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WWE Raw live results: Edge vs. Dominik Mysterio

Plus, a Women's Tag Team title match and Johnny Gargano's return to the ring.

Date: September 12, 2022
Location: Moda Center in Portland, OR 

Show Recap --

The Raw intro and fireworks kicked things off. (Brock Lesnar, Becky Lynch, Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton are among those featured in the opening.)

Seth Rollins entered. The crowd chanted his song. Rollins bragged about beating Matt Riddle and about the Cardiff crowd singing his song. Despite Riddle’s request, Rollins was not interested in a rematch. As Rollins pondered what was next, the crowd chanted “rematch.” Rollins said it has been far too long since he held championship gold.

Riddle interrupted. He charged into the ring and attacked Rollins, dumping him over the top rope. They briefly brawled in the crowd until Rollins managed to escape to the back.

Before Riddle could go after him, Finn Bálor and Damian Priest entered to their music. Riddle was ready for a fight but they told him to relax.

Priest offered Riddle a spot in Judgment Day. Priest said it wasn’t long ago that they were all in the same situation, superstars on the rise with something, or someone, holding them back. Priest said there was no holding them back now and Bálor mentioned how much Dominik has grown already.

Riddle acknowledged that he and Priest went back a long time but he was focused on Rollins right now. He turned them down. Bálor said laws were a little relaxed in Portland so Riddle’s head must be cloudy. The crowd cheered. Bálor said Riddle better join or else.

Riddle attacked Bálor and knocked Priest over the top rope. Commercial break. 


Finn Bálor (w/Damian Priest) defeated Matt Riddle (approx. 13:32)

The match was underway after the break. This was only the second-ever match between these two.

Bálor was in control and remained in control thanks to a distraction by Priest. Bálor hit a headlock elbow drop onto the ring apron which led to break. Riddle came back with a fisherman’s suplex, Pelé kick, forearm strikes, exploder suplex, PK and a springboard dive (which also took out Priest). Riddle went to the top but Priest distracted him again which allowed Bálor to hit another headlock elbow drop.

Rey Mysterio flew in from out of nowhere and attacked Priest through the crowd. Riddle followed with a Bro-to-sleep and German suplex for a nearfall. Riddle tried a floating bro but Bálor got his knees up and followed with a shotgun dropkick. Riddle avoided a Coup de Grâce and hit a draping DDT.

Riddle set up for an RKO but there was another distraction, this time by Rollins. Riddle tried going after him but Bálor caught Riddle with an inverted DDT and finished him off with Coup de Grâce for the pinfall win.

— Rollins stomped Riddle after the match.

The announcers tried to get over the fact that Rollins was done with Riddle. The angle felt a bit redundant.


Bayley told Sarah Schreiber that Dakota Kai and IYO SKY should have been tag champions in the first place and the replay of that match made it clear. Kai told her not to worry about the past and SKY said they would win tonight. Schreiber asked Bayley about being the first person to pin Bianca Belair in over a year. Bayley blew her off and they left.


Dominik Mysterio promo

There was a Dominik Mysterio video set to some ominous music. He said he’s always been known as a Mysterio but at Clash of the Castle, he felt alive for the first time in his life. Edge got what he deserved and he would finish the job tonight.

Dom wanted his father to know that this was his life. Rey should look at himself in the mirror and wonder why he didn’t get to know him. Rey should have asked him what he wanted for his career. Dominik said Rey cast a large shadow for such a tiny man and he was done living under it.

Rhea Ripley whispered something in Dom’s ear and he finished by saying, “I’m not your baby boy anymore — I’m a man.”


There was a quick Johnny Gargano video package.

Austin Theory did an interview where he introduced Gargano’s opponent for tonight, Chad Gable. Gable laughed at the name, “Johnny Wrestling” and said that after tonight, he would only be known as “Johnny Shoosh.”


Dakota Kai & IYO SKY (w/Bayley) defeated Aliyah & Raquel Rodriguez to win the Women’s Tag Team Championships (12:29)

They went to break two minutes into the match after Rodriguez chucked Aliyah onto Kai and SKY.


Aliyah tagged in after the break and did a couple of flashy spots before Kai and SKY took over when Kai tripped her behind the referee’s back. They worked over Aliyah until she hit them both with a double neckbreaker. She tagged in Rodriguez who simply launched Kai into SKY.

Rodriguez hit Kai with a splash and boot but SKY broke up Aliyah’s cover. SKY tried a hurricanrana but Rodriguez blocked and sent them both over the top. Aliyah put Kai in a schoolboy for a nearfall. Aliyah followed with a facebuster but Bayley put Kai’s leg on the bottom rope to break up the fall.

Rodriguez chased Bayley away but SKY wiped her out with a moonsault to the outside (which didn’t look fun for Rodriguez).

Kai gave Aliyah a Kai-ropractor (flipping codebreaker) for the pinfall win.

Damage CTRL posed on the stage with their new title belts as fireworks went off.


Rey approached Dominik as he warmed up for his match. Rey saw what Dom said earlier and admitted he didn’t know that Dom felt that way. 

Rey pleaded with him to do the right thing and not go through with the match. Edge was like a brother to him and an uncle to Dom. He also warned Dom how dangerous Edge could be. Dom didn’t look at him once. Rey said if Dom went through with this, things would never be the same. Ripley showed up and pulled Dom away.


Johnny Gargano defeated Chad Gable (w/Otis) (13:52)

This was really good. The crowd liked Gargano and got into the match more as it went.

(Google says otherwise but Gable appeared to be a bit taller than Gargano.)

They did some quick chain wrestling early on until Gable dropped Gargano with a right hand. Gargano came back with a dive off the apron which led to a break. Gable was in control after a break but Gargano made a comeback and hit a great-looking slingshot spear for two. Gable followed with a Cliffhanger DDT for two and a beautiful bridging German suplex for two.

Gargano applied the Gargano Escape but Gable countered into an ankle lock. Gable fought out of that and they exchanged strikes until Gargano dropped Gable with a clothesline.

Gable was sent to the outside and he fell into the arms of Otis. Gargano hit them with a dive which sent Otis into the announce table. Gargano hit Gable with One Final beat for the pinfall win.

— Otis tried to attack after the match but Gargano hit him with two superkicks. Otis was still on his feet so Gargano did a crotch-chop before rolling out of the ring.

As Gargano backed up the ramp, Theory attacked him from behind with the briefcase. 


Austin Theory/Kevin Owens segment

After a break, Theory bragged about what he did to “overrated” Johnny Gargano but his promo was drowned out by “what” chants.

He was also interrupted by Kevin Owens who got a big reaction. Theory wanted him to shut up. Owens reminded Theory that he was no longer the hand-picked guy. Theory let him know that he has accomplished more in a few months than Owens and Gargano had in years.

Owens said Theory had everything handed to him. Owens admitted that when he won the Universal title, it was handed to him on a silver platter. But that’s where their similarities ended.

Owens noted how many guys have showed up in WWE looking just like Theory but they didn’t last because they were a dime a dozen. However, only a handful of guys like Owens and Gargano could make it and this business needed people like them. The crowd cheered. Owens called Theory the appendix of this business — completely expendable.

Owens hopes Theory does reach the top but Owens has been watching him and just doesn’t see it in him. He wanted Theory to prove him wrong. Owens fired up and encouraged Theory to leave everything he had in this ring and that’s how he would become the future of WWE. (Owens was so good here psyching up Theory that the crowd chanted for him.)

Theory flexed and told Owens that he would never be like him. Owens said talking sense into Theory didn’t work so he slapped him instead. They brawled and Owens was getting the better of it until referees tried breaking it up.

Theory tried to attack with his briefcase but after Owens ducked and went for a stunner, Theory bailed.

Theory had a bloody nose and Owens mocked him, saying he broke his nose and that was just the beginning.


Bianca Belair came out for an open challenge.

Sonya Deville entered. Deville said hasn’t forgotten what Belair did to her and blamed Belair for costing her the authority position. Belair told her to shut up and get in the ring. 

Bianca Belair defeated Sonya Deville to retain the Raw Women’s Championship (12:03)

(Corey Graves said that Deville is “a badass, legitimately speaking,” which is an odd thing to say.)

Deville had control through a commercial. She dodged a moonsault and hit a running knee for two. Belair came back with a spinebuster for two. Deville hit some sort of knee strike or dropkick off the middle rope for two. Belair hit the KOD moments later for the pinfall win.

— Bayley entered after the match. She said Damage CTRL was here to take over the division and bragged about being the first to defeat Belair in over 300 days despite not even having a match herself in over a year (aside from the one Aliyah match in Toronto).

Damage CTRL surrounded the ring like the Shield and they jumped Belair. They attacked until Asuka and Alexa Bliss made the save. Bayley was left alone in the ring so Belair gave her a spinebuster.


1-on-2 handicap match: Omos (w/MVP) defeated two guys (1:39)

Omos won.

Sportsnet in Canada was having technical difficulties so I could only hear what was happening. I understand USA Network was having trouble too. The video feed returned as soon as the match was over.


Rey tried pleading with Edge but Edge said if anyone should deal with Dominik it should be him. 


Kevin Patrick approached Rollins who was annoyed that he still had to deal with Riddle. He wondered how many times he’d have to stomp Riddle’s head into the ground.

Bobby Lashley approached Rollins. He questioned Rollins calling himself the face of Raw because he wasn’t the one with the gold. Rollins said the US title wasn’t the one he referenced earlier when he said he wanted gold but challenged him to a title match next week. Lashley gladly accepted.


There was a taped segment with The Miz at his house. He said this was the only way you’d get to see him on Raw considering what’s been happening the past few weeks. His daughters approached him before he got them to go to bed.

Maryse approached and told him to wrap it up soon because they had a premiere to go to. Miz was wary about leaving the house but she tried reassuring him before going to the car.

Miz sat down to conduct the interview but the interviewer kept asking about Dexter Lumis so Miz cut it short. Miz and Maryse left in their SUV.

The camera panned back inside the house and Lumis was there. He had a drawing of Miz and Maryse with their daughters and he held it up for the camera.

(So Lumis is in the house with Miz’s daughters and presumably their babysitter.)


Next week on Raw:

  • Lashley vs. Rollins for the US title
  • Owens vs. Theory

(They aired a long replay of the earlier Owens/Theory segment.)


Dominik has his own entrance music (different than the Judgment Day theme).

Edge defeated Dominik Mysterio (w/Rhea Ripley) via disqualification (15:08)

Edge was all over Dominik early on. Dom tried a flashy counter so Edge just booted him. Dom did a fancy kip-up so Edge dropped him with a clothesline. Ripley tried giving Dom a pep talk but it didn’t work because Edge started tossing him around ringside. Dom tried pleading with uncle Edge so Edge kicked him in the face. The crowd chanted for Edge.

As the ref checked on Dominik, Ripley tripped Edge off the apron. Dom attacked his leg as well and they went to break. Dom worked over Edge’s leg and did the three amigos suplexes. He went up for a frog splash but Edge knocked him off the top.

Edge wanted to try a superplex but Ripley held Dom’s leg to help block it (which the ref didn’t notice). Dom shoved Edge off the ropes and hit a frog splash for two. Dom seemed to be going for a figure four but Edge kicked him into the ring post.

Edge hit a flapjack, clothesline and Edge-o-matic for two. Edge hit an impaler DDT before going for a spear but Dom rolled through into a single-leg Boston crab. Edge countered that into a rollup for two.

Edge trapped Dom’s arms in the ropes and hammered away at him as the crowd counted along until the ref shoved him off. (Graves said Dom was being taught a lesson by uncle Adam.)

Edge was about to go for a spear with Dom still trapped but Rey jumped in to stop him. Edge and Rey argued and Edge brushed him aside.

Priest yanked Rey out of the ring as Bálor attacked Edge for the DQ. (I think Priest did something to Rey outside the ring but the camera didn’t catch it.)

Ripley hit Edge’s leg from behind with a chair before Dom repeatedly hit his leg with the chair. They elevated Edge’s leg on the steel chair so that Bálor could hit the leg with Coup de Grâce.

Bálor let Edge know that Judgment Day was in charge as the crowd chanted “you suck.” Judgment Day posed as the show ended.