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WWE Raw live results: Brock Lesnar & Roman Reigns go face-to-face


The Big Takeaway: The promised nose-to-nose confrontation between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns never happened as Lesnar didn't show up. This led to Reigns having a confrontation with Vince McMahon backstage, with McMahon announcing that Reigns has been temporarily suspended.

John Cena challenged the Undertaker to a match at WrestleMania and ran down the Undertaker as an 'egomaniac" who disappears for a year whenever he loses a match. It appears a Raw Women's Championship match at WrestleMania is brewing between Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax. That's after Bliss was caught trashing Jax behind her back, except it wasn't behind Jax's back. It was "accidentally" shown on TV, with Jax hearing Bliss comparing her to Shrek and saying she uses Jax.

Braun Strowman won a battle royal that he invaded. It was supposed to be a tag team battle royal where the winning team would get a shot at Sheamus and Cesaro. Instead, Strowman eliminated eight of the ten men (with the exception of the MizTourage eliminating The Revival. You read that right). The lingering question is now who will be Strowman's tag team partner, if he has one at all? 

Show Recap: 

Angle came out and said that Lesnar hasn't shown up to Detroit. This brought out Reigns, who said he wasn't surprised that Lesnar didn't show up because Lesnar doesn't respect him, he doesn't respect the company and he doesn't respect the people in Detroit. Reigns said Lesnar didn't show up for work this week or last week and wondered what type of punishment will he face? Reigns answered his own question and said Lesnar wouldn't face any punishment because Lesnar is Vince's boy. Reigns said what would happen to anyone if they don't show up for work. They would get fired. Reigns said Angle was the middle man, the problem was Vince McMahon, the man that he just walked past. But Vince didn't say anything about Lesnar not showing up, he had to find out from Angle. Reigns said it's one thing to be disrespected by Lesnar, but it's something different to be disrespected by McMahon. 

Reigns stormed to the back to the Gorilla Position, where Vince was shown for the first time since the 25th anniversary show in January. He was sitting beside Shane McMahon. Reigns wanted to know what was up. Vince asked that they talk in his office and ordered Kevin Dunn (not pictured) to go to a commercial. 

Renee Young stood outside Vince McMahon's office. Reigns walked out and refused to answer any questions. Vince came out and said he wasn't Lesnar's boy, Lesnar wasn't Paul Heyman's boy, Lesnar is a man. Vince said he reminded Reigns may be best to remember the words of his cousin, The Rock, to "know his role and shut his mouth." Vince said that Lesnar probably doesn't respect the WWE Universe, but he feels that Lesnar has earned the luxuries he has been afforded from the company. Crowd could be heard chanting "We can't hear you." Vince vowed that next week, Lesnar would show up to Raw and he vowed that he would defend the Universal Championship against Reigns at WrestleMania. Vince said everyone had his word on that. He also announced that based on what Reigns did tonight, he has been temporarily suspended. That got somewhat of a babyface pop. 

Sasha Banks (with Bayley) defeated Sonya DeVille (with Paige and Mandy Rose) (7:37) 

Bayley looked disinterested at ringside. Sonya Deville clamped on a body scissors and a running knee to the head. Sasha Banks landed the double knees off the second rope. Mandy Rose jumped up on the apron, but Bayley ran over to pull her down. Banks hit the Bank Statement for the tap. Bayley just walked off instead of celebrating with Banks, who looked hurt. 

Then Rose, DeVille and Paige jumped up on the apron and jumped Banks while Bayley was nowhere to be found. DeVille hit a switch kick on Banks to leave her laying. 

Michael Cole announced Kid Rock as the newest inductee into the celebrity ring of the WWE Hall of Fame. They showed Pete Rose, Mr. T, Bob Uecker, and Drew Carey as other past inductees. Even thought they were in Detroit, where Kid Rock is from, the reaction to the announcement was mixed, at best. 

The Miz came out for MizTV with Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel were absent because they were facing The Bar later tonight for a chance to wrestle for the Raw Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania. Miz took credit for elevating their career. Miz introduced Rollins and Balor. Balor is now wearing royal blue trunks with a blue leather jacket. He looks like the 21st Century Alex Wright. Crowd chanted "Too sweet." The three sat down. Miz said Balor took away the singles match that he and Rollins had at WrestleMania.

Miz said Balor didn't have the accomplishments that he and Rollins had. Miz said Balor was always in Rollins' way. Rollins said he and Balor knew what Miz was trying to do. Miz said that Balor was the man in bingo halls. Miz said Balor's WWE resume was lacking, but two years ago Balor did defeat Rollins to become the first Universal Champion. Miz turned his back to Rollins and said Balor has proven to be better than Rollins. Balor said Miz just tried this same tactic with Rollins. Miz said he made the Intercontinental Championship prestigious and wondered why everyone thinks he's the bad guy. Miz asked if he was the bad guy. Crowd chanted yes. 

Miz said Rollins resents Balor because Balor beat Rollins for the Universal Championship. Rollins told Miz to do everyone a favor and shut up. Rollins said Miz didn't need to fire him and Balor up because it's the Intercontinental Championship, the fact is he's going to win the Intercontinental Championship and Balor didn't stand a chance. Balor said the last time they had a championship match, he beat Rollins with one arm. Rollins said in four weeks, he's going to stomp Balor's head into the mat to become the Intercontinental Championship. Balor said he didn't need to wait four weeks, they can do it right now. Balor took off his jacket and the two got ready to square off as they went nose-to-nose. Miz watched on with a smile on his face, which didn't escape the attention of Balor and Rollins. Miz tried to run but Rollins punched Miz and Balor clotheslined Miz over the top rope. Then Rollins decked Miz with one punch. Balor was motionless and Miz watched on with a smile on his face. 

It was then announced that Rollins and Balor would face each other later tonight. 

Dallas & Axel vs. The Bar never got going. Dallas and Axel jumped Sheamus and Cesaro during their ring entrance and cleared the ring of them twice before the match officially started. Then the Bar got back in the ring and started brawling with Dallas and Axel when the Revival came down and started brawling. This brought down Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, who brawled with the three teams. Suddenly, Rhyno & Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil and Apollo ran out and it was just a huge brawl. There were chants for Rhyno since they were in his hometown. Sheamus left up the ramp and Cesaro existed through the crowd.

They showed O'Neil on a tour of South Africa, where the WWE will be touring after WrestleMania. 

Cena was next out. He said we are less than four weeks away and he's finally found his road to WrestleMania. He said he's brave enough to face the truth, which is that he's had opportunity after opportunity, he gave it 100% but he didn't get the job done. He blames no one but himself. It's every superstars' dream to contribute to WrestleMania. Crowd started chanting for Undertaker. Cena said he hopes "they're listening," motioning to the back. Cena said that he won't be contributing to WrestleMania this year. Some chanted "yes." Cena said that doesn't mean he's going to quit or walking away. Cena said he's going to be there, but his road to WrestleMania will be the same as the fans. Cena said this year he's going as a fan, which seems like a surprise. But Cena said without the WWE Universe, there's no noise and no atmosphere. Cena said he's going to be sitting in the stands as a fan, then walked out in the middle of the crowd. He walked up to some fan with long hair and drank out of his beer. Cena led the crowd in a "This is awesome" chant. Then he tried to get them to chant "Let's go Roman." They booed. 

Cena got back in the ring and led the crowd in dueling chants. He said "Let's go Cena." And the crowd said "Cena sucks." Cena, looking winded, said the only way to hear that was to do the only thing he wasn't supposed to do. Cena thought about it and challenged the Undertaker to a match at WrestleMania.  Crowd exploded and chanted "yes." Cena said he was told even though the fan within him wants to see it. Cena wondered why, was it because of the WWE executives? Cena said no because otherwise they would cut his microphone off right now and suspend him just like they did Reigns. Cena repeated the challenge. He said the WWE isn't keeping that match from happening, and the fans weren't keeping that from happening. Cena said the only person keeping the match from happening was the Underaker.

Cena told the Undertaker to get over his own ego. Cena said the difference between him and the Undertaker was when Cena fails, he gets up the next morning, puts a smile on his face and goes back to work. But when Undertaker fails, he disappears for a year. Cena said Undertaker shouldn't use the same, tired excuses that he's old and washed up because Undertaker wouldn't be posting photos of himself working out on his wife's Instagram account if he really thought that. He called Undertaker a self-centered, egomaniac. Cena asked the crowd if they wanted to see the Undertaker tombstone him in front of 75,000 people. They cheered. Cena said the ball was in the deadman's court and if he was the Taker, he would want one more match. 

Cesaro and Sheamus talked with Angle in the back. They were upset about being jumped by five different tag teams earlier. Angle said all week, the Bar had been on Twitter asking for competition and tonight they got it. Sheamus said he heard rumors of a Superstar Shake-up after WrestleMania and demanded that Angle trade them. Sheamus brought up facing the Bludgeon Brothers, the Usos, Brezzango and the New Day. Angle said he wasn't trading them and tonight there would be a Raw tag team battle royal with the winner advancing to WrestleMania to face the Bar for the Raw Tag Team Championship. 

Elias was in the ring wearing a neckbrace and in visible pain after taking a beating against Braun Strowman last week in the Symphony of Destruction match. He strummed on his guitar for a second, stared into space and finally said "this is your fault." Elias got up, left his guitar on his stool and walked out. 

Strowman did a promo saying he dropped a piano on Elias last week. He wondered why he doesn't have a match at WrestleMania. He's going to go out to the ring tonight and carve his own path to WrestleMania tonight. Strowman has a new gimmick during his interviews where the words he says to end sentences pop up on the screen while he's talking. 

Finn Balor defeated Seth Rollins (14:13) 

Rollins sank in a cravat before he kicked Balor across the head on the apron. Rollins blocked Balor's comeback with a downward spiral into the corner, but Balor got under Rollins' springboard move and hit a series of forearms. Balor kicked Rollins in the head and caught the Final Cut for a two count. Balor attempted the 1916, but Rollins caught a knee to the head. Rollins went for the ripcord knee, but Balor hit his own knee. Balor hit an overhead kick, but Rollins answered with an enzugiri and they both went down. Balor dodged the Curb Stomp and caught a double stomp, followed by the sling blade. Balor tried the Woo Dropkick, but Rollins greeted him with a superkick for a near fall. Rollins staggered to his feet and forearmed Balor to the corner twice, but Balor dodged a third attempt, kicked Rollins in the head from the apron, then attempted the Coup de Grace. But Rollins got up and kicked Balor. Rollins teased a superplex, then hit it. A great finish where Rollins was going to roll Balor into the Falcon Arrow, but Balor held Rollins in a small package for the pin. It was a takeoff of a finish from the 1985 Wrestling Classic with Randy Savage and Dynamite Kid. Rollins looked stunned he was outsmarted. As Balor smiled, Rollins stormed off to the back. 

They aired a package of the Fabulous Moolah, comparing her to Esther Williams, Babe Didrikson Zaharis and Althea Gibson. They put her over as the longest-reigning WWE Women's Champion of all time. This year there will be a Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania. 

Asuka came out to explain why she's challenging Charlotte at WrestleMania. Charly Caruso came out to conduct the interview, but before she could say anything Bliss and Mickie James interrupted her. Bliss said Asuka's interviews aren't her strong suit because her English isn't that great, so she was going to explain why Asuka did what she did. Bliss said Asuka has the longest undefeated streak in the history of WWE. James said how does Asuka keep that streak going? Bliss said it's because Asuka is smart, which means that Asuka knows not to face her at WrestleMania. Bliss said Asuka knows she can't beat Bliss at WrestleMania. Bliss said not getting in a fight she can't win is a smart strategy and that Asuka did a wise thing challenging the champion of the B show. 

Asuka said to beat the woman, you have to beat the woman. She said she challenged Charlotte to face the top champion in WWE. Asuka said she beat Bliss once, and she could do it again right now. Bliss told her to dream on and she would face a woman who has some unfinished business against her. Bliss said "you get this woman." Everybody waited for Nia Jax, but she didn't come out. Bliss tried to introduce her again, but Jax again didn't come out. James and Bliss looked confused and whispered to themselves. James responded by giving Asuka a cheap shot and challenged her to a match. 

Asuka defeated Mickie James (with Alexa Bliss) via tapout (6:34) 

Asuka threw James into the LED display on the ring, but Asuka missed a kick and hit the post, selling her right leg big. After a countout tease, James rammed the right leg into the post. Mickie called for the DDT, but Asuka rolled through,but James held Asuka down for a two count. Asuka hit a roundhouse kick, but again sold her leg. The announcers were screaming about how Asuka's streak was in jeopardy, but the crowd started chanting "Rusev Day." Asuka caught a knee to James' face for two. Asuka missed a buzzsaw kick and clipped Asuka, then hit a flapjack. James went to the top rope, but Asuka crotched her. James hit a sunset flip power bomb for a two count. After that spot, they started chanting for C.M. Punk. James went for the DDT again, but Asuka caught James' arm and clamped on the Asuka lock for the tapout. Bliss walked off after James lost as James reached out for help. 

Jax was in her dressing room. Bliss walked in and wondered where Jax was when she called for her. Jax said she already has a match tonight. Bliss said they set up earlier a 3-on-1 attack on Asuka after Jax's embarrassing loss last week. Bliss said she was her friend and she was the one who tried to pick up the pieces after Jax lost last week. Bliss said she loves Jax. Jax said she loves her. They hugged. Bliss said she's facing Asuka next week and wanted Jax in her corner. Jax agreed. 

Nia Jax defeated Joan King (:46)  

Joan King looked like she didn't want to be there and tried to run away before the bell. Jax pinned her after a Samoan Drop and legdrop. 

After Jax won, the TitanTron cut backstage where Bliss and Jax were talking privately waiting for Caruso to do an interview. Bliss, who was oblivious to a shotgun mic right behind her, said that when Jax walked through the airport, it was like watching Shrek walk through TSA. Meanwhile, Jax watched this entire scene unfold from the ring in tears. Bliss said she uses Nia because she's a vulnerable human being. Bliss said "look at her and look at me." Bliss said next week when she faces Asuka, she will have Nia in the palm of her hands because Nia is just as dumb as she is big. Bliss laughed over how Nia said that she loves her, saying that Jax needed her because Jax had been picked on her whole life and she was Jax's only friend. James said she couldn't believe that Jax left her on the hook for Asuka tonight. Bliss said Nia worships the ground she walks on because Jax needs her. Bliss said next week, Jax will do the heavy work while they take the glory. Caruso walked in and informed Bliss and James that everyone has heard every word they've said. Bliss and James looked stunned. 

Jax walked away from the ring with tears in her eyes, then made a mad dash to the back. Bliss and James made tracks to get out of the dressing room. Caruso tried to throw it to a break, but Jax was furious, ripping several packs of luggage and a robe with her bare hands. Jax screamed "Where are they?" Caruso told her that had left. Jax screamed in anger over Bliss' betryal. 

Next week, Matt Hardy will meet Bray Wyatt at the Hardy Compound in the Ultimate Deletion. They showed Senior Benjamin, Ruby Hardy, their children, the lake of reincarnation. Hardy challenged Wyatt to the Ultimate Deletion. Wyatt did a promo that Hardy was a liar, a fool and just a man, a man who has made a very bad decision. Wyatt offered Hardy some friendly advice, when the devil is standing on your doorstep, you should never let him in. Wyatt accepted Hardy's challenge, saying Hardy had a beautiful family and said it would be a real shame if something were to happen to them. 

Angle was in the back wondering what the heck happened to Matt? I was asking the same question about a different Hardy this weekend. A referee walked in and Angle said he wanted him to officiate the Final Deletion. The referee asked if he had done something wrong. Angle said he just wanted to make sure they were in good enough shape to be at Raw the following week. 

Braun Strowman won an 11-man battle royal to receive a title shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania in a match that also included Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Scott Dawson, Dash Wilder, Apollo, Titus O'Neil, Rhyno, Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel (10:59) 

Five tag teams were in the ring for the tag team battle royal ready to go, but Strowman walked out and got in the ring. Strowman ordered the referee to ring the bell and eliminating Apollo in :03 with a clothesline. Strowman chased Heath Slater down outside the ring, then threw him in. Strowman eliminated Slater in :48. The eight remaining men jumped Strowman, but Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder broke off from the pack and eliminate Slater to a chorus of boos at 1:25. Strowman fought off the remaining five men. O'Neil got in the ring one-on-one with Strowman while everyone else stood outside, then thought better of it and left the ring to confer with his fellow competitors. Anderson chop blocked Strowman and Gallows gave him a side kick to send him out of the ring. Dash and Dawson drove the ring steps into Strowman's shoulder. Dallas and Axel followed suit. Then the Revival and the MizTourage picked up the ring steps together and pushed it against Strowman's face. Strowman went down around the timekeepers' table. 

WIth Strowman down, O'Neil hit Clash of the Titus on Dawson. Axel, Dallas and Wilder put the boots to O'Neil. Then the Revival jumped Axel. Dallas threw Dawson over the top rope at 9:04. Then Axel threw out Wilder at 9:17. At this point, Strowman recovered and kicked Dallas over the top rope at 9:43. Strowman clotheslined Gallows over at 9:53. Strowman threw out Rhyno at 10:18, then sent Axel over at 10:24. That left Anderson and Strowman, and Strowman picked up Anderson and tossed him over onto the pile of other eliminated wrestlers at 10:59. So the question now is how will Strowman compete for the tag team titles at WrestleMania.