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WWE Raw live results: The Cutting Edge with Maryse


Date: December 20, 2021
Location: Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, WI 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Omos split from AJ Styles and the two are scheduled to wrestle next week. (Styles is also set to appear on NXT tomorrow.) 

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins laid out Big E and Bobby Lashley to end the show. Lashley was treated as the real threat and they focused most of their attention on him. 

Riddle and The Street Profits were not on the show.

Show Recap --

Bobby Lashley & MVP promo 

Lashley and MVP entered to start the show. MVP recapped what Lashley accomplished last week and said the fans couldn’t understand what it took to do that. He compared it to winning the Boston Marathon and getting a triple-double in an NBA game before knocking out Francis Ngannou in a fight. 

Big E interrupted. He congratulated Lashley on getting his way into the title match. There was something bothering him, though. The Lashley he knew was a fighter with a lot of sisters (he paused when he heard a few people laughing) but this Lashley relied on Iceberg Slim (MVP) to win. Lashley said MVP acted on his own but he also wasn’t pretending to be a saint. 

Lashley remembered MVP saying that if he couldn't beat Big E, MVP would do it himself. Lashley thought that would be a great thing to see so he left the ring to let MVP go after Big E. MVP obviously wasn’t too interested in doing this but he held up his cane as Big E waited for him to make a move. 

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens suddenly attacked Lashley from behind before going after Big E. Lashley and Big E wound up fighting off Rollins and Owens who bailed. Big E and Lashley stood in the ring together as the segment ended. 


Sarah Schrieber interviewed Bianca Belair. Schreiber claimed that people were calling her upcoming match against Doudrop “the final chapter.” Belair figured Doudrop was the only one calling it that. Belair issued a warning to Doudrop. 


Owens and Rollins argued in the back. Owens said Lashley didn’t seem to be getting older and was like a super-jacked Benjamin Button. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville showed up to make a tag match. Owens immediately knew where this was going but Rollins didn’t. They announced Owens and Rollins against Big E and Lashley later tonight. 


Bianca Belair defeated Doudrop (11:23) 

Doudrop was mostly in control until Belair gave her a spinebuster outside the ring which led to break three minutes into the match. After the break, Doudrop missed a Banzai Drop but hit a cannonball for two. Belair fought back with shoulder tackles, flying crossbody, and handspring moonsault for two. Doudrop responded with a sit-out powerbomb but didn’t make a cover. 

Doudrop dragged Belair to the corner but missed a Vader Bomb and Belair nailed a KOD for the pinfall win. 

This wasn’t a good match but this was all about the finish. The crowd popped big for the spot. 


Kevin Patrick asked Austin Theory about Vince McMahon taking an interest in him. Theory figured McMahon sees promise in him and sees him as the future WWE Champion. After an excited Theory walked away, Patrick said, “you better hope you don’t lose.” 

Finn Bálor defeated Austin Theory (9:07) 

Bálor was aggressive early but Theory took over after wrenching him over the top rope. After a long chinlock, Bálor fought back with a low dropkick and clothesline. Theory blocked a kick and dropped Bálor on the apron before hitting a draping neckbreaker to the outside. 

After a break, Bálor was back in a rest hold until he came back with a back elbow, forearm, and double foot stomp. Theory hit a rolling dropkick but Bálor dropped him with an enziguri. 

Bálor went to the top but Theory hit a very cool-looking springboard Spanish Fly. Theory grabbed his phone so he could take a selfie while making the cover but the extra time allowed Bálor to kick out. 

After a few counters, Bálor hit a shotgun dropkick and Coup de Grace for the pinfall win. 


Miz spoke with Omos in the back but left after AJ Styles showed up. Styles told Omos he was ready to get back in the title picture. Omos feigned excitement. 

[Second Hour] 

Miz TV with AJ Styles & Omos 

Miz started by saying he loved Maryse and implored her not to speak about their personal lives on the Cutting Edge tonight. 

Miz introduced Styles and Omos by saying they were more combustible than Urban Meyer and his coaching staff. 

Miz said Styles and Omos have been out of sync lately and Styles immediately quipped, “kind of like you and your wife, right?” Styles said he took Omos under his wing and he’s come a long way — he’s good enough to be tag team champions on his own. He admitted they had some problems but they were on the same page. Styles wanted them to take all of the titles in WWE. 

Miz heard from Omos himself that he doesn’t agree with that. Styles said Miz was just deflecting like he always does and asked what kind of man puts his wife in harm's way. Miz accused Styles of deflecting. Miz claimed Omos told him that he was tired of carrying Styles. 

Miz said it took 15 years for Styles to get to WWE but WWE begged Omos to sign with them. Miz went on until Styles cut him off. Styles wanted to hear a response from Omos. 

Before Omos could respond, Rey and Dominik Mysterio’s music went off and they entered for their match and Miz TV just ended. 


Dominik & Rey Mysterio defeated AJ Styles & Omos (2:26) 

Rey hit a 619 but Styles got his knees up on a frog splash. Styles wanted a tag but Omos turned his shoulder before Rey applied a schoolboy for the pinfall win. 

After the match, Styles called Omos a piece of trash. Omos shoved Styles away so Styles attacked him. Styles tried a Phenomenal Forearm but Omos blocked it and hit a press slam. Omos told Styles that the next time he saw him it would be in a match. 

It wasn’t really clear who the babyface was supposed to be here. They both still seem like heels. 

(They randomly mentioned on commentary that Styles would be on NXT tomorrow, presumably to address Grayson Waller.) 


In the back, Theory wanted to knock on Vince McMahon’s door but he decided against it. 

Tag Team Champion Randy Orton defeated Chad Gable (w/Otis) (2:58) 

Gable outwrestled Orton for a bit and even countered a draping DDT. However, after Gable tried one too many arm drags, Orton saw it coming and hit a great-looking RKO for the pinfall win. 

Otis went after Orton after the match and Orton tried the RKO three different times but Otis blocked it each time. 


MVP approached Lashley in the back. Lashley said he couldn’t trust Big E and would beat him up if he even looked at him wrong in their match. MVP asked if Lashley’s idea earlier was a trap. Lashley said he was thirsty and asked MVP to get him a drink. MVP went to get him one. 

There was footage from earlier today of Dana Brooke and Reggie at some sort of indoor Christmas park. Truth dressed as Santa, Akira Tozawa dressed as an elf, and Tamina failed to capture the 24/7 title from Brooke. 


Non-title match: Dolph Ziggler (w/Robert Roode) defeated US Champion Damian Priest via countout (8:59) 

They were off a lot in this match. Ziggler kicked Priest in the knee at one point before just falling onto the bottle rope. 

A few moments later, Ziggler hit a superplex which led to break two minutes into the match. Priest came back with strikes, a clothesline and a Broken Arrow for two. As the referee checked on Ziggler, Roode wiped out Priest which caused him to transform into a cartoon. Priest wildly attacked Roode and the ref called for the bell. 

They announced that Ziggler won by countout and the commentators figured he just earned a title match. Priest chased off Ziggler before giving Roode a Reckoning outside the ring. 

Nothing about this made me want to see a rematch. 


Bálor told Patrick that he beat Theory’s ass and it was time for more important things. Theory attacked Bálor and dropped him on an equipment box before taking a selfie. 

[Third Hour] 

Theory approached Vince in his office. He apologized for losing but said he made up for it by attacking Bálor again. Vince responded but I didn’t understand much outside of him saying he enjoyed firing people right before the holidays. 

Vince also gave Theory a rematch against Bálor next week. Vince erased something from his page and blew the eraser shavings in Theory’s face. Vince then chuckled like Santa Claus. (Yes, this was strange.) 


The Cutting Edge with Maryse 

Maryse made it clear she wasn’t here to be Edge’s friend. She said she did love Miz but wanted a thank you. She mentioned everything she does for him and their family, but she was tired and exhausted. Maryse said Edge could have hurt her last week and she wondered who would take care of her kids if something happened to her. The crowd was dead silent for this. 

Maryse asked Edge if he would do this to Beth. Edge said he wasn’t buying this and the crowd wasn’t either. Edge wondered where Miz was because he figured this was their plan. Edge said he would never do this to Beth because he actually respected her. Edge called out Miz. 

Miz’s music hit and he tried attacking from behind but Edge saw him coming. Edge fought Miz off but Maryse attacked Edge from behind. This allowed Miz to give Edge a Skull Crushing Finale (like he did last week). Miz and Maryse celebrated together. 

This was lame. Edge was smart enough to see this coming but still got beat up. 


Veer Mahaan is coming. 


Rhea Ripley defeated Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina (2:10) 

Zelina got some offense but Ripley won fairly quickly with the Rip-tide. 

The story was that Ripley managed to win without Nikki ASH in her way. (Nikki and Carmella were barred from ringside.) 


Big E told Sarah Schreiber what he planned on doing to Rollins and Owens tonight. Lashley interrupted. Lashley planned on taking the title at Day 1 and wondered if he can trust Big E tonight. Big E told him to leave MVP in the back. Lashley told him not to worry about MVP. “I’ll take care of him.” 


Liv Morgan promo 

Morgan entered with a kendo stick. She said “Rebecca” tried injuring her before accepting her challenge last week. She couldn’t let Lynch get the upper hand. Once Lynch said she would go home to train, she knew that Lynch was going to the gym that belonged to her and her try-hard husband in Iowa. 

Morgan aired the footage you may have seen online where she attacked Lynch at the gym. Morgan said Lynch had an innocent woman disguised as her because that was the kind of person she was. Morgan called her disgusting for sacrificing one of her students. Morgan threatened to break Lynch’s face before getting her hand raised at Day 1. 

Lynch interrupted. She informed Morgan that she may have broken that student’s arm. Lynch said it would take more to keep her down but at least Morgan taught her students a lesson that anyone can get lucky once. Lynch warned her it gets hot under the lights and Morgan can’t handle the heat. 

Morgan told Lynch that she wasn’t going to scare her out of this match and she planned on starting the new year as champion. Morgan dared her to get in the ring but Lynch said she wasn’t an idiot — she wasn’t getting in the ring as long as Morgan had the kendo stick. 

Morgan chucked the stick at Lynch for her to use. Lynch told Morgan not to mock her and she was lucky that she had a private jet to catch. Lynch left. 


Next week on Raw: 

  • AJ Styles vs. Omos
  • Randy Orton vs. Otis
  • Finn Bálor vs. Austin Theory
  • Damian Priest vs. Dolph Ziggler — US Title 


WWE Champion Big E & Bobby Lashley defeated Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens (14:02) 

They went to break 45 seconds into the match after Lashley tackled Rollins outside the ring. Lashley was still after Rollins when they returned four minutes later. Rollins tried fighting back but Lashley hit a delayed vertical suplex, which got applause from the crowd. 

Rollins dodged a charge and tagged in Owens who hit a senton outside the ring and another one in the ring for a one count. Owens and Rollins gave Lashley a double vertical suplex but Lashley tagged in Big E moments later. 

Big E suplexed Owens and hit an STO for two. A Rollins distraction allowed Owens to hit a superkick. Rollins followed with a frog splash for two. Rollins gave Lashley a suicide dive as Owens gave Big E a senton off the top for two. 

After a break, Owens missed a moonsault and Big E tagged in Lashley who gave Rollins a neckbreaker, overhead suplex, running clothesline and running powerslam but Owens broke up the cover. 

Rollins leaped over a spear attempt and Lashley speared Big E by accident. Lashley followed immediately with a spear on Owens for the pinfall win. 

Rollins had tried to break up the cover with a stomp but he was too late. Regardless, Rollins and Owens continued to attack Lashley after the match as they piped in fake booing. They hit Lashley with the steel steps before Owens laid out Big E. 

Owens held Lashley’s head down on top of the steel step and Rollins stomped him into the steel. 

Owens and Rollins hugged as the show ended.