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WWE Raw live results: Drew McIntyre and Becky Lynch appear


Date: April 13, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Drew McIntyre’s next opponent appears to be Seth Rollins. McIntyre defeated Andrade in a non-title match and Rollins laid him out after with two curb stomps. 

Asuka, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax qualified for the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. There will be men’s qualifiers next week. (Based on the match-ups, Rey Mysterio, Aleister Black and Apollo Crews seem like the probable winners.)

Show Recap -- 

Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Jerry Lawler are tonight’s announcers. 

After a lengthy video of Drew McIntyre winning the title at WrestleMania (the same one that aired last week), McIntyre entered. 

McIntyre spoke into the camera and thanked the fans for letting him into their living rooms and said the rest of the roster shared the sentiment. He also thanked everyone for the support after winning the title. He called it a life-long dream and noted that he beat Brock Lesnar within five minutes. He then showed a video of his win over Big Show while recapping what happened. 

McIntyre said he showed what kind of champion he would be and said if anyone deserved a chance at the title, they’d get the opportunity to fight for it. US Champion Andrade and Zelina Vega interrupted. Vega called Andrade the real champion of Raw. 

Vega said McIntyre had two WrestleMania moments in one night but an injury robbed Andrade of his. As Vega spoke, McIntyre interrupted because he knew where this was going. McIntyre recalled Andrade pinning him for the NXT Title — while McIntyre’s arm was on the rope. McIntyre left the match with a torn bicep and Andrade cost him six months of his career. 

McIntyre accepted a match against Andrade. Andrade said he took McIntyre’s title and took him out last time they fought, and tonight, it would be no more mister nice guy. 

(It’ll be a champion vs. champion match, but not title vs. title.) 

Asuka defeated Ruby Riott to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match (12:59) 

Asuka danced to Riott’s music during her entrance. They fought on the outside and Asuka took over after a kick to the head. After a break, they went back and forth until Asuka countered a Riott Kick into an ankle lock, followed by a German suplex and shining wizard. Riott came back with running boots in the corner and clothesline to the back for two. 

Asuka momentarily caught her into an Asuka Lock but Riott turned it into a cover for two. Riott hit a Flatliner for two, then Asuka followed soon after with an Asuka Lock for the submission win. 

Charly Caruso tried interviewing Asuka after the match. Asuka grabbed the mic, yelled in Japanese and declared that no one was ready for Asuka. (Caruso made sure to get her microphone back.) 

MVP welcomed us to the VIP Lounge backstage and had some news. Next week, there will be three qualifiers for the men’s MITB ladder match: Rey Mysterio vs. Murphy, Aleister Black vs. Austin Theory, and Apollo Crews vs. MVP. 

Aleister Black defeated Oney Lorcan (9:38) 

This actually went to a break and Lorcan gained control when they returned. Black kicked his way out of a half Boston Crab and applied a leglock but Lorcan got a rope break. Black hit strikes and a running knee but Lorcan came back with a clothesline for two. Lawler thought maybe we underestimated “this Oney guy.” 

Lorcan nailed a few chops but Black caught him with a knee and Black Mass for the pinfall win. 

Sarah Schreiber asked Black about his game plan against Theory next week. With a quizzical look on his face, Black told her, “my game plan is to win.” 

[Second hour] 

Becky Lynch promo 

Lynch wanted to clear up the confusion Shayna Baszler must be experiencing. Lynch said it wasn’t really a battle of skill versus heart, it was a battle of the minds. Lynch may have seemed arrogant and overconfident but maybe that’s what she wanted Baszler to think. 

The quicker Baszler destroyed everyone on her way to Mania, the sillier Lynch became. Lynch said the only person that can get close enough to the queen to destroy her is the joker, who she sees as posing no threat — and that’s why she was the champion. Somebody who was born to bully couldn’t beat someone who was born to survive. 

Lynch wanted to challenge whoever wanted a shot the most. The Man would be waiting for whoever won the briefcase and she would shock the world again. 

Caruso interviewed Vega and Andrade. Vega corrected Caruso’s pronunciation of Andrade’s name then wondered who came up with her ridiculous questions. Vega said McIntyre had one good night but Andrade has been beating challengers for months. Andrade said McIntyre would not deserve to hold the WWE title after tonight.  

They congratulated Big Show for The Big Show Show reaching #3 in the U.S. on Netflix. 

Shayna Baszler defeated Sarah Logan via ref stoppage to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match (0:52) 

Before the match, Schrieber approached Baszler backstage and asked about Ronda Rousey’s recent comments. Baszler didn’t respond. 

Baszler stomped Logan’s elbow as she’s done to others in the past. Logan screamed in pain as the referee checked on her. He then called for the bell. The ring announcer said Logan was the winner but that was a mistake and the announcers acknowledged that Baszler was likely the winner. 

They played this up like Logan was really injured and had officials help her out of the ring as she cried in pain. 

Seth Rollins stood backstage in the dark and said, “At WrestleMania, I lost to Kevin Owens. Once again, my career has been crucified.” 

After a break, the announcers clarified that Baszler was, in fact, the winner of her match. 

Austin Theory defeated Akira Tozawa (7:09) 

Vega joined commentary, so there were four people sitting side-by-side-by-side at the desk. There was a moment where Phillips asked Vega about Black (her husband) because she must know him from their time in NXT. 

Tozawa got some offense but this was essentially a squash. Theory was completely in control until Tozawa hit a cool running senton to the outside, which Lawler referred to as a ramen noodle moonsault. 

Tozawa applied an octopus hold but Theory reversed into an ATL (TKO) for the pinfall win. After the match, Andrade and Angel Garza came out to beat up Tozawa. 

They aired a clip of the McIntyre Chronicle episode on the Network. 

Caruso interviewed Rey Mysterio and asked what it would mean if he won MITB for the first time. Mysterio recalled being world champion in 2010 and having his reign ended by Kane after he cashed in the briefcase. Mysterio knew he had to beat Murphy before he could think about being Mr. Money in the Bank. Mysterio had nothing but respect for Murphy but Murphy doesn’t want it as badly as he does. 

Rollins is still standing backstage. “Everyone needs something to have faith in. I want you to know that I am still here for you. Your messiah has truly risen.” 

Angel Garza defeated Tehuti Miles (2:28) 

Garza had a rose with him during his entrance and gave it to a photographer before kissing her on the cheek. (It’s possible it was his fiancé.) Garza won quickly with the Wing Clipper. Andrade and Theory came out afterwards and Andrade gave Miles an elevated hammerlock DDT (as he did to Tozawa earlier). 

Schreiber interviewed Asuka and Kairi Sane. They hummed their theme song upon entering the frame. Asuka said Riott was not ready for Asuka. Schreiber asked Sane about her confidence level going against Nia Jax. They commented in Japanese before dancing off singing their theme again. 

Caruso asked McIntyre about Vega’s comments. McIntyre pointed at a scar on his arm, a scar he looks at multiple times a week and thinks about Andrade almost taking it all away from him. McIntyre promised to hurt Andrade and Claymore kick him. 

Nia Jax defeated Kairi Sane to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match (2:35) 

Jax flung Sane around the ring before using a Samoan drop (which they’re calling “The Annihilator”) for the pinfall win. Complete squash. 

Charlotte Flair promo 

Charlotte kept referring to herself as “The Queen” as she gave us a history lesson. She wasn’t interested in fighting either Lynch or Bayley again after winning the Royal Rumble but was interested in fighting the person who challenged her, the next big thing Rhea Ripley. Charlotte beat the next big thing which made her the biggest thing. 

Charlotte said Vince McMahon knew she was the biggest thing last year which is why he chose her to save the main event of WrestleMania, the same reason Ripley chose her. Charlotte said Ripley wanted to be just like her but she lacked humility. She said there’s always going to be someone who is stronger, faster and better. 

Charlotte would remind NXT of this fact and next in line was Io Shirai. The first lesson Shirai would learn is that everyone bows down to the queen. 

Edge joins WWE Backstage tomorrow with Renee Young and Booker T. 

Bobby Lashley (w/Lana) defeated No Way Jose (1:48) 

There was a moment where Lana was screaming on the outside so Lashley told her to “please shut the hell up.” He got annoyed with her again which led to Jose catching him in a schoolboy for two. Lashley followed with a spear for the pinfall win. Lashley and Lana left together but clearly weren’t happy with one another. 

Rollins is still backstage. “To all the non-believers: you’ve left me with no alternative. Tonight I stomp out all doubt.” 

The Viking Raiders defeated Ricochet & Cedric Alexander (13:16) 

Ricochet and Alexander entered together to Ricochet’s music. They both wore yellow and black gear. 

Ricochet and Alexander were in complete control for the first three and a half minutes until Erik launched Ricochet over the top onto Alexander. Ivar followed with a suicide dive taking them both out and sending us to commercial. 

The Vikings were in control after the break until Alexander hit a low dropkick and Flatliner. Ricochet tagged in and hit Erik with a crossbody and enziguri (while also sending Ivar out of the ring). Ricochet hit a standing shooting star for two. Erik ducked Alexander’s Neuralyzer and gave Ricochet a knee strike. 

Ivar gave Alexander a seated senton and took out Ricochet with a clothesline. Ricochet saved Alexander from a pin but the Raiders took him out with a knee strike and roundhouse kick. The Raiders then gave Alexander a Viking Experience (sort of) for the pinfall win. This probably would have gotten over with a live crowd. 

Caruso interviewed the Street Profits who introduced us to Bianca Belair. Caruso welcomed her to Raw and asked the Street Profits about the Viking Raiders. They said they had respect for the Viking Raiders, and all Vikings everywhere. 

They told jokes about Vikings and gave a big thumbs up to the camera. Belair was appalled and asked when was the last time they beat the Raiders. She said they always get whooped by the Raiders, told them to focus and get that smoke. Belair was good here. 

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defeated US Champion Andrade (w/Zelina Vega, Angel Garza & Austin Theory) in a non-title match (5:33) 

It was 10:53pm when the match started. There were a lot of people around ringside. 

McIntyre was distracted on the outside so Andrade yanked his previously injured arm into the ring post and began working it over. McIntyre came back with clotheslines, a big boot and flying clothesline. Andrade caught him with a back elbow and someone grabbed McIntyre’s foot from the outside. 

McIntyre sent Andrade out of the ring with a back body drop and he landed on both Garza and Theory. McIntyre said, “who grabbed my foot” before giving Theory a hard chop. McIntyre went to the top and was distracted again, this time by Vega. 

McIntyre managed to fight off Andrade and gave him an inverted Alabama Slam before finishing him off with a Claymore kick for the pinfall win. 

After the match, Rollins’ music hit as Garza took down McIntyre with a chop block. Rollins slid in the ring and superkicked McIntyre before hitting a stomp. Rollins hit one more stomp as they went off the air.