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WWE Raw live results: Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax


Date: September 6, 2021
Location: FTX Arena in Miami, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

This was a truly uninspired show.

Show Recap -- 

Bryan Danielson has been removed from the signature video that begins every WWE show. (Connor Michalek doing the ‘Yes’ chant at WrestleMania 30 is still in there.) 

Raw started off differently than usual. They cut straight to the back to Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston cutting a promo directly to the camera about tonight’s tag team turmoil match. The remaining teams cut promos as well. 

Randy Orton and Riddle entered as they played a video recapping last week’s main event. Orton said Bobby Lashley and MVP lost because Lashley was a greedy son-of-a-bitch. He said we’d find out tonight who would lose to RK-Bro next. Riddle did comedy speaking about a few of the teams. Orton seemed simultaneously annoyed and amused. The crowd was pretty quiet for this. 

Lashley and MVP interrupted. MVP told Riddle to shut up and said Lashley wanted to rip Orton’s head off for giving him an RKO last week. Lashley called Orton a coward and challenged him to a singles match. Orton said he would accept the challenge if Lashley put the title on the line. The crowd cheered for that. 

MVP accepted for Lashley — but at Extreme Rules. Lashley admitted he was a greedy son-of-a-bitch. He planned on speaking to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville so they could get into the turmoil match and he could become a double champion. 

The New Day’s music hit and Byron Saxton said, “my heart just turned into a smiley face emoji.” Kingston suggested they speak to Deville and Pearce quickly because they’re about to kick off the match. Woods reminded them that he beat Lashley a few weeks ago and said New Day were about to become tag team champions once again. 

Tag Team Turmoil 

- Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods defeated The Viking Raiders (10:02) 

They had a fairly fast-paced, back-and-forth match. The Raiders caught Kingston’s trust dive attempt and chucked him into Woods, which led to a commercial break. Kingston made a comeback following the break but the Raiders nailed him with a combo back suplex/clothesline for two. 

Woods made a tag but was immediately cut off by Erik. Ivar followed with a splash off the top for a nearfall. Kingston knocked out Erik with a Trouble in Paradise and Woods rolled up Erik for the pinfall win. 

- Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods defeated Jinder Mahal & Veer (w/Shanky) 

Mahal and Veer worked over Woods through a break and the finish came almost immediately after they came back. New Day gave Mahal a combo backbreaker/double foot stomp and Woods picked up the pinfall win. 

- Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods defeated Lucha House Party 

This was fast-paced too and Woods picked up the pinfall again by rolling up Gran Metalik as Kingston held down Lince Dorado. 

- Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods defeated Mace & T-Bar

Mace and T-Bar completely dominated until Woods countered T-Bar’s finisher into another rollup for the pinfall win. (Woods has picked up the pin in every elimination so far.) 

Mace and T-Bar attacked New Day after the match. Mansoor tried making the save but they beat him up too. Mustafa Ali tried talking him out of it before trying to save him but Ali got beat up too. Mace and T-Bar lawndarted Kingston into the steel steps and they posted Woods. Deville and Pearce ran down and demanded they stop. Officials backed them off as they went to break. 

[Second hour] 

During the break, Deville announced that they would give New Day, Ali and Mansoor a chance to recover and the turmoil match would continue later tonight with the remaining teams, now including Lashley and MVP. (The four remaining teams: New Day, Ali & Mansoor, AJ Styles & Omos, Lashley & MVP.) 


Sheamus defeated Drew McIntyre to become number one contender for the US title (14:48) 

A superplex by Sheamus led to break about four minutes into the match. McIntyre fought back with clotheslines, a belly-to-belly suplex and a neckbreaker. Sheamus went to the top but McIntyre brought him down with another suplex. 

McIntyre tried a headbutt but Sheamus is still wearing a mask so he hurt himself instead. Sheamus responded with a headbutt for two, followed by an Alabama Slam for two. Sheamus did the Claymore countdown but McIntyre clotheslined him and hit a Future Shock DDT for two. 

McIntyre sent Sheamus shoulder-first into the post and applied a kimura but Sheamus got a rope break. McIntyre tried something off the top but Sheamus ducked and hit a knee strike for a nearfall. McIntyre followed with a White Noise for two. 

McIntyre yanked Sheamus’ mask off and booted him in the face. McIntyre tried a Claymore but Sheamus countered into a schoolboy while holding the trunks for the pinfall win. 

After the match, McIntyre clocked Sheamus in the face with his mask before giving him a Claymore kick. 

(I’m not sure he’s turning, but McIntyre came across like a sore loser.)  


Kevin Patrick interviewed Damian Priest. Priest loved watching a fight and definitely loved watching that fight between McIntyre and Sheamus. He knew he would enjoy fighting Sheamus at Extreme Rules and was confident he would retain his title. 

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. Schreiber asked what they had in common. Ripely said they both wanted to be champions and maybe they could again if they beat Natalya and Tamina. An excited Nikki encouraged a less-excited Ripley to say their new tagline. Ripley begrudgingly set up Nikki to say that they would unleash “super brutality.” 

This Friday’s SmackDown at Madison Square Garden: Brock Lesnar appears, plus Edge faces Seth Rollins. 

Schreiber interviewed Charlotte Flair about her upcoming title match against Nia Jax. Charlotte admitted that Jax was not like most women but Charlotte herself was one of a kind. She planned on making Jax kiss the floor she walked on. 


Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. defeated Women’s Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina in a non-title match (9:30) 

Tamina superkicked Ripley on the outside and her team worked over Nikki through a break. Ripley made the tag after the break and ran wild on Natalya. Nikki gave Natalya a high cross but Natalya kicked out/Tamina broke up the cover (late). Ripley dropkicked Tamina before Natalya gave Ripley a German suplex. 

Ripley blind-tagged herself in right before Natalya put Nikki in the sharpshooter. Ripley grabbed Natalya and hit Riptide for the pinfall win. The crowd was quiet for the match but popped for the win. 


There was a Moist TV segment backstage from earlier today with guest Karrion Kross. John Morrison’s music played in the background during the segment. Kross said he wanted people’s worst dreams to become a reality. Morrison asked him what was next. Kross wanted to make him suffer. The music stopped. 

Morrison didn’t think he was serious. Kross told Morrison he planned on eliminating him. Morrison wasn’t afraid of him. He said he’s been in the business for two decades and has faced the likes of Undertaker, Kane, and DX (“the cool members”). Kross told him he was going to teach him to fall and pray. 


Karrion Kross defeated John Morrison (2:04) 

Morrison sprayed Kross in the face with his drip sick, so Kross decked him before suplexing him right out of the ring (over the ring post). Kross applied the Kross Jacket and Morrison passed out. 


Schreiber interviewed Jax. She said Charlotte freaked out last week because she’s never been physically overpowered like that. Jax planned on finishing what she started to win the title. 

[Third hour] 

Charlotte Flair defeated Nia Jax (w/Shayna Baszler) to retain the Raw Women’s Championship (8:49) 

As soon as the bell rang, Baszler hopped on the apron to state that she wasn’t sure Jax had what it took to beat Charlotte twice in a row. Baszler knew she could do it herself and wondered if Jax would choke. 

The match started by playing off their match last week. They aggressively shoved each other and Jax yanked Charlotte’s hair until the referee separated them. Charlotte left the ring, taunted the crowd, and grabbed her belt. Baszler got in her face and the distraction allowed Jax to go after her. A battle on the ropes led to Charlotte giving Jax a powerbomb for two. 

After a break, Charlotte wiped out Jax with a moonsault off the top to the outside. Baszler tried attacking Charlotte but Charlotte moved and Baszler managed to stop before hitting Jax. 

Moments later, Baszler hopped on the apron which distracted Jax long enough for Charlotte to hit a Natural Selection for the pinfall win. Baszler seemed pleased with herself. 


After the match, Alexa Bliss appeared on the screen and invited Charlotte to the Playground. Charlotte wasn’t interested in her mind games and declined. Bliss said Lilly had a lot of pent-up energy tonight and asked Charlotte if she had any idea what it was like being stuck with a lunatic. Bliss realized Charlotte would know what that’s like because she’s a Flair. 

Bliss said they would just have to bring the Playground to Charlotte. The lights went out and Bliss appeared in the ring. Charlotte asked Bliss what she wanted. Bliss pointed at the title belt. Charlotte asked if she wanted a title match and the crowd chanted Yes. Charlotte agreed. 


There was a Reginald highlight reel. 

Reginald defeated Akira Tozawa to retain the 24/7 Championship (0:41) 

Reginald won using a flipping senton into a pin. 

After the match, Reginald managed to evade R-Truth and Cedric Alexander. Humberto Carrillo, Jaxson Ryker, Shelton Benjamin, and Jeff Hardy all ran down but Reginald wiped them out with a dive. 

As Reginald backed up the stage, he stopped upon seeing Drake Maverick (wearing a suit). Truth tried going after Reginald again but he escaped. Truth told Maverick to go back to his wife (Reginald could be seen leaving behind them). Truth left and Maverick smirked. 


Kevin Patrick interviewed Doudrop. She said Eva Marie got Dou-dropped and she wanted a rematch. She said the Eva-lution was more like an Eva-delusion and she was ushering in a new era: the Doudrop-olution. 


Tag Team Turmoil (continued) 

- Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods defeated Mustafa Ali & Mansoor (4:17) 

Kingston gave Ali a superplex and Woods tried rolling up Mansoor but only got a two count. Mansoor followed with a rollup for two. The ref stopped Mansoor to check on Woods who was selling being hurt. Ali justifiably thought this was ridiculous and tagged himself in. 

Ali went for a 450 but Kingston moved and followed with a Trouble in Paradise. Woods followed with a springboard elbow drop for the pinfall win. 

- AJ Styles & Omos defeated Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods 

Styles and Omos worked over Woods’ back forever. Woods tried a rollup but Styles kicked out. Woods clotheslined Styles and tagged in Kingston who was immediately swatted out of the air by Omos. 

After a break, Styles was working over Kingston until Kingston came back with a double foot stomp. Styles tried a backflip reverse DDT but Kingston countered into a Trouble in Paradise and Omos broke up the cover. 

Woods went after Omos but Omos just chucked him out of the ring. Omos handed Kingston to Styles who hit Styles Clash for the pinfall win. 

- WWE Champion Bobby Lashley & MVP defeated AJ Styles & Omos 

The crowd chanted for MVP (who is from Miami). MVP immediately tagged in Lashley who had a brief exchange with Styles before Styles tagged in Omos. The crowd buzzed for the Omos-Lashley confrontation. 

The crowd chanted for Lashley as he fought off the bigger man. Lashley tried a vertical suplex but Omos blocked it and dropped Lashley. Lashley fell out of the ring and confronted Orton (who was watching ringside with Riddle). 

As they argued, Styles wiped them both out with a running crossbody off the announce table. Omos chucked Riddle into the barricade. Styles pushed Lashley into the ring before knocking down MVP. Omos chucked Riddle onto the announce desk. 

Styles went for a Phenomenal forearm but Lashley ducked and hit a spear for the pinfall win. Lashley and MVP will face Orton and Riddle for the tag titles next week. 

After the match, Omos gave Lashley a tree slam. After Omos and Styles left, Lashley got to his feet just long enough for Orton to slip in and hit an RKO. 

Orton and Riddle posed as the show ended.