 

Wyatt walked up to the gates of the Hardy Compound, where he was greeted by Vanguard. An image of Hardy appeared welcoming him to the Hardy Compound and instructed him to follow the music. Wyatt walked through the woods, where Rebecca played her piano beside the ring. Matt said “Bray Wyatt, I knew you’d come” as Wyatt walked up on the apron.

Cole said that he was sorry for what the viewers were about to watch. That was the way they lead into the Final Deletion. 

Matt Hardy defeated Bray Wyatt in the Ultimate Deletion 

Hardy and Wyatt laughed at each other, but Hardy screamed out “Enough! This time for laughter is ovaaa!”

Vanguard hovered around Wyatt and nearly landed on his head, giving Hardy the upperhand. Hardy tried the Twist of Fate, but Wyatt pushed him off and set him up for Sister Abigail. Hardy escaped but Wyatt gave him a clothesline. Wyatt said he forgot to give Hardy a housewarming gift and pulled it a chair. 

Hardy said “Vanguard! Initiate.” Then a burst of fireworks went off as Wyatt looked stunned. Hardy grabbed the chair and hit him in the crotch and the back. They fought into the pasture, well into Dilapidated City near an old barn. Hardy asked “Bray Wyatt....does this remind you of anything?” 

Wyatt got a flashback to the home he grew up in that Randy Orton burned down. Hardy grabbed a kendo stick, but Wyatt quickly turned the tables and whacked Hardy with it. Wyatt screamed at the top of his lungs getting flashbacks of his home going up in flames. 

Hardy disappeared and Wyatt went in search of him. In the Land of Obsolete Men, which looked like a field with oversized chess pieces, Hardy called for Wyatt. In fast motion, Wyatt searched behind every piece but couldn’t find Hardy, even though Hardy could be seen calling for him. 

Further out in the woods, Wyatt found Hardy and shattered a tree limb across his back for a two count. Wyatt threw Hardy into a garage door. The door opened, which revealed the Dome of Deletion. It included a standard wrestling ring, a piano that Wyatt tried to slam Hardy on, but Hardy escaped and punched Wyatt. There was also a ladder, which Hardy used to smash Wyatt in the ribs several times. 

Hardy stepped back, where there was an old wheelchair and a riding lawnmower. Hardy called it the “Chair of Wheels’ and “Mower of Lawn.” “Wonderful!” As Beethoven’s “Ode of Victory” played in the background, Hardy jumped on Mower of Lawn while Wyatt got to his feet. Wyatt kicked Hardy and rammed his head into Mower of Lawn and threw him in the ring. Wyatt dropped Hardy across the apron face-first for a two count. Wyatt told Hardy “This isn’t my Ultimate Solution. It’s yours.”

He dragged Hardy out of the Deletion Dome. Vanguard 1 found Wyatt overhead as they fought aside the Lake of Reincarnation. Hardy crawled for help from the Mighty Skarsgard, which he termed “his old friend.” He said “It can’t end this way.” Wyatt attempted Sister Abigail on Skarsgard, but Vanguard flew in. Wyatt grabbed the drone and appeared ready to destroy it, but said “I’ll deal with you later.” Wyatt turned to face Matt, who was apparently inside Skarsgard, but when Wyatt turned the boat over, it was Senor Benjamin underneath it. Benjamin threw a inflatable globe at Wyatt and said “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” Then Jeff Hardy popped up and said “He’s got the whole wide world in his hands.” Suddenly Matt popped up and gave Wyatt the Twist of Fate for the three count. 

Wyatt crawled away and said “It’s not over, Matt.” Matt said “Oh yes it is.” Matt took a shower and pushed Wyatt into the Lake of Reincarnation.

Matt asked Senor Benjamin to retrieve Wyatt’s carcass from the Lake of Reincarnation. But Senor Benjamin said the body wasn’t there. Matt, as the piano played in the background, said “Delightful! The Great War is over! Bray Wyatt has been deleted!” Hardy screamed “delete” over and over as the show ended.