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WWE Raw live results: Elimination Chamber go-home show

Monday's Raw will feature appearances by Brock Lesnar, Lita, and more.

Date: February 14, 2022
Location: Gainsbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN 

Show Recap --

(They’ve added a voiceover to the signature video that starts every WWE show, so you can hear the words, “Then, Now, Forever, Together.”)

Bobby Lashley and MVP entered to start the show. Lashley said the Elimination Chamber has changed lives and shortened careers — but so has he. He has destroyed everyone put in front of him. MVP said Lashley only had about a 16% chance of winning the match, but when you add in the All Mighty factor, those odds increase to 100%.

Seth Rollins entered to say no one in the Chamber could beat Lashley except for him. Riddle entered, wearing his toga, and was confused by all of the math because he thought the academic challenge was over. Riddle went on with some story before saying he would win the Chamber before he and Randy Orton win the tag titles in two weeks.

Riddle invited them to the RK-Broga party, except maybe Rollins who had to get ready for his match against Orton. Riddle wanted to see Lashley in a toga.

Austin Theory interrupted. Theory said he would use Vince McMahon’s wisdom to help him with the Chamber. Theory also called himself Vince’s “hands-on” favourite. I think he meant hand-picked.

AJ Styles interrupted. He knew the odds were in no one’s favour but he was willing to do what it took because their legacies were on the line and he wanted his WrestleMania moment. He liked Riddle’s toga and agreed that being a double champion sounded nice. Styles planned on winning the US title tonight before winning the Chamber.

Lashley ran down each guy (while stumbling all over his words) before saying he would remain champion.

Brock Lesnar interrupted. He placed his coat and cowboy hat on Theory. Styles (off the mic) asked Theory if he was a coat rack. As Lashley and Lesnar faced off, Theory tried attacking Lesnar from behind so Lesnar suplexed him. After everyone else backed away, Lesnar laid out Theory with an F5. Lesnar used Theory’s phone to take a selfie over Theory’s body.


The Street Profits ran down tonight’s card in the back.

They showed a clip of Dolph Ziggler’s appearance on NXT last week.

Tommaso Ciampa randomly appeared on commentary for the upcoming match. The announcers introduced him but he didn’t get an entrance. (This hour is commercial-free.)

The Street Profits vs. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode (2:48)

Ziggler fell to the outside and Ciampa got up to clap for him. Ziggler feigned going for a superkick and Ciampa flinched. Ciampa responded by chucking water in Ziggler’s face. The distraction allowed Angelo Dawkins to give Robert Roode a spinebuster and Montez Ford followed with a frog splash for the pinfall win.

Ziggler knocked down Ciampa with a superkick after the match. The Street Profits tried attacking Ziggler but he bailed.


Apollo Crews, Commander Azeez, Queen Zelina, Carmella and a few background characters were shown backstage at the toga party. Riddle showed up and wondered where Orton was. He led the group in a “bro-ga” chant.

Kevin Patrick interviewed Orton in the locker room. Orton said toga parties weren’t exactly his thing. Plus, he had to get ready for Rollins. He knew Rollins probably had some plan to steal the title on Saturday but he would first have to deal with an RKO.


There was a Rocky Johnson video package narrated by The Rock. The crowd applauded and chanted “Rocky.”


They showed the results of a Twitter poll asking if Kevin Owens was lying about his love for Texas last week. 60.5% of people said yes.

There was a pre-taped promo by Owens. He figured he wouldn’t be on WrestleMania because he couldn’t compete at the Chamber. He heard all of the nasty things people of Texas had to say about him and he admitted that he was lying last week. The only plus about missing Mania was not having to wrestle in Dallas. He said if the country was the human body, Texas would be its ass.


Damian Priest defeated AJ Styles to retain the United States Championship (4:32)

They had a short match that played off of last week’s finish. As Priest came off the ropes, Styles went for the Phenomenal forearm but Priest avoided it and rolled him up for the pinfall win. Styles shook Priest’s hand after the match.

(This felt like a bit of a letdown.)


Alexa Bliss segment

Bliss told the psychiatrist that life was good and she finally felt happy. He presented her with a gift: the torn-up remains of Lilly. Bliss no-sold it. The psychiatrist said he had an idea. They played this up really dramatically.


1-on-2 handicap match: Omos defeated Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin (1:28)

Omos pinned Alexander after a tree slam.

(Alexander and Benjamin entered to the Hurt Business music and gear.) 


Reggie and Dana Brooke were having dinner at a restaurant and Brooke thanked him for bringing her there. (It was just a restaurant inside the arena.) Akira Tozawa and Tamina showed up at the restaurant dressed in disguise. They put “to be continued” on the screen like this is a sitcom.

Elsewhere, Kevin Patrick and the Street Profits joined the toga party. They had a beer pong table set up and Dawkins drained a ping pong ball shot with no problem.

[Second Hour]

(Like last week, they followed a talk-heavy, commercial-free first hour with a talking segment to open the second hour.)

Corey Graves let us know that WWE continues to influence the world.

Becky Lynch-Lita contract signing 

A downtrodden Becky Lynch entered and asked Lita not to go through with this match. Lynch couldn’t sleep all week thinking about having to face her idol. Lynch said Lita had nothing left to prove and she should leave now to protect her legacy. Lynch didn’t want to fight her and the only people who wanted to see them fight were these sick fans.

Lita said she wasn’t back for one last match, she wanted a long run — a championship run. Lita said Lynch was worried because she showed last week that she still had what it took to beat her. Like it or not, this match was happening. Lita signed.

Lynch said Lita was pushing her beyond a point she’d be able to come back from. She would do whatever it took to keep her title and wouldn’t hesitate to go after Lita’s neck. Lynch said when they remember Lita, they’ll do so with a tear in their eye.

Lita brought up her influence over Lynch’s career and said if she had anything to do with Lynch’s current state, then maybe she should be the one to put an end to her reign. Lynch chucked the contract across the table like a child and left with her head hanging like Charlie Brown. 


There was an Elimination Chamber video followed by promos by Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH. (Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair did promos later.) 

The winner of the upcoming gauntlet match will get to enter last in the women’s chamber match.

(They finally went to commercial before this match) 

Gauntlet match: 

Rhea Ripley defeated Nikki ASH

Nikki was being aggressive and controlled the match for a little while until Ripley fought back and hit a Rip-tide for the pinfall.

Rhea Ripley defeated Liv Morgan (4:13)

Morgan was in control until Ripley caught her in a standing cloverleaf. Morgan got to the rope but Ripley wouldn’t let go so Morgan drove her into the turnbuckle. However, Ripley came right back with a superkick and Rip-tide for the pinfall.

Rhea Ripley vs. Doudrop (4:52)

They said this was the first time these two have wrestled (same with Ripley and Morgan) which isn’t true. It was pretty good while it lasted and Ripley picked up the pinfall with another Rip-tide. The crowd liked that.

Bianca Belair defeated Rhea Ripley to win the gauntlet match

The announcers said Ripley has been wrestling for over 32 minutes even though her total in-ring time so far is probably closer to 12-13 minutes. The rest has been commercial breaks and entrances. They also said this was another first-time-ever match which, again, isn’t true.

This one went through a break. When they returned, Belair gave Ripley a version of the Glam Slam for two. They countered each others’ finishers before slapping the heck out of each other. Belair slammed Ripley off the top rope before Ripley got her knees up on a standing moonsault attempt. Ripley followed with a missile dropkick for a nearfall.

Belair fought back with a spinebuster and KOD for the pinfall win. This was quite good and the crowd was really into it. Belair and Ripley embraced after the match.

Belair will enter the Chamber match last. (There is still one mystery wrestler to be announced.)


Back at the toga party, Riddle was playing a song on guitar before he was attacked by Chad Gable and Otis. They chucked some tables aside and Gable hit Riddle with the guitar.

(The rest of the party-goers ran away upon seeing Otis and Gable bust in. Fortunately, Ford and Dawkins were already gone so they weren’t among those running away. Crews and Azeez also left early.)

[Third Hour]

They congratulated the LA Rams on winning the Super Bowl and showed Leonard Floyd with the replica WWE title belt.

Back at the restaurant, Truth, Tozawa and Tamina ran after Brooke and Reggie who managed to hide. When they reappeared, Brooke thanked Reggie for saving her again. Reggie wanted to take their friendship to another level but Brooke said she didn’t mean to lead him on. Reggie realized they were only going to be friends, so he rolled her up to win the 24/7 title. After Reggie left, Truth mocked her and the waiter asked Brooke to pay for the bill. 


Gable cut a promo before the upcoming match. He told the crowd to shush or else he’d put them on academic probation. He figured most of them were already on some sort of probation.

Gable complained about the academic challenge. He couldn’t believe they hired an Irishman with an accent thicker than Otis’ neck to be the host. He called Riddle and Orton cheaters and blamed the fans for helping them win. He also called the Mysterios cheaters and played a clip of Rey helping Dominik beat the Miz last week. Rey and Dominik had no problem celebrating this win.

Gable’s promo was interrupted by Miz and Maryse who entered to join commentary. (Gable was very good again here.)

Raw Tag Team Champions Alpha Academy defeated Rey & Dominik Mysterio in a non-title match

They worked over Rey until he avoided an Otis Vader Bomb. Dominik made the hot tag and hit Gable with a hurricanrana and tornado DDT for two. Dominik went for the three amigos suplexes but Gable reversed the third one into a tiger suplex for two. Dominik wiped out Otis with a dive while Rey drove Gable into the barricade with a sliding powerbomb.

After a break, Gable gained control with suplexes but Dominik dodged a moonsault and used a schoolboy for two. Rey tagged in and gave Gable a hurricanrana and kick to the head for two. Rey might’ve been momentarily distracted by Miz and Gable followed with a German suplex. Rey came back with a bulldog but Otis broke up the cover.

The Mysterios drove Otis into the ring post before giving Gable a double 619. Miz hopped on the apron so Mysterio took him out with a seated senton. This distracted Dominik and the extra time allowed Gable to reverse a flying crossbody into a rollup for the pinfall win. This was a fun match.

Maryse entered the ring and distracted the Mysterios (she might’ve slapped Rey) allowing Miz to chuck Dominik from the ring before giving Rey a Skull Crushing Finale.


Alexa Bliss segment #2

The psychiatrist gave Bliss a new Lilly doll with the remains of the old Lilly inside. After all of these weeks, he concluded that she would be just fine — as long as she kept Lilly by her side. She thanked him and shook his hand. She also made him shake Lilly’s hand. Before leaving, Bliss started the Newton’s cradle (she stopped it back when these segments started). Bliss told Lilly she was healed.

Bliss mentioned that there was an opening in the Chamber match and they promptly announced that Bliss was now in the match. 


Seth Rollins entered, they went to commercial, aired a Smackdown recap video, ran down the Elimination Chamber card (which now includes Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz), Randy Orton entered, and they went to commercial again. 

Seth Rollins defeated Randy Orton

Rollins was in control until Orton gave him a back suplex on the announce table. Rollins blocked a draping DDT and followed with a flying knee strike and suicide dive.

After a break, Rollins hit a vertical suplex but Orton came back with a superplex for two. They went back-and-forth until Rollins hit a slingblade but Orton countered a curb stomp into a powerslam for two. Rollins followed with a superkick for two.

Rollins hit consecutive elbow strikes but Orton dodged the stomp again and followed with a draping DDT and RKO.

The Alpha Academy music somehow hit the instant Orton hit the RKO. As Gable and Otis ran out, Riddle attacked them from behind. Orton went after Otis and Gable to help Riddle but had to hurry back to avoid a count-out. As Orton slid back in the ring, Rollins stomped him for the pinfall win.