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WWE Raw live results: The build to Roadblock reaches the end of the line


The Big Takeaway: The New Day are the longest-reigning tag team champions in WWE history. They defended the Raw tag team titles twice in the show. First, they won a scheduled three-way match against Anderson/Gallows & Cesaro/Sheamus. During a celebration party, Xavier Woods accidentally sprayed Stephanie McMahon with champaign. So Stephanie ordered the New Day to face Owens/Jericho. Mick Foley later added Rollins and Reigns to the match to make it a three-way. In the main event, the New Day retained after Woods pinned Jericho. 

The New Day cam out already set to celebrate becoming the longest-reigining WWE Tag Team Champions in history. Xavier Woods dedicated tonight to anyone who purchased a New Day t-shirt, and specifically mentioned his mother. 

Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows and Cesaro & Sheamus to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship in a three-way match(11:55)

A very good match. Perhaps as a rib, Cesaro and Sheamus did Demolition's old finisher on Kofi Kingston. Gallows and Anderson did the Boot of Doom on Kofi Kingston, but Cesaro made the save. Cesaro did a great hot tag sequence where he delivered a "Swiss-1-9" on Anderson, then in one motion jumped out of the ring for an uppercut on Kingston and a double stomp on Gallows.Cesaro did a Giant Swing on Anderson and put him in the Sharpshooter, but Gallows broke it up. Sheamus got a tag and gave Big E a Brogue kick while Cesaro held him up. But Kingston ran in and gave Sheamus Trouble in Paradise for the pin. 

The celebration for the New Day started backstage. Stephanie McMahon, Mick Foley, Bayley, Bob Backlund and others were there. Stephanie proposed a toast to the longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions, but Woods unloaded the champaigne bottles right in Stephanie's face. Stephanie was drenched and walked out of the party in a huff, turning over a punch bowl full of Booty-O's that Big E was holding. 

Later tonight, we'll have Rusev and Lana Behind Closed doors. 

A stagehand helped Stephanie dry off. Kevin Owens said he saw what happened to Stephanie and that New Day doesn't deserve to be champions. He had a proposition for Stephanie. She agreed to listen when she got dressed. 

Braun Strowman defeated Curtis Axel (1:14)

Bruan Strowman gave Curtis Axel the Torture Rack. Axel attempted a dropkick off the second rope, but Strowman clotheslined him instead, and got the pin with a Wheelbarrow Slam. 

Byron Saxton tried to interview Strowman. He asked Strowman for a response to Sami Zayn's tweet saying he wants a match with Zayn. Strowman said Foley is protecting Zayn because Zayn can't last two minutes with him, and neither can anyone else. 

Foley watched on from backstage when Zayn walked in. He demanded Foley give him a match with Strowman. Foley said he can't do that. Zayn said Foley shouldn't feel the need to save him because no one saved him. What if someone had tried to save Foley years ago against the Undertaker? Foley said there were times when he wished someone was there to save him. He said he would give Zayn a match against anyone on the roster, but not Strowman because he would end Zayn's career. Zayn said if his childhood hero didn't believe in him, maybe he didn't belong on the Raw roster. Foley said he would call Daniel Bryan and try to arrange a trade. 

Ariya Daivari defeated Lince Dorado by DQ (2:32) 

After Ariya Daivari hit a clothesline, Jack Gallagher walked out. Instead of doing a run-in and jumping Daivari, he announced his intention to interfere in the match. He called Daivari a scoundrel and said he was there to give Daivari a thorough trashing. Daviari walked out of the ring, but Gallagher gave him a headbutt to the chest and dropkicked him all of the ring. 

Rollins came out for an edition of the Rollins Report and reiterated his challenge to HHH. He knew that meant he had to go through Owens, but he can't get rid of Owens until he beats Jericho at Roadblock. Rollins wondered if he was facing Jericho one-on-one, or facing Jericho with Owens' help. He introduced Owens as his guest. 

Owens started to come out, went backstage, then came back out with a stool and sat down on the ramp as opposed to the ring. Rollins wanted him in the ring, but Owens said he didn't care about Rollins' Report. Owens said he had an announcement to make. Rollins wanted to know about Owens friendship with Jericho. Owens started to bring up what he was talking to Stephanie about, but Rollins interrupted him. Owens told him not to worry about his friendship with Jericho. Owens said Jericho would have his back against Reigns, just like he would have Jericho's match against Rollins. Owens announced that the New Day would have another tag team title match tonight on Raw against him and Jericho. 

Jericho came out to the biggest reaction on the show so far with the List in hand. Jericho asked Owens if he was crazy? Jericho wondered if Owens really thought after costing him the U.S. Championship against Reigns last week and telling him to shut up two weeks ago if he would really consider being his tag team partner again. Owens said they could make history by becoming Raw Tag Team Champions and ruin the New Day's chance of becoming the longest-reigning tag team champions in histroy. Owens said Stephanie had already made the match so it was going to happen one way or another. 

Rollins interrupted and told Jericho it sounded like Owens was trying to tell Jericho was to do, saying it was like a reunion between Bon Jovi and Meat Leaf. Jericho told Rollins to shut up "you stupid idiot." That got a huge pop too. Rollins asked if Jericho was going to put him on the list? Jericho did the build up to put him on the list, but didn't. He said he would put Rollins on the list alright, the disabled list. Jericho started to go to the ring. Owens joined him. Owens and Jericho double teamed Rolliins outside the ring., threw him into the barricade. Jericho hit a stiff punch to Rollins' nose while Owens kneed him in the groin. Reigns came out for the save to a classic Philadelphia reaction. Jericho jumped Reigns from behind, but Rollins put the fists to Jericho. Reigns gave Owens a big boot and Jericho a clothesline. Rollins tried to give Jericho a pedigree, but Owens pulled him away. 

Charly Caruso did an interview with Rich Swann. They showed Swann's match against Brian Kendrick from 205 Live when T.J. Perkins got involved, leading to Kendrick losing. Kendrick and Perkins brawled afterwards, leading to Swann getting iinvolved, but Perkins accidentally giving Swann a super kick. Swann faces Kendrick and Perkins in a three-way for the Cruiserweight Championship at Roadblock. Kendrick walked in and told Swann if it wasn't for Perkind, he would be the cruiserweight champion. Kendrick said Perkins weasled his way into the title match. Perkins walked in and asked if Kendirck was trying to let Swann win again. Swann said Kendrick was trying to say Perkins was a traitor because Perkins kicked Swann on purpose. Perkins said Swann would find out how dangerous he was on Sunday, but Kendrick could find out right now. 

Brian Kendrick defeated T.J. Perkins (8:33) 

Perkins clotheslined Kendrick over the top rope. Kendrick landed face-first on the apron. It led to Kendrick hitting the Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Kendrick attempted the Captain's Hook, but Perkins flipped over into a drop kick. Lots of drop kick variations from Perkins, including a springboard for a two count. Kendrick used a cradle back suplex for two and again teased the Captian's Hook. But Perkins grapeined his leg and sank in the kneebar, but Kendrick got the ropes. Kendrick gave Perkins a drop toe hold into the turnbuckles, then earned the pin with the Sliced Bread #2. Fine match, but the crowd got bored late and started chanting for something that didn't involved the match. 

Reigns and Rollins walked backstage when Foley walked up to them. Foley said they reminded him of a brash young tag team who worked together and won the World Tag Team Champions, clearly referring to the Shield. Foley said tonight's tag team championship main event is now a three-way, with the New Day defending again against Owens/Jericho and Rollins/Reigns. Rollins and Reigns didn't really look excited to tag with each other and they both had other plans in mind for their careers, which they mentioned to Foley before he made the match. 

There was another profile piece for a Charlotte/Banks Raw Women's Championship match. Good video piece. 

Bayley defeated Alicia Fox (2:45) 

Another match set up by Alicia Fox's crush on Cedric Alexander. Fox destroyed one of Bayley's Bayely Bears and said that was payback for Bayley trying to move in on Alexander. Bayley denied that. Bayley won the match with a Bayley-to-Belly again. 

Lana came out dressed in all camoflague. Rusev said ever since he's arrived in the WWE, he's destroyed all of the fans' American heroes one-by-one. But last week was different, he took out American trash. Week after week, Amore runs his mouth about how he's a Certified G, and it wasn't until last week he understood what G stood for: garbage. After he threw the human garbage out in the hallway and closed the door behind him, he and Lana took care of business together. Rusev offered the fans a chane to see what he was talking about. He asked the fans if they wanted to see it. The footage was a little edgy and a little out there. Lana told children to close their eyes because it may be senative to them. 

All they showed was Enzo getting crushed again and nothing behind lewd. Lana made fun over the fans thinking they would show her and Rusev getting it on. Rusev credited his wife for coming up with the plan that ended up with Enzo getting crushed. Lana stole Big Cass' catchphrase "C-R-U-S-H. CRUUUSHHH!" 

Cass came out and said Enzo was at home recovering after suffering the beating of a lifetime. Cass said Enzo runs his mouth, but he has the balls to back it up. Last week, Enzo got caught with his pants off, but tonight, Cass had his pants on and he wasn't Enzo. 

Cass and Rusev brawled around the ring. Cass tackled Rusev through the ropes to the floor. They brawled around ringside until Rusev threw Cass into the ringpost. Cass barely sold it while Rusev and Lana headed for the exit. 

It was announced later that Rusev would face Cass at Roadblock. 

Owens was upset about Rollins and Reigns being added to the tag team title match. Jericho looked like he had no use for Owens, who droned on about how they were going to be tag team champions. 

The makeover of Emmalina premiere was postponed tonight. Despite the company promoting her premiere as recently as this morning for tonight's show, it's still "coming soon." 

Sami Zayn defeated Jinder Mahal (3:24) 

The announcers played up like this was Zayn's final match on Raw before he gets traded to SmackDown. Zayn pinned Jinder Mahal with the Helluva Kick. 

Postmatch, Foley came out and said he got off the phone with Bryan for a "talent of equal value." That wasn't supposed to get a pop from the crowd. It did. Zayn still wanted the match with Strowman, but Foley still said no. Then Zayn agreed to go to SmackDown. Foley said Zayn would be the small fish in a big pond. Foley offered Zayn the chance to hear the talent that Zayn was traded for. It was Eva Marie. Zayn couldn't believe his ears and said he was worth 1,000 Eva Maries and it blows his mind that Foley doesn't see what he's worth. All the times that Foley had people tell him he couldn't do it. Zayn was incensed and screamed at Foley, who asked him what he wanted? Zayn screamed he wanted Strowman. Foley told Zayn he wanted Zayn to remember the anger he felt right now because he would need every bit of it when he faces Strowman on Sunday. 

Foley said there was never any trade with SmackDown for Eva Marie because he would never trade him. He wanted a class act like Zayn to find the fire, the rage, the anger to beat Strowman. Foley said Strowman believed that Zayn wouldn't last two minutes against him. Foley said he's giving Zayn ten minutes to prove he can beat Strowman and prove the world wrong. 

They showed highlights of John Cena hosting Saturday Night Live. Michael Cole mentioned how he loved Cena portraying Donald Trump's mirror, which wasn't shown. 

Raw Tag Team Champion The New Day defeated Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship in a three-way match (20:20)

First big spot was where Owens tried to set up a superplex on Woods. Jericho tried to make it a double superplex, but Rollins joined in. Before you knew it, all six men were involved for a Tower of Doom spot where Rollins and Woods landed with a thud after the big bump. Owens did a somersault legdrop on Woods. Some fan stole the show dressed in a Ric Flair robe holding up a sign saying "Charlotte, I am your father." Big E. got the hot tag and gave Jericho three belly-to-belly suplexes. Rollins tagged himself in when Big E ran the ropes and gave Jericho a tope, when delivered another one on Big E. Rollins hit the springboard knee, Reigns tagged himself in and went for a spear on Jericho, who kicked Reigns. Jericho went for the Codebreaker, but Reigns caught him for the Liger Bomb for a near fall. Woods tagged Jericho and went to the top rope for a coast-to-coast elbow drop on Reigns for another near fall. 

Fans started to get involved as Reigns and Woods squared off head-to-head. Rollins tagged in and gave Woods a knee to the jaw, then gave Jericho and Owens superkicks. But Jericho threw Rollins off the top rope and tagged himself in. Jericho hit a Lionsault on Wods for a two count while Owens gave Rollins a cannonball. Jericho put Woods in the Walls of Jericho, but Woods reversed it into a small package for a two count. Owens gave Woods a superkick, then Owens hoisted Woods into a codebreaker. Jericho covered Woods, but Rollins pushed Owens into Jericho just as he was about to get a three count on Woods. Jericho started arguing with Owens and the two got into a shoving match. Rollins gave Jericho a knee to the back. Jericho collided with Owens, and Rollins gave Jericho a pedigree. Big E. pulled Rollins out of the ring and Woods covered a lifeless Jericho for the pin. Great finish. 

Postmatch, Jericho and Owens argued some more. Owens tried to explain that Rollins pushed him into Jericho. While they argued, Reigns put himself into position to spear Owens. The fans sensed that and started booing. Jericho told Owens that he didn't want to hear it and left. Owens turned around and Reigns speared him.