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WWE Raw live results: Crown Jewel go-home show

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will both appear on the Halloween edition of Raw.

Date: October 31, 2022
Location: American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX 


Show Recap --

They had Halloween-themed graphics for the show.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair defeated Nikki Cross in a non-title match (9:30)

Cross had new music and her mannerisms, makeup and hair were reminiscent of her Sanity character. She wore a black leather top and red pants. (Belair wore orange for Halloween.)

Cross yanked Belair’s leg in the ropes and clubbed away at her legs ahead of a break three minutes into the match (and eight minutes into the show). Belair came back with a backbreaker, three straight body slams and a delayed vertical suplex but Cross got her knees up on a moonsault. Cross had her in a headlock outside the ring but Belair fell backwards, splatting her on the mats.

IYO SKY and Dakota Kai ran out to distract the referee allowing Bayley to shove Belair into the ring post. Cross wiped out Bayley anyway and took out the rest of Damage CTRL.

Cross ran into the ring but Belair, who had time to recover, caught her in a KOD for the pinfall win.

— Damage CTRL attacked Belair after the match but she was quickly saved by Asuka and Alexa Bliss (who came out to Asuka’s music). Cross vanished. 


Cathy Kelley interviewed Belair, Asuka, and Bliss in the back. Belair said only one person would be walking out of their last woman standing match and she wouldn’t be there alone. Bliss challenged Kai and SKY to a tag title match tonight. Asuka screamed that Kai and SKY were not ready.


Bobby Lashley/Brock Lesnar segment 

They set up a backstage face-to-face segment where the two men would be interviewed in separate rooms but Lesnar wasn’t there.

Lashley wasn’t surprised. He said Lesnar has been ducking him for 20 years but he would expose Lesnar just like he did when he beat Lesnar at the Rumble and just like he did two weeks ago when he laid him out. Lashley planned on exposing Lesnar as a Lashley wannabe.

Lesnar’s music hit and he entered the ring in a great mood. Lesnar got a good ovation. He said he didn’t come to Texas for a sit-down interview. He wanted to treat the great people of Texas to a fight. He knew Lashley got the memo but maybe he couldn’t read it. Lesnar called out Lashley (as Lashley was already leaving the backstage area).

Lashley made his way down the aisle and Lesnar tackled him. Officials, security and wrestlers quickly jumped in to separate them. Triple H also got in the middle and demanded they stay away from each other. Lesnar busted through his group but was stopped before he couldn’t get his hands on Lashley.

Triple H frantically informed officials that if they touch, the match is off.

(They do this sort of segment a lot, especially with Lesnar, but this still came across really well. There were a lot of wrestlers out there and NXT’s Von Wagner was among them.)


Kai and SKY against Bliss and Asuka for the tag titles was made official for tonight.

United States Champion Seth Rollins defeated Austin Theory in a non-title match (14:40)

They had a really good, competitive match. Rollins might as well have been a babyface here. They sang his song and cheered him throughout the match and he even high-fived a fan in the front row.

Rollins outsmarted Theory early in the match and was in control until Theory knocked Rollins off the apron into the announce table and tossed him into the steel steps ahead of a break. They went back and forth after the break until Rollins hit a suicide dive and falcon arrow for two. Rollins followed with a headbutt, flying knee and thrust kick for two.

They traded cradles for a series of two counts until Theory punched Rollins and hit a neckbreaker for two followed by a blockbuster for two. They traded counters until Theory hit a superkick and forearm.

Theory set up for a Pedigree (which Rollins tried earlier) but Rollins countered and hit a curb stomp for the pinfall win.


Roman Reigns (and Paul Heyman) were shown arriving at the building to the delight of the crowd.


Bray Wyatt will be at Crown Jewel on Saturday.

(They’ve periodically been showing pictures of fans dressed up for Halloween including some dressed as Bianca Belair, the three faces of Mick Foley, and the Bloodline. Corey Graves said the fans dressed as the Usos weren’t “Ucey” enough for him.)

Roman Reigns segment

There was a mixture of “Roman” and “Ucey” chants. Reigns told Dallas to acknowledge him. They did. The crowd chanted “Ucey” again so Reigns assured them that Sami Zayn and Jey Uso were off making things right and soon Jey would be a new, Ucey right-hand man.

Reigns had enough of the Ucey talk, though. He mentioned the number of opponents he has spent time hyping up only for him to smash them when the match comes. Reigns called himself the greatest of all time and he was going up against a guy who has only had two matches. He didn’t plan on hyping a match against an outsider like Logan Paul.

Reigns said, “the Tribal Chief won’t do that, but the Wiseman will.” He handed the microphone to Heyman. Heyman mentioned that Paul had steel screws in the hand that he planned on throwing his lucky punch with. Heyman said Paul has been training Shawn Michaels and Reigns feigned being impressed.

The Miz interrupted. Miz gladly acknowledged Roman Reigns but he warned Reigns about his heavy punch, the same one that knocked out Jey. Miz knew Logan better than anyone and offered Reigns a hand in neutralizing him.

Reigns pretended to take Miz seriously before knocking him out with a superman punch. Reigns said people should be talking about him knocking out Paul, not the other way around, and when he did, we would have no choice but to acknowledge him.

As Reigns left to his music, he yelled at the camera that he was tired of being humble. This was his show and he was heads and shoulders above everyone else.


Miz was in the trainer’s room holding an ice pack to his face. Kelley approached and asked if he was aware that Johnny Gargano sat down with Byron Saxton for a tell-all interview. Miz didn’t really care. He said a journalist like Kelley should know that a story shouldn’t air if it can’t be verified and Gargano’s source (Dexter Lumis) doesn’t even speak.

Mustafa Ali entered to tell Miz he has tiny balls. Miz was previously trying to get his match against Ali cancelled, but after Ali’s comment, Miz said he would beat him tonight with a busted jaw. Ali looked forward to it.


Karl Anderson (w/AJ Styles & Luke Gallows) defeated Damian Priest (w/Judgment Day) (7:17)

Anderson made a comeback after an early commercial break and hit a spinebuster for two. A distraction by Rhea Ripley allowed Priest to hit a flatliner for two. Anderson countered the Reckoning into a backslide for the surprise pinfall win.

— Judgment Day attacked Anderson after the match but he was saved by Styles and Gallows. Ripley dropped Gallows with a low blow and dared Styles and Anderson to hit her but Judgment Day attacked them from behind.

Priest gave Styles a Razor’s Edge and Finn Bálor gave Anderson a Coup de Grace. The crowd loudly booed Dominik Mysterio as he went to the top, did Eddie Guerrero’s pose, and hit a frog splash. Judgment Day posed. (Graves emphasized that the OC would need an answer for Ripley.)


MVP, with Omos, cut a promo on Braun Strowman. MVP said he would be on Smackdown and had a surprise for Strowman.


JBL entered. He gave us a Texas history lesson before putting over the Von Erichs and Steve Austin. JBL said Texas was legendary until the snowflakes have turned it into an embarrassment and none of the woke audience members should be allowed to call themselves Texans. He introduced us to a man who would save the business, Baron Corbin.

Corbin put himself over before telling the crowd the truth about themselves. He said “truth” so that led to R-Truth coming out. Truth wore a cowboy hat and boots and rode a stuffed horse down to the ring. JBL said he looked ridiculous. Truth wished Dallas a happy Halloween. He really liked the costumes worn by JBL and Corbin and said JBL was dressed like an angry, out-of-touch old man.

Corbin was about to attack but Truth saw it coming and knocked him down. JBL chucked his at Truth and the distraction allowed Corbin to put him down with End of Days.


Trick or Street Fight: Matt Riddle (w/Elias) defeated Otis (w/Chad Gable) (7:36)

Riddle dressed as Ezekiel (in that he wore Ezekiel’s trunks and tassels).

Chad Gable wanted to dress as Socrates but figured the Dallas dimwits wouldn’t get it. Instead, Gable and Otis were dressed as the Chippendales dancers played by Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley in an old Saturday Night Live sketch. They danced down to the ring.

The ring was surrounded by Halloween decorations including pumpkins, candy, and candy corn kendo sticks.


Riddle hit a dive but Otis was in control after the break and he thrusted his hips to the delight of a few fans. Otis even did the caterpillar (after Gable told him, “one night only”). Riddle came back with kendo stick shots. Gable knocked him down so Elias put Gable through a table. Otis hit the world's strongest slam but missed a Vader Bomb.

Elias put a jack-o-lantern over Otis’ head and Riddle gave him an RKO (which didn’t look great because Otis probably couldn’t see too well) for the pinfall win.


(They showed a few more costumes, including fans dressed as Rhea Ripley, AJ Styles and Riddle.)

In the back, Bayley rallied Kai and SKY ahead of their title defense tonight. (Earlier, it seemed like Bayley tried speaking with Cross but Cross took off.)

They plugged this weekend’s NASCAR race in Phoenix and Big E will be there.


Mustafa Ali defeated The Miz (10:02)

After a break, the fight spilled to the outside and Dexter Lumis appeared in the front row to put Miz in a chokehold (as the ref was presumably checking on Ali). Miz escaped before Lumis could really cinch it in but he ran into an Ali superkick as Lumis escaped security through the crowd. Ali followed with a 450 splash for the pinfall win.

(Ali wore white and gold gear and has ditched his long tights for boxing shorts.)


WWE Investigates - The True Story of Dexter Lumis & The Miz

They played this like a ‘60 Minutes' segment (including the clock ticking noise during the intro).

Gargano sat down with Saxton to tell the story. They included clips of Lumis with Gargano, Candice LeRae, and Indi Hartwell in NXT, as well as “re-enactments.” The re-enactments were “blurred” but it was obviously Gargano playing all the roles, including that of Hartwell (with his beard still intact).

Gargano mentioned that Lumis was fired while they were all in NXT which caused problems for the family. He played an audio recording of Miz speaking with Lumis. Basically, Miz hired Lumis to make it look like Lumis was terrorizing him.

This explains why Lumis didn’t physically touch him in the early going. When Lumis finally did attack Miz, Miz was playing along with it. It’s also how Miz got out of his match against Bobby Lashley because Miz knew he had no chance.  

Gargano figured Miz stopped paying Lumis recently which is why things haven’t gone his way and he had to attack Lumis with a steel chair. Saxton thanked Gargano for his time and Gargano smiled and said you’re welcome.

They cut back to the announcers and the crowd was applauding the video. Corey Graves called it a farce.


The announcers ran down Saturday’s card.

(They showed a few more fan costumes, this time of Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and Bray Wyatt and the firefly funhouse characters.)


Asuka & Alexa Bliss (w/Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair) defeated Dakota Kai & IYO SKI (w/Bayley) to win the Women’s Tag Team Championships (16:26)

Asuka and Bliss were in control but Kai avoided a baseball slide by Bliss and saved SKY from Asuka. SKY gave Asuka a dragon screw and Damage CTRL held control through a break.

Asuka fought off her opponents and made a hot tag to Bliss who hit Kai with a Thesz press, strikes, a dropkick and Code Red for two. Asuka tagged in and tried to put Kai in an armbar but SKY broke it up and gave Bliss a backbreaker. Kai attacked Asuka’s previously injured leg again before SKY followed with a running double knee strike and springboard dropkick for two.

SKY came off the top but Asuka countered into a Codebreaker for two. Asuka applied the Asuka Lock and SKY tapped but Bayley was distracting the referee so Kai broke it up.

Belair wiped out Bayley and tackled her over the barricade. Belair and Bayley continued to brawl which led to Bayley giving Belair a Bayley-to-belly off the barricade through a table.

The teams traded moves until Asuka dodged SKY’s moonsault. Asuka kicked SKY in the head and Bliss hit SKY with Twisted Bliss for the pinfall win. Bliss and Asuka are the new champs.

The crowd popped big for the title change. Asuka and Bliss posed with their belts and fireworks went off.