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WWE Raw live results: Drew McIntyre vs. Baron Corbin


Date: May 18, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Raw was a dud. 

Kevin Owens returned with no announcement for a KO Show segment. He and Apollo Crews also beat Andrade and Angel Garza in a short tag match. Andrade and Garza attacked Austin Theory, who was welcomed in later by Seth Rollins. Crews faces Andrade in a US Title match next week. 

There were eight matches on Raw. All but one were under five minutes. The one that wasn’t was the main event with Drew McIntyre beating Baron Corbin in a non-title match. Bobby Lashley appears to be next in line for a WWE Championship match. 

Also, Edge accepted Randy Orton’s challenge at Backlash.

Show Recap -- 

They aired a video package of Becky Lynch’s announcement last week, which included clips of her early wrestling days all the way to WrestleMania 2019. 

The announcers called tonight’s brand-to-brand invitational match “a first in WWE.” 

Edge / Randy Orton segment 

Charly Caruso introduced Randy Orton. Before doing so, she repeated her comment last week that a wrestling match between Orton and Edge could be the greatest ever. 

Caruso asked Orton about his challenge. Orton asked if it was so hard to understand the concept of a straight wrestling match. He said this was World Wrestling Entertainment and wrestling was the basis of what they do. Edge was the better man at WrestleMania but he wasn’t the superior wrestler. 

Orton wouldn’t need tables and chairs to beat him. Orton said no other athlete and no other wrestler can do what he does in the ring. Orton saw doubt in Edge’s eyes last week because his grit and passion have faded away. Now all Edge had was doubt and fear. 

Edge stormed out. Edge said Orton spoke a lot of truths last week and it gave him a lot to think about. Edge knew this was a game of chess to Orton which is why he didn’t rush into his next move. Edge said Orton thought this was all a game. Edge saw Orton smirking and said this was just a paycheck for him. 

Edge said this life was handed to Orton and it was only his backup plan. Orton didn’t dream about winning the championship or save all his money to go to a show. Orton didn’t cry the night he won the Intercontinental title like he did. 

Edge knew that winning the IC championship would set him on a path to be considered one of the best workhorses in the business, and he was. Edge noted that it was Orton who he beat for that title. Orton was getting tired of his speech but Edge stopped him from interrupting. Edge noted that Orton has also never come back from a career-threatening injury like he did. 

Orton cut him off again and asked if he accepted the challenge. Edge yelled, “yes, I accept your damn challenge.” Orton smirked and left the ring. 

Samoa Joe also said this had the chance to be the greatest wrestling match ever. 

Backstage, Seth Rollins told Murphy that he had a revelation. He invited Murphy to join him in the ring. 

Seth Rollins promo 

As Rollins and Murphy entered, the announcers updated us on Rey Mysterio. The damage to his eye might be critical but doctors won’t be able to reassess until the swelling goes down. 

Rollins said sometimes you have to lose yourself to find who you truly are. When he lost to Drew McIntyre at Money in the Bank, he fell to a place so dark he thought he may never escape. However, with no darkness, there is no light, and now he sees the light better than ever before. He thanked one man for helping him see this — Rey Mysterio. 

He knew that people thought what he did to Mysterio was unforgivable. He called Mysterio a necessary sacrifice which would allow him to be the leader he needed to be. He had a message for Mysterio: what happened to you was a blessing in disguise. He also wanted to say something to Mysterio now so he wouldn’t have to when they meet again: “You’re welcome.” 

Humberto Carrillo interrupted. Carrillo said nobody believed Rollins. Mysterio was a hero to millions and was Carrillo’s idol. Carrillo called Rollins a coward. He jumped in the ring but Murphy stepped between him and Rollins. 

Rollins said he wasn’t dressed to compete, but Murphy — who has a match against Aleister Black later tonight — was dressed to compete and would be willing to oblige. Murphy seemed fine with this. 

Murphy (w/Seth Rollins) defeated Humberto Carrillo 

The first match of the night was underway 29 minutes into the show. It began during a break. It was over three minutes later. Carrillo had hit a dive but became distracted by Rollins (who did nothing). Murphy followed with a knee strike and Murphy’s Law for the pinfall win. 

Murphy attacked Carrillo after the match until Aleister Black ran out to make the save. Rollins walked away up the ramp as they brawled in the ring. Murphy ducked a Black Mass and bailed. Black checked on Carrillo. 

Corbin yelled at a stagehand backstage and demanded he find him his own locker room. Corbin then yelled at a referee because nobody bowed to him when he entered. He was also annoyed that he had to go to a different building to get food because a king shouldn’t have to get his own food. He began explaining how tonight’s match would go and they cut to break. 

There was a Liv Morgan sit-down promo. Morgan said her mom was her hero. Her mom didn’t have a job or much of a savings account but she was determined and never quit. A few weeks ago, Morgan had a match against Charlotte Flair — the pride and joy of WWE. Morgan didn’t win, but she learned. She learned that she was just like her mother. She learned that one day, she will become Raw Women’s Champion. 

Charlotte Flair promo 

Charlotte said she was the hardest working person on all three brands. She was the face of Raw, a mentor in NXT and made a special appearance on Smackdown, where Bayley challenged her to a champion vs. champion match. She was happy to teach Bayley there were levels to being a champion. 

She knew Ruby Riott had something to say to her and invited her out. Riott entered. She actually didn’t say anything. She went face-to-face with Charlotte as the announcers let us know they have a match coming up. 

Charlotte Flair defeated Ruby Riott 

This was another quick match that started during a break. 

Charlotte missed a chop on the outside and chopped the ring post. Riott attacked but Charlotte grabbed her by the hair and drove her into the post. Riott fought back in the ring and hit a falling backward senton for two. Riott followed later with a schoolgirl for two. Charlotte blocked a Riott Kick, stomped her and applied the Figure Eight for the submission win. 

Caruso attempted to interview Bobby Lashley backstage but they were interrupted by MVP. MVP said they weren’t doing business together because Lashley was too busy dealing with clowns like R-Truth and his wife, the lovely Lana. 

Before Lashley could maybe go after him, MVP said he didn’t want Lashley to put him in the full nelson, but also asked him how effective he thought that move would be against a WWE champion. 

MVP also wondered how much Lashley was even worried about that considering it’s been 13 years since his last opportunity at the belt. MVP figured Lashley thought he didn’t need trophies because he already had a trophy wife. Lashley was annoyed but MVP calmed him down and asked him to think about things. MVP was good here.  

[Second hour] 

The Street Profits approached the axe-throwing competition which was being held in a field. They were welcomed by the Viking Raiders and a bunch of their Viking friends. They had a fire going and offered the fire’s smoke as a gift. Angelo Dawkins was about to tell them that when they say they want the smoke, they didn’t mean actual smoke, but Montez Ford stopped him. 

Ford noted how dumb it would be not to accept a gift from a bunch of Vikings with axes, which was funny. Ford accepted their gift. Ivar tossed a practise throw and Ford questioned if they should go through with this. Dawkins was more confident and assured him that they got this. 

Asuka championship celebration 

Kairi Sane was in the ring and introduced Asuka, her friend and champion. Asuka came out and thanked Sane for the flowers. Asuka was very happy. She spoke in Japanese about becoming Raw Women’s Champion. 

Sane showed pictures of Asuka as NXT Women’s Champion, Smackdown Women’s Champion, Tag Team Champion, and now, Raw Women’s Champion. Sane noted that she was a grand slam champion. Asuka celebrated this with a dance. Sane played a song on a recorder (perhaps Asuka’s theme?) until Nia Jax interrupted. 

Jax said there was nothing to celebrate because she was literally handed the belt. Jax called Asuka a temporary champion who would be replaced one day by her. Jax said they would have a real party when she becomes champion. Asuka attacked her for interrupting her party and sent her out of the ring with a running hip attack. 

Caruso interviewed Corbin backstage. She asked if he had any doubts about facing McIntyre. Corbin said he’s the one who chose this match tonight. Corbin is also the one who carried him for over a year. Corbin knew how dangerous he was and beating Brock Lesnar was all the evidence you needed. 

Corbin also knew how to expose McIntyre’s mistakes and would beat him tonight. Corbin said the next time they fought it would be in the main event of WrestleMania where Corbin would beat him to win the championship. They showed McIntyre watching the promo elsewhere on a screen and he appeared amused. 

Kevin Owens returns tonight with the KO Show featuring Zelina Vega and her crew. This seems like something they should have advertised ahead of time. 

Bobby Lashley defeated R-Truth (2:24) 

Truth did some dumb comedy before the match, including calling the full nelson the “Nelson from The Simpsons.” He also threatened to go after Tom Brady again. 

Lashley used a full nelson slam, then applied a full nelson submission and Truth tapped. MVP appeared on the stage to applaud the win. 

They cut to Lana backstage who was watching the match on TV. She freaked out for some reason and tossed some stuff around. How many women writers do they have left? 

Elsewhere, Asuka and Sane continued to celebrate. They went separate ways, then Jax appeared just to watch them leave. 

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeated The IIconics via DQ to retain the Women’s Tag Team Championships (2:44) 

The IIconics wore gold and white gear. Billie Kay thought Bliss and Cross should just hand over the belts. Kay and Peyton Royce called themselves the future. 

The announcers missed it, but there was a spot where Kay tried the jab to the neck that helped lead to their victory last week but Bliss ducked and clocked her with a right hand. Bliss followed with a Twisted Bliss but Royce broke up the cover. Royce repeatedly drove Bliss shoulder-first into the post. The referee demanded she stop, but she didn’t, so he called for the DQ. 

Yet another annoying DQ in a Raw match. Royce and Kay were upset. Bliss and Cross were content. 

Sane continued to play on her recorder in the back when she was attacked from behind by Jax. 

The IIconics argued backstage. Kay said this was their one chance and Royce blew it. Kay slapped Royce. Royce cried. Kay cried. Kay apologized. They hugged. 

Asuka and a trainer checked on Sane. Asuka became enraged and stormed off. 

After a break, Jax walked through the back when she was confronted by Asuka. Jax blew her off and began walking away but Asuka grabbed her by the hair and kicked her in the head. Asuka yelled at her before leaving. 

Shayna Baszler defeated Natalya in a submission match (3:49) 

Baszler went for a sharpshooter but Natalya countered into a sharpshooter of her own. Baszler got to the ropes but there are no rope breaks in a submission match. Natalya lost leverage though and let go. 

Natalya continued the attack and applied a kneebar but Baszler countered into a Kirifuda Clutch for the submission win. This was good while it lasted, but it was yet another very short match. 

Baszler limped away up the ramp. Natalya was upset and remained in the ring as the crew began setting up for the KO Show, which was a funny visual. Natalya chucked the furniture and KO signs out of the ring. Samoa Joe thought this behaviour was ridiculous. 

Andrade and Angel Garza argued with Austin Theory backstage. Vega stopped them and demanded they get along tonight. She asked each of them if they understood her. They all agreed. (Andrade’s response was, “I am the champion,” which Vega took as a yes.) 

[Third hour] 

They showed some media and social media reactions to Lynch’s announcement. 

KO Show 

Owens thanked Natalya for getting some of the junk out of the ring. Owens said he hasn’t been on Raw in a while but that was thanks to him getting banged up while getting his WrestleMania moment in beating Seth Rollins. Owens said he was fine and he was back. He introduced his guests — Vega, Andrade, Garza and Theory. 

Owens sarcastically applauded them and thanked them for joining. Vega knew why he wanted them on the show — he wanted a dysfunctional Jerry Springer segment. Vega talked about how good they all were. She called Andrade a champion among insects. Garza broke faces and broke hearts. Theory is a prodigy who was that damn good. Vega herself was that damn good. 

They all came from the streets and they all survived. She said they built sidewalks in those streets for people like Owens. She noted that Owens stood on the apron and wouldn’t even stand in the ring with them. Owens said maybe he was on the apron to give them respect. Owens also said that, lately, whenever he’s surrounded by too many people, things don’t end well. 

Owens said he was actually on the apron because he didn’t want the ring to get too crowded. He had another guest — Apollo Crews. Crews tackled Andrade and hammered away. Garza and Theory tried getting involved, then Owens got in their way as they went to break. 

Kevin Owens & Apollo Crews defeated US Champion Andrade & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega & Austin Theory) (2:50) 

Another very short match. Owens made the hot tag to Crews. Theory tried interfering but he clocked Garza with a forearm by mistake. Crews followed with a sit-out powerbomb for the pinfall win. 

After the match, Andrade attacked Theory. Andrade and Garza beat him up and Vega pitched in with a slap. They threw a chair on him and left him laying. 

They cut to Caruso, unphased by these events, smiling backstage with an interview with McIntyre. McIntyre said Mondays were always a great night for a Claymore party. The brand-to-brand invitations were perfect for a dream match. 

He got his dream match tonight against Corbin. McIntyre knew Corbin would do whatever it took to win, but said he was out of his damn mind to come to his backyard for a match. (Their backyard the last while has been the same.) McIntyre had a Claymore ready for Corbin. 

Back at the axe-throwing contest. Ford tried tossing an axe but it went high into the air into the trees apparently. After a break, Dawkins got ready but was distracted by a horse. Dawkins attempted a throw but completely missed. They teased that he hit the horse but he hit a barrel of water instead. The Viking friends were mad. Perhaps that barrel was their only source of water. Dawkins said this was nothing like Thor. 

Aleister Black defeated Murphy (w/Seth Rollins) via DQ (2:33) 

Theory was still at ringside as this match took place. Rollins turned his attention to Theory. As Black and Murphy wrestled, Rollins helped Theory to his feet. Rollins directed Theory into the ring. Theory attacked Black for the DQ. They attacked Black and Theory gave Black the ATL. Rollins hugged Theory. 

So, even though Black saved Carrillo earlier, Carrillo didn’t come out here. 

Axe-throwing time. Erik explained the rules. They each get ten throws. The only throws that count are an axe hitting the bullseye. The Raiders led 10-0. The Raiders encouraged the Profits on their last shot. Ford nailed the bullseye and they all celebrated together. 

A cop car showed up with an axe in the windshield. The cops wanted to know who did that. Dawkins said it couldn’t have been them because of how good they air. He turned his back to the target and tossed one over the shoulder and it hit the bullseye. The Raiders were stunned. 

Basically, they did last week’s segment in reverse. I’m more curious how much it cost to have a cop car show up with an axe in the windshield. 

Caruso interviewed Crews. He said these have been the longest three weeks of his life but realized he had to reach deep within himself. All he needed was an opportunity and next week he faced Andrade for the US title. 

Vega showed up. She said he could cut his losses and walk away with his one good knee, or he can risk never walking again. Crews said Andrade better be ready. He wondered where Andrade was and figured he was scared he’d get slapped again. He told Caruso that he’d become the new US champion next week. 

After a break, a cop lectured the teams about how dangerous the axe throwing was. She decided to let them go with a warning because she thought Ivar was cute. She didn’t think much of Erik. 

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defeated Baron Corbin in a non-title match (9:09) 

Before the match, MVP and Lashley entered to watch from the stage. MVP was impressed by Corbin. He also noted that McIntyre held the prestigious WWE Championship. Lashley said McIntyre was on notice. He would pry the WWE title out of his cold dead hands if he had to. 

Corbin did his spot where he slips out and back into the ring and hits a clothesline but it only got a one count. Later, Corbin hit a superplex but McIntyre kicked out at one again. McIntyre caught him off the ropes and hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, followed by a big boot, axe handle and spinebuster. Corbin came back with a sidewalk slam for another one count. 

McIntyre followed with a Future Shock DDT. He went for a Claymore Kick but Corbin countered into a Deep Six for a two count. McIntyre avoided End of Days and hit a headbutt. He followed soon after with a Claymore Kick for the pinfall win. 

After the match, McIntyre taunted Lashley from the ring, daring him to become the killer he is. MVP held back Lashley. They went off the air as McIntyre posed with the belt. 

Final Thoughts -- 

Thoughts are with Shad Gaspard and his family.