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WWE Raw live results: The build to Roadblock continues


The Big Takeaway: A night of breakups and heels getting heat. Sasha Banks will face Charlotte for the Raw Women's Championship at Roadblock in a 30-minute Ironman match. In the main event segment, Charlotte called out her father under the guise of apologizing to him, but Charlotte slapped Ric Flair, then left Banks for dead when she tried to make the save. The New Day's last obstacle to becoming the longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time will be next Monday when they face Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson & Sheamus/Cesaro in a three way. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho continued their break-up when Owens interferred in Jericho's U.S. title match against Roman Reigns against Jericho's wishes. The Jericho/Reigns match was the highlight of the show. Enzo Amore was beaten half to death in a hotel room by Rusev when Lana played him for a total fool. 

The show started with Rollins coming out saying he wants HHH. He took credit for putting together the Shield, and when the time was right it was time to dismantle the Shield. He learned about the consequences your choices can create. HHH chose Owens, and when he gave Jericho a pedigree last week, that was a message to HHH. Rollins said he wanted to call out HHH, but that's not how things work. So he had to send a message to HHH, and the best way to send a message to HHH is to beat Owens. 

Owens interrupted him. Rollins asked about Jericho, then asked about Owens' friendship with Jericho. Owens admitted to having a fight with Jericho, which Rollins snickered over. Owens said sometimes friends fight, but Rollins wouldn't know that because Rollins doesn't know that because he stabbed his brothers in the Shield in the back. Rollins asked if Jericho had returned Owens' text messages during the week.

Owens said they were both busy and he got Jericho three Christmas gifts. Rollins said that may be enough times to compensate the amount of times that Jericho has saved Owens from losing the Universal championship. That set Owens off, saying he was a fighting champion and the only reason he lost to Reigns last week was because of what Rollins did to Jericho. 

Rollins challenged Owens to a championship bout tonight, but Owens said he beat Rollins in a title bout two weeks ago and he's already slated to wrestle Zayn. Owens said he talked to Stephanie McMahon tonight and arranged for Jericho to face Reigns tonight for the U.S. Championship, which was his first present to Jericho. The second gift was that Jericho was going to face Rollins at Roadblock. And the third present was Rollins having to face a surprise opponent tonight. Out walked the Big Show, down about 80 pounds from his last Raw appearance. 

Seth Rollins defeated The Big Show by countout (4:35)

Owens was at ringside screaming orders to Show, who looked irritated at him Rollins hit two springboard knees, then came off the top rope with another. Then Rollins attempted the pedigree, but Owens distracted him. Show backdropped Rollins, then Owens jumped on the apron ordering Show to finish him. Instead, Show grabbed Owens and choke slammed him. Show told Rollins to do what he wanted to Owens and walked out. Rollins gave Owens a pedigree.  

They aired a personality profile on Jack Gallagher, who will debut tonight.  

They promoted this week's Saturday Night Live with John Cena as host. 

Jack Gallagher defeated Ariya Daivari (2:42)

Gallagher used a head butt against Ariva Daivari's chest, then pinned him with a running dropkick. Gallagher offered to shake Daivari's hand, which he did. But Daivari kick Gallagher's left knee, gave him a chop block, then stomped on it for good measure.  

Titus O'Neal handed out flyers to various people promoting the "Tussle in Texas." 

A preview for Total Divas showed Paige with Summer Rae murmuring that Paige has missed several "live events" lately. 

Owens walked up to Mick Foley upset about having a match with Zayn after taking a Pedigree from Rollins. Owens said if Stephanie was here, it wouldn't be happening. Foley said Stephanie wasn't here and his match with Zayn was taking place tonight. Then Owens saw Jericho, who looked disinterested in Owens' plight. Owens told him about the gifts he got Jericho, including the U.S. title match with Reigns and his match against Rollins at Roadblock. Owens wanted to see if they were good. Jericho said "We aren't good." 

Enzo Amore and Big Cass talked backstage when he saw Rusev talking down to Lana. Enzo wanted to intervene, though Cass tried to stop him. Enzo went anyway, but Lana said he was just trying to help. Rusev called her pathetic and maybe she deserved Enzo. Lana took off her wedding ring and asked if Rusev knew what this means. He said "It means your my wife." She threw the ring down. Enzo told Cass to go on home and put the plate on the stove, he would be home later. Enzo tried to sweet talk Lana. 

Later, Lana said she felt Rusev took her for granted. Lana said Rusev should be taught for lesson and invited Enzo to her hotel room and muttered soemthing in Russian that Enzo didn't understand. 

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn in a nontitle match (11:58) 

Owens did a flip tope on Zayn, but within 30 seconds Zayn had recovered and delivered his own somersault tope onto Owens. Then Zayn pulled off a tornado DDT on the apron. Owens rolled out of the ring, but Zayn stepped outside, as well, and jumped through the ropes for another Tornado DDT. Zayn did the Kenta Kobashi half-nelson German suplex for a near fall. Zayn attempted a superplex, but Owens caught the swinging fisherman's buster off the top rope. Owens came back with two cannonball and attempted the package piledriver, but Zayn stopped him for another tornado DDT, followed by the exploder suplex into the corner and a Blue Thunder driver for a near fall. Zayn delivered another exploder suplex onto the floor, rolled Owens into the ring. Zayn ran at Owens, who caught him for the Pop-Up Power Bomb for the pin. 

Reigns walked into Jericho's locker room. Reigns thought he saw car paint on Jericho's forehead, which Jericho denied. Reigns told Jericho to get focused because they have a match tonight. Jericho said Reigns had gotten lucky lately, but tonight Jericho might be the lucky one. Reigns said maybe Jericho was doing Owens' dirty work again. Jericho pondered that one. 

The Rock was shown on the cover of Sports Illusrated. Interestingly, they didn't mentioned that "Moana," the latest Disney film where Rock voices the lead male character, was the #1 movie at the box office for the 2nd straight weekend. 

Charly Caruso did an interview with Banks backstage. Banks, who sounded hoarse, said the match took everything out of her. She walked into Charlotte's kingdom and walked out with the crown. Banks said Charlotte doesn't deserve to live under Ric Flair's legacy, she said Flair deserves better. She admitted that Charlotte brings out the best in her so she can't wait to do it again. Caruso brought up Charlotte's tweet for a rematch. Banks challenged Charlotte to an Ironman match because there's only one Ironwoman on Raw, and it's her. 

Very good profile piece on Swann. He talked about his father dying when he was 12 years old, his mother passing at 16. He felt like he was never supposed to make it to the top, but he did. His voice played over highlights of his title victory against Kendrick. His postmatch interview included Swann thanking his mother. Kendrick faces Swann for the cruiserweight championship tomorrow on the 2nd episode of 205 Live. 

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann defeated T.J. Perkins in a nontitle match (5:52) 

T.J. Perkins and Swann exchaned dabs after hot moves. Swann used Rolling Thunder for a near fall. Perkins dropkicked the legs out from underneath Swann, then tied him up to the tree of woe for a baseball slide. Perkins went for the Kneebar, but Swann turned it into a pinning combination for another two count. Perkins ran off the ropes for a drop kick, then bounced to the top rope and jumped, but Swann caught him with the Spin Kick to finish him off. 

Bayley defeated Alicia Fox (2:23) 

The background of this match is Bayley has a new gimmick where she throws out "Bayley Bears." The announcers explained that Bayley tried to give a Bayley Bear to Cedric Alexander, who Alicia Fox has a crush on. So Fox thought Bayley was trying to move in on Alexander when Bayley was really just trying to be friendly.  Bayley blocked a clothesline and pinned Fox with a Bayley-to-belly suplex. 

Enzo walked up to Cass elated about Lana inviting him to her room. Cass tried to warn him, but Enzo received a text message from Lana showing her nude from the neck up. Enzo took off running. At that point, Rusev walked up to Cass and demanded to know where his wife was. Enzo said he didn't know and turned his back on him. Rusev got mad and challenged Cass to face him in the ring tonight. 

Mark Henry defeated Titus O'Neal (:25) 

The announcers built this up like it was a battle of titans, including a tale of the tape graphic. So Mark Henry pinned O'Neal with the World's Strongest Slam. As a clear dig at Jim Ross, Michael Cole said "that's usually what happens when Texas meets OU on the gridiron."

Enzo was on his cell phone with an Uber driver who got lost. Then a limo pulled up and Flair got out. Enzo explained his situation and let Enzo use his limo to meet Lana. 

Jericho was on his way to the ring when Owens stopped him. Owens told him he was there to make sure there was no injustice when Jericho told him to stop. He told Owens he didn't need him to win, to stay out of his business and to stay away from him. 

U.S. Champion Roman Reigns defeated Chris Jericho to retain the title (12:51) 

Jericho escaped an early attempt at Reigns' Superman punch and later did a plancha. Jericho barked at the fans, but there were clear babyface spots during the match. Jericho nailed his running springboard dropkick, but missed another dropkick dive through the ropes, and Reigns responded with the Drive By. He went for the Superman's Punch, but Jericho caught him with an elbow followed by the Lionsault for two. Reigns caught Jericho with a Samoan Drop, followed by the Superman's Punch for a good near fall. Regins attempted the Spear, but Jericho kicked him. Jericho went for the Code Breaker, but Reigns caught him for a Liger bomb for another two count. Reigns missed a shoulder block and hit the post, and jericho followed with a schoolboy cradle for a two count.

Great series where Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, but Reigns countered it into a small package for a two count. Jericho scored a double leg and sinched in the Walls of Jericho to a big pop. Reigns made the ropes, but Owens ran out to give Reigns a superkick. Reigns walked right into Jericho's codebreaker for a great near fall. Jericho started arguing with Owens about coming out and ordered him to leave. Owens walked out looking withdrawn. Reigns went for a spear but Jericho leap frogged him. Jericho bounced off the ropes but Reigns hit the spear for the pin to end a great match.  

Cass came out for his match with Rusev. Of course, there was no Rusev to be found in the building. As Rusev's music played, it dawned on Cass that Enzo had been set up for a trap. Cass grabbed the timekeeper's cell phone.

The scene shifted to the hotel room, where Enzo's phone rang, but he hit ignore because he was ready to get busy. Lana met him in lingere, but Enzo said it wasn't a good idea. Enzo went inside the room and Lana hugged him, but Enzo said he was really uncomfortable. Lana leaned over to pick up a napkin that she intentionally dropped, then tried to seduce Enzo further by stipping off his tank top. Enzo said he had to go, but she started to remove her lingere. Enzo asked her to stop, but she asked him to take off his pants. He complied. She told him something in Russian. He asked what she said. She said "You're a fool."

Rusev walked into the room. Enzo said he wasn't into this type of thing and tried to leave. He was outsmarted AND then tried to run away. Of course, Rusev rag dolled him, throwing him onto a sofa, then tossing him through a table. Rusev threw a lightstand on Enzo and knocked him out by throwing him into a wall. Rusev wasn't done, tossing him into the bar and smashed a flower vase over his head. Rusev dragged Enzo out of the room and left him for dad, then walked back into the room with Lana, who hung the "Do not disturb" sign on the doorknob. Enzo sold like it like he had been beaten to death. Oddly, the announcers never mentioned Enzo nearly getting killed for the rest of the show, even though a worldwide audience had just seen a man get assaulted in a hotel room. It was like 1999 Nitro and Flair had just been left for dead in a field by the NWO, only for a farmer to pick him up and bring him back to the building so Flair could get beaten up by the NWO some more. And Tony Schivaone was forced to wonder what happened to Flair.  

Survivor Series 2017 will be in Houston. 

The New Day was at ringside for the number one contender's tag team match. As Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson came out, Kofi Kingston lip-synched their entrance song. The story is the New Day will become the longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history at midnight next Monday and the winner of the Gallows-Anderson/Cesaro-Sheamus match would get the title shot. 

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson went to a no contest with Sheamus and Cesaro (10:01)

Gallows and Anderson went for the Magic Killer on Cesaro, but Sheamus broke it up and Cesaro spun Anderson into a DDT. Sheamus gave Anderson the Rolling Senton while landing on top of Gallows. Sheamus teased White Noise, but Anderson kicked him off. Cesaro tagged in for a crossbody block on Anderson, followed by a springboad uppercut. Anderson clotheslined Cesaro to the floor, where they landed at the feet of the New Day. It wound up with all three teams brawling with each other. Kingston tried to give Cesaro and Sheamus a flip tope, but Sheamus and Cesaro caught him and threw him onto Xavier Woods and Big E. 

It was announced that New Day will defend the tag team titles against Anderson & Gallows and Sheamus & Cesao in a three-way next week. 

The Charlotte-Banks Ironman match for Roadblock is official. It's a 30-minute Ironman match for the Raw Women's Championship. 

Charlotte came out for the apology to her father. Charlotte, looking stonefaced, apologized for what she said to her father last May. They replayed the scene for a third time. Charlotte said when she lost her championship last Monday, it was hard. The WWE means everything to her and the title means everything to her. Crowd chanted "What" to her. She said it was harder to watch her father raise Banks' hand. It was like Flair was saying "Sasha is the competitor he wishes his daughter to be like." Charlotte said all she ever wanted was for him to be proud of her and no one knew what it was like to be Flair's daughter. 

She watched from the crowd and watched Flair raise Banks' hand and it felt like she had failed as her daughter. She claimed not to have seen her father in six months and asked him to come out so she could apologize. Flair looked like he was on the verge of tears walking to the ring. Charlotte smiled as he walked in, but he didn't hug her. She said she was sorry. Crowd chanted "Who's your daddy?" The two hugged. 

Then Charlotte slapped him and called him a son of a bitch. She screamed she was his daughter and who was Banks to dedicate her victory to Charlotte's father. Banks ran out, but Charlotte kicked her going under the ropes. Charlotte kneed Banks to the head and threw her into the barricade. Charlotte lifted Banks in a power bomb position, then hoised her into the post. Charlotte screamed to her father that she was the woman. Charlotte dragged a lifeless Banks in front of Flair and told him that was his trophy. Flair was in tears as Charlotte taunted Banks.