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WWE Raw live results: Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks


The Big Takeaway: For the third time this year, Sasha Banks won the Raw Women's Championship on Raw by defeating Charlotte via submission in a Falls County Anywhere, no-DQ, no Countout match. Earlier, the two fought to a double countout, but Mick Foley ordered a rematch for that night. The announcers made it seem like this was the end of the Banks-Charlotte program. Also, Roman Reigns earned a Universal Championship match at Roadblock by pinning Kevin Owens in a nontitle match. Seth Rollins jumped Chris Jericho backstage, giving him a Pedigree on the roof of a car. The New Day's reign as Raw Tag Team Champions continued after a successful title defense against Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. 

The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho started the show. Owens was the guest. Owens noted being a guest on the Highlight Reel on consecutive weeks, which was unprecedented. Owens brought up Thanksgiving, and said it was an excuse to get one last meal in before Americans trample each other so they can save $50 bucks on a lousy flat-screen TV. Owens said he and Jericho were a superior breed of human, Canadians. Canada had its Thanksgiving last month. 

Owens said he was thankful for being WWE Universal Champion, the face of Monday Night Raw (aka the Kevin Owens Show), and for Jericho. Jericho said he was thankful for Owens being his best friend, his anchor scarf, and for Rollins. He said Rollins proved to him was happens when ego takes over your life. He called Rollins a stupid idiot. Jericho said Rollins challenged Owens for the championship and failed himself.

Jericho claimed that wasn't him wearing a Sin Cara mask, it was Sin Cara wearing a Jericho mask. Owens said Rollins wasn't medically cleared to be here tonight after being power bombed on the apron last week. 

Roman Reigns came out. Reigns said Jericho and Owens were making everyone laugh. Reigns thought it was a joke that Owens was Universal Champion. Owens thought it was a joke that Reigns called himself "the guy." Reigns said he was the guy and Owens needed help because the only reason he keeps Jericho around is because he needs the help. Owens said he didn't need Jericho. Reigns disagreed, saying if Owens didn't have Jericho last week, he would have lost to Rollins last week, and lost for several weeks beforehand.

Jericho stopped him and asked if Reigns knew what happened when you make fun of his best friend. The crowd chanted for "the list," but Owens told him to shut up. Owens said Reigns can't talk to him that way or else he would power bomb him on the apron like he did Rollins. Reigns challenged him to a match tonight, and if Reigns wins, then he gets a title match at Roadblock. Owens accepted, saying Reigns had booked himself onto the Kevin Owens Show." Reigns said he loves that show and by the end of it, he'll be kicking Owens' ass. 

Backstage, Jericho was upset that Owens told him to shut up. Owens said that everytime Jericho gets involved in his matches, it makes people think that Owens can't win by himself. Jericho was upset and wondered if he should be Owens' best friend. Mick Foley walked up, but Jericho told him to save his breath. Jericho said he was leaving the building and wished Owens luck. 

Braun Strowman defeated R-Truth (:38) 

Braun Strowman won with the Oklahoma Stampede. Strowman attacked Goldust afterwards and placed him in the lifting arm triangle choke afterwards until Sami Zayn ran out for the save Strowman destroyed him, as well, laying him out with the Yokosuka Cutter. Then Strowman tied Zayn up in the Tree of Woe, but before he could do anything, Foley and a group of officials came out ordering to stop the carnage. 

After a commercial, Zayn was upset at Foley, saying he wasn't a child. Byron Saxton got in the ring to interview Foley, saying sometimes people need to be saved from themselves. Zayn got back in the ring and cut a promo on Foley, saying he didn't need to be saved from himself, he needed to be saved from Foley. He said Foley had forgotten who is was because he's only listening to people above him. 

Foley cut a promo that was basically the same one Mick used from Rocky 3 trying to keep Rocky from fighting Clubber Lang. He told Zayn he couldn't beat Strowman because it wasn't a good matchup for him. He said Stephanie McMahon wanted to fire Zayn after his loss to the Miz at Survivor Series, but Foley talked her out of it and arranged for his punishment would be to fight Strowman. 

Zayn asked what if Foley had stopped everytime someone told him he couldn't win a match? He would have never become WWE champion. Zayn called Mick a hypocrite and left. 

Charlotte was backstage when Dana Brooke updated her on the "Queen's Homecoming Celebration." Charlotte said she would cement her status as the greatest superstar of all time. Brooke never gave the update as Charlotte ordered her off. 

Tony Nese defeated Cedric Alexander (3:25)

Cedric Alexander got a strong hometown reception. So, of course, he lost. Alicia Fox watched on backstage like she had a crush on Alexander. Drew Gulak was at ringside and jumped on the apron. Alexander gave him a dropkick, but Tony Nese hit a reverse piledrive for the pin. Michael Cole said he was surprised by the result. Has he paid attention to what happens to wrestlers competing in their hometowns for the past 20 years? 

Enzo Amore and Big Cass did a promo for Black Friday on 

Jericho was shown leaving when Charly Caruso walked up and asked Jericho if this was a serious beef between him and Owens. Jericho said he was serious and said if Owens doesn't need him, he doesn't need Owens. He barked at Caruso to get the hell out of there and left the building. He told the limo driver to open the door, but the driver knocked Jericho's list out of his hands. A voice asked "Did I just make the list?" It was Rollins, who threw Jericho into a wall and a car, then tried to throw a guard rail on him. Jericho moved, but Rollins continued the onslaught, sending Jericho into another car. He then gave Jericho a Pedigree on the roof of a car. 

Raw Women's Champion Charlotte and Sasha Banks went to a double countout, so Charlotte retained the championship (3:07) 

Banks put Charlotte into the Bank Statement right away, forcing Charlotte to get to the ropes. Brooke jumped on the apron, but Banks set her into the ring steps. Even with the interference, Banks got booed quite loudly since it was Charlotte. They fought into the crowd, and the referee ruled the match a double countout at 3:07. Charlotte smiled thinking she was going to retain her championship that way. Foley came out and said he wasn't going to let the rivalry end this way, He ordered the match to restart later tonight, with no countout, no DQ and falls count anywhere. 

Enzo and Cass did micwork playing off Lana seeing Enzo naked last week. Enzo said when Rusev beat him last week, it was the luckiest day of Enzo's life. But it was also the luckiest day of Lana's life because she got to see how Certified a "G" Enzo was. Enzo and Cass reeled off what they had for Thanksgiving. Then Enzo said Lana dreamed of having her Turkey stuffed with him. As Rusev threw a tantrum, Lana's facials were coy. 

Enzo Amore defeated Rusev by DQ (:26) 

Rusev kicked Amore low for the quick DQ. Corey Graves and Cole noted that Amore insulted Rusev's wife, so natually Rusev would be furious. After the DQ, Saxton, in the most halfhearted way possible, said "Well, Eno won."

Mark Henry did an interview with Caruso. Henry has a role in the movie "Incarnate." Henry was showed in a scene with Aaron Eckhart. Titus O'Neal walked into the scene and said Henry stole the role from him, saying that was supposed to be his "Space Jam." O'Neal put his hands on Henry, who shoved O'Neal down. 

Rich Swann defeated Noam Dar (3:27) 

Kendrick was on commentary and cut a Miz-style promo on Saxton, saying he got fired seven years ago because of mistakes he made with a wife and child at home. Noam Dar kicked Swann across the leg, and Swann landed across the bottom rope. Swann won out of nowhere with a spin kick.  

Graves did an in-ring interview with Swann, who said Kendrick is doubting himself because he's already beaten Kendrick twice. He said the third time would be that much sweeter because when he beats him the third time, he'll come home the WWE Cruiserweight Champion because Kendrick "can't handle this." 

The scene shifted to Blackfinn Pub, where Sheamus and Cesaro drank toge4ther. Sheamus ordered a pint of Guiness Cesaro ordered a cocktail "shaken, not stirred." The deal was Sheamus and Cesaro would never have to team again after losing to the New Day last week. They argued about who was to blame for not winning the tag team titles. After a moment of silence, they reflected that they would always have the Survivor Series. Cesaro said if they could survive the end of the match, imagine would they could do if they liked each other. 

Then some guy started making fun of Sheamus as the guy who got his ass kicked on TV last week. Sheamus got up like he was going to fight, but Cesaro told him to stay seated and be professional. Another stranger started laughing at Cesaro over being bald and said he should get a construction helmet so he and Sheamus could join the Village People. Everyone in the bar started laughing when the guy burped in Cesaro's face. Cesaro got up, but Sheamus held him back. Of course, it led to the two of them cleaning house on the entire bar, with Sheamus picking up a chair and slamming it across a guy's back. Cesaro threw someone over a pool table. It was every movie fight scene in a bar you've ever seen. Afterwards, Sheamus said "hey, it's an open bar!" Cesaro ordered a pint of Guiness and the two toasted, calling each other "partner." Basically, the two agreed to be a team again. 

Roman Reigns defeated WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens in a nontitle bout to earn a Universal Title match at Roadblock. (14:32) 

Owens jumped Reigns before the bell and ordered the referee to ring the bell. Once Reigns got up, Owens continued to pour in the forearms. Owens hit a DDT and a cannonball, then clamped on a chinlock and yelled "You can't slip out even if your hair is greasy." He ordered told Reigns to go back to football "or wherever the hell you came from." Reigns made his comeback after blocking a senton with his knees, and followed with a Samoan drop for a near fall. Reigns called for the Superman's punch, but Owens rolled out of the ring. So Reigns hit the Drive By. Owens caught Reigns coming back in the ring with a superkick. 

Owens went to the top rope, but Reigns hit a superman punch to send Owens to the floor. Reigns hit another Superman's Punch on the floor, rolled Owens in the ring and went for the spear, but Owens kicked him. Owens bounced off the ropes, but Reigns hit the spear for the pin. 

Owens was backstage recovering from his loss when Caruso walked up. Owens was furious about being interviewed and said bad things happen when she interviews people, like what Rollins did to Jericho earlier. He said the only reason Reigns beat him tonight was because his head wasn't into the match, he was too worried about Jericho. He ordered her to leave. 

They aired a sit-down taped interview with Cole and Paul Heyman. In regards to Brock Lesar's loss to Goldberg, Cole simply asked "What happened?" Heyman said "We screwed up." He said they took Goldberg too lightly, thinking it would be the easiest payday of Brock's career. He said Goldberg's spear cracked Lesnar's ribs, and if you can't breathe, you can't fight. Heyman fought back tears. Heyman said the humiliation, the embarrassment was something they couldn't offer excuses for. It's now part of Lesnar's legacy that he got beat in 1:26. Heyman said it was embarassing and it put Brock in the mindset that he has something to prove. Heyman said that scares him, because that moment can make you, can destroy you or drive someone to greater heights. Heyman said it's opened a side of Lesnar that's we've never seen before. Heyman said if Goldberg is in the Royal Rumble match, then Lesnar is going to be in the Royal Rumble match. That's leaves room for one winner, 28 losers and 1 victim, and that victim's name is Bill Goldberg.

The weekly makeover of Emma to Emmalina vignette. 

The New Day threw Booty-Os cereal on the announcers. Xavier Woods said in only 17 days, they will surpass the record held by Demolition to become the longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time. Kofi Kingston said they defeated Sheamus and Cesaro last week by doing what they do best, being the New Day. Gallows and Anderson interrupted them. 

Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to retain the championships (8:58) 

Big E. and Woods teamed for the New Day. Big E. got the hot tag and hit three consecutive belly-to-belly suplexes on Anderson, who came back with a leg lariat for a two count. Big E. delivered his spear to the floor on Anderson. Woods tagged in for the Midnight Hour, but Gallows came in to break it up. Anderson hit the Anderson Spinebuster on Woods for a near fall. Gallows lifted Woods into a power bomb and Anderson came off the top rope with a neckbreaker, but Woods got out at two. Anderson and Gallows went for the Magic Killer, but Big E. stopped him, yet Gallows still gave Big E. the Neck Hanging Tree Slam. Anderson gave Woods a cradle while holding the trunks, but Woods reversed it and held Anderson's trunks for the pin. New Day looked exhausted on the floor after the win, as if the grind of holding the championships was getting to them. 

Bayley walked into Banks locker room. She told Banks she knew she could beat Charlotte. Banks teased a bit of a heel turn and said it wasn't about Bayley, it was about the Raw Women's Championship. Banks brought up Ric Flair being disowned by his own daughter and said when she beats Charlotte tonight, she'll dedicate her win to Flair. 

Sasha Banks defeated Raw Women's Champion Charlotte to win the Raw Women's Championship via submission (16:29)

Banks performed a tope in the opening minute, then came back with a vertical suplex on the floor. They clotheslined each other on the floor. On the apron, they did a Kobashi-Misawa chop spot until Charlotte kicked Banks to the floor. Banks hit her head on the apron and sold like she was knocked out. Charlotte acted like she accidentally hurt her, then covered Banks for a two count. Charlotte delivered Natural Selection on the floor, but again only got two. Banks pulled out a Kendo Stick and wallopped Charlotte across the back, leading to a loud "ECW" chant. Charlotte barely sold it before delivering a neckbreaker. Then Charlotte put on the Figure Eight on the floor, but Sasha got out by using the kendo stick across Charlotte's body. 

They brawled up the ramp, where Charlotte threw Banks down and went to the announcer's table. We haven't seen announcer's table spots on Raw since the Brand Extension. Charlotte threw Banks against the table. Banks fell to the floor, and Charlotte did a moonsault block off the announcer's table onto Banks, who kicked out at two. Charlotte dragged Banks back to ringside, where Banks threw Charlotte into the post and gave her a backdrop to the floor. Banks jumped off the barricade and delivered double knees onto Charlotte for a two count. Banks grabbed the kendo stick again and used it against Charlotte's back. Again they went into the crowd and up the steps, where Banks put Charlotte's lean body between the steel guard rail. Then Banks used the bank statement on Charlotte while she was in the rail and Charlotte tapped out. 

During Banks' celebration, Flair came out and raised Banks' arm. Banks was in tears as Flair hugged her. Charlotte watched on in agony from the crowd.