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WWE Raw live results: Edge returns, Big E vs. Kevin Owens


Date: November 29, 2021
Location: UBS Arena in Elmont, New York. 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Raw’s main event ended in a DQ and Edge returned to begin a feud with The Miz. 

Liv Morgan faces Becky Lynch for the title next week. 

Show Recap -- 

Seth Rollins entered to start the show as the announcers ran down tonight’s card. 

Rollins said people might expect him to be in a bad mood after what happened last week but he was in a great mood because he had some breaking news: he would be facing Big E for the WWE title at Day 1 in Atlanta. It would be day one of the new year and day one of a new era. 

Finn Bálor interrupted. He did his usual entrance before charging to the ring to attack Rollins. Bálor clotheslined Rollins (and himself) over the barricade into the timekeeper’s area and tossed him around ringside. Rollins fought back briefly but Bálor gave him a slingblade on the outside before hitting him with the steel steps. 

Rollins, who just got hit with the steel steps, told the referee to go ahead and start the match. 

Seth Rollins defeated Finn Bálor (8:41) 

Bálor hit a flip dive and they went to break a few seconds into the match, and less than 10 minutes into the show. 

Bálor was in control until Rollins stopped him from attempting the Coup de Grace and hit a superplex into a falcon arrow for two. Rollins tried a frog splash but Bálor got his knees up and used a cradle for two. Bálor followed with a foot stomp for two and Rollins responded with a slingblade and superkick for two. 

Bálor avoided a stomp and followed with another slingblade and a shotgun dropkick. Rollins avoided a Coup de Grace again and they traded strikes. Bálor set up for a reverse DDT but Rollins poked him in the eye, which the ref didn’t see. 

Rollins followed with a back elbow and curb stomp for the pinfall win. 

Good match for the time they had. Unfortunately, like last week, I don’t think this did Bálor any favours. He beat up Rollins before the match and still lost. Rollins did cheat but it wasn’t much. (Also, the slow-motion replay showed that Rollins didn’t actually get him in the eye.) 


Austin Theory approached Vince McMahon in his office backstage. They shook hands and Theory asked how he was doing. Vince hated that question because he knew that nobody actually wanted to hear the answer. 

Vince invited Theory to stay in his office tonight so they can watch the show together. Theory was nervous initially but seemed excited to hear that. His excitement didn’t last long when Vince said, “If you steal from me again, I’ll kill you.” 


Raw Women’s Championship contract signing 

Becky Lynch took credit for Liv Morgan getting her first contract signing and for firing her up last week. Lynch warned her that one punch wasn’t going to be enough to beat her. Lynch wondered what Morgan would do when she finally gets the shot. Lynch already signed the contract and invited Morgan to do the same. 

Sonya Deville announced that the match would happen next week. They piped in fake cheering for that announcement, which was silly because Lynch made fun of the Long Island crowd for being upset that they don’t get the match this week. She also made a dig at the New York Islanders for not having a win yet in their new arena. 

Morgan told her to shut up. Morgan played a clip of an emotional Lynch interview following Survivor Series where she spoke about her win and how great it felt being able to share these moments with someone she cared about (Rollins) and mentioned that they almost died in a car crash. 

Morgan mocked her for crying after all the times that Lynch mocked her for the same. Morgan said Lynch must hate what she’s become. Morgan threatened to attack her right now but Deville got in her way. 

Lynch told her that the interview showed her emotion following a big win, something Morgan would know nothing about. Lynch requested a 10-woman tag match earlier tonight and Deville showed the teams they came up with. Morgan accepted the challenge. 

Lynch was the heel here, obviously, but they unintentionally made her way more sympathetic than Morgan, who was being kind of a jerk. 


Riddle approached Randy Orton, surprised that Orton wasn’t dressed like him. Riddle said they Freaky Friday’d last week and thought it would be awesome if they remade that movie with them. Riddle was ready to let him ride his scooter. Orton said Riddle was even more braindead than he thought if he expected him to ride a scooter barefoot to the ring. 

Orton appreciated what Riddle was doing but they needed to be ruthless and stay ten steps ahead of everyone. Riddle asked Orton to close his eyes and he obliged. Riddle put a wig on his head. Orton saw himself in the mirror and told Riddle to remove the wig immediately. He did. 

These two continue to be very good together. 

Randy Orton & Riddle defeated Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships (10:27) 

Roode and Ziggler took control before a break by attacking RK-Bro on the outside. Orton hit a back suplex and made the hot tag to Riddle who hit strikes and suplexes and sentons on both men. Riddle also gave Roode a draping DDT which Orton enjoyed. 

Riddle tagged Orton and they both set up for RKOs but they both got countered. Ziggler gave Orton a Zig-Zag for a nearfall. Orton dodged a superkick and gave Ziggler an RKO for the pinfall win. 

This match was fine. The crowd popped for the win. 


Kevin Owens approached Rollins in the back. Owens informed him that if he beat Big E tonight, he would be added to their title match at Day 1 (per Adam Pearce). Rollins laughed because he didn’t believe him. Owens told him to go ask Pearce. 


Edge entered for the top-of-the-hour segment. 

[Second Hour] 

Rollins approached Pearce and told him what Owens just said. Pearce said Owens was, in fact, lying. Rollins was relieved. After Rollins left, Deville admitted that Owens’ idea was a good one. 

Edge promo/return of Miz and Maryse 

Edge said he was glad to be back. The last time we saw him he beat Rollins inside Hell in a Cell and now Rollins was the number one contender. He admitted that Rollins deserved it because he was operating on a whole other level right now. Edge was ready to fight someone new and there was a long list of candidates: AJ Styles, Finn Bálor, Kevin Owens, Damian Priest and Big E. 

The Miz and Maryse interrupted. They showed clips of Miz on Dancing With The Stars. Miz was annoyed that Edge received the big return announcement and press release. Miz wondered if that’s all Edge’s career was now — returning for the big moment after injuries and retirements. 

Miz was happy to announce that Maryse was back. However, Miz was annoyed that Edge didn’t mention his name on his list of potential opponents. Edge mocked him for dressing as a genie on DWTS and, after Maryse talked about how great he was, Edge also mocked him for not coming close to winning. Miz yelled at the fans for not voting for him. 

Edge knew that Miz was targeting him because it put him in the main event picture. He prompted the crowd to chant “Miz sucks.” Miz said he didn’t need Edge’s help to be in the main event. He was WWE Champion eight months ago while Edge hasn’t been champion in a long time. Miz said he surpassed Edge and suggested that Edge should have stayed home. 

Edge admitted that he can’t fight for much longer but there was a reason that everyone in the back wanted to be across the ring from him. Edge said Miz spends too much time complaining. He credited Miz for getting very far coming from Tough Enough and did, in fact, beat John Cena at WrestleMania. 

He said Miz was even used to get cheap heat on the other show (AEW). (That got a slight buzz from the crowd.) Edge spoke about how hard he worked just to get back here while Miz was just using this as a launching point for his next endeavour while his tag partner got fired. 

Miz was getting upset so he took off his shades and Edge challenged him to a fight. Miz acted like he might fight but he left. 


Sarah Schreiber asked AJ Styles and Omos about the Street Profits using a fire extinguisher last week. Styles wore shades because he claimed he couldn’t see after getting sprayed in the face. He warned the Street Profits that they were going to get burned. (Styles acted like he couldn’t see throughout the interview and Omos had to stop him from bumping into stuff.) 

The Street Profits defeated Alpha Academy (3:15) 

Styles joined commentary for the match. He tried to interfere but Montez Ford easily knocked him aside. Ford gave Chad Gable a frog splash and the Street Profits came up with a quick win. 

Styles remained on the ground after the match and looked up at Omos, wondering what just happened. Styles came across like a comedy loser between this and the earlier segment. 


Rollins approached Owens. Rollins acted like a child and said, “liar, liar, pants on fire.” Owens said he wasn’t lying. If he beats Big E tonight, he’s added to their match. Rollins laughed as Owens walked away.  

(There’s a new bumper ad for SmackDown in Canada that includes Hit Row.) 


Damian Priest defeated Apollo Crews (w/Commander Azeez) to retain the United States Championship (8:27) 

They went to break a minute into the match after Commander Azeez distracted Priest and Crews wiped him out with a flying knee strike. Azeez got involved again after the break so the ref kicked him out. Priest’s face changed like a cartoon and he fired up before hitting a chokeslam and Reckoning for the pinfall win. 

This was not a good match and they cut away from this quickly. 


Rollins approached Pearce and Deville seeking clarification. Pearce said Deville liked Owens’ idea so they made it official. If Owens wins tonight, he’s added to the title match. Rollins was pissed. 


Dominik & Rey Mysterio defeated Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin (3:02) 

The Mysterios hit a double 619 and Dominik pinned Alexander after a frog splash. 

Rey and Dominik needed a win so this served its purpose. Alexander and Benjamin used the Hurt Business music but their association with the group seems to end there. 

[Third Hour] 

There was a long Smackdown recap. 

10-woman tag match: Liv Morgan, Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Nikki ASH, & 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke defeated Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, Tag Team Champions Carmella & Queen Zelina, Tamina & Doudrop (19:36) 

A few minutes in, Belair got Tamina up for the KOD but Tamina’s teammates pulled her out of the ring and all ten women just stood around as they waited for the commercial break to start. Doudrop was randomly in control over Nikki following the break. 

Nikki dodged a leg drop by Lynch and quickly scampered to her corner but she got there too quickly and had to stop abruptly because it wasn’t time to make a tag yet. Carmella cut her off but Nikki made a tag to Ripley. 

Ripley hit Carmella in the face before knocking a few opponents off the apron.  This led to everyone trading moves (the highlight being Belair giving Tamina a Glam Slam). Carmella escaped a Rip-tide and hit a superkick for two. 

After a second break, Brooke made a tag to Morgan who hit Tamina with strikes and a Codebreaker but Lynch broke up the cover. Nikki wiped out Lynch with a crossbody to the outside before Doudrop knocked down Nikki with a clothesline. 

Zelina and Carmella shoved Brooke off the top to the outside into a group of bodies, which didn’t look fun for anyone considering how fast Brooke came down. 

Tamina gave Morgan a superkick for a nearfall and Morgan followed with an Oblivion for the pinfall win. 

Lynch immediately attacked Morgan after the match. A few others brawled, and once the ring was clear, Morgan laid out Lynch with an Oblivion. 

This match was rough and the crowd didn’t seem to care. There was also no explanation for why nobody attacked Brooke for her 24/7 title before or after the match. 


There was another segment with Vince and Austin. Vince explained to him the element of surprise. I think. 

Veer Mahaan is coming. 

There was a big video package for Bobby Lashley. 


Kevin Patrick asked Big E if the Owens’ stipulation added any pressure. Big E said “no” and walked off. He came back because he knew Patrick wanted more. Big E said he feared no man and he feared no Kevins (he gave Kevin Patrick a look). Big E planned on finally ridding himself of that “duplicitous scourge” Kevin Owens and would face Rollins one-on-one for the title. 

Big E was good here. 


Theory told Vince he had a great time tonight. Vince asked what he learned. Theory said to expect the unexpected. Vince seemed happy and was going to show him out but slapped him in the face instead. Vince said Theory had a lot to learn. 


Rollins joined commentary for the main event. 

Kevin Owens defeated WWE Champion Big E in a non-title match via DQ (16:26) 

Owens fell to the outside and Rollins was being annoying so Owens slapped him, which was funny. Big E gave Owens a splash on the apron but Owens followed by giving him a DDT on the steel steps. 

After a break, Owens hit a superplex for two. Big E came back with three belly-to-belly suplexes but Owens got his knees up on a splash. Owens tried a senton but Big E got his knees up too and followed with a splash for two. 

Big E tried a spear through the ropes but Owens got his knee up and followed with a cannonball for two. They traded right hands until Owens hit a superkick for two. Big E responded with an STO for two. Owens came back with a pop-up powerbomb for a nearfall. 

Owens started making his way to the top but decided to attack Rollins. He attempted a stunner on Big E but it was blocked. Owens hit a superkick but Big E came right back with a clothesline. 

Rollins took the bait and attacked Owens for the DQ. The crowd lightly groaned as Rollins gave Big E a curb stomp. 

They announced that Owens was the winner by DQ which meant he’s being added to the title match. Owens laughed as Rollins freaked out. 

A brutal ending to yet another boring Raw show.