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WWE Raw live results: Extreme Rules build continues


Date: July 1, 2019
Location: American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Ricochet beat AJ Styles, AJ Styles turned heel, Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman crashed through the set in a dramatic angle, the Street Profits debuted, Maria Kanellis might be pregnant, the word “bitch” was said at least three times, and the word “sh*t” was said on commentary. 

Paul Heyman was on the show but was only referred to as the advocate for Brock Lesnar. 

Show Recap -- 

Raw started with a cold open (as usual) and the announcers ran down tonight’s show. Among the things they plugged was a possible appearance by the Undertaker. There was a sudden shot of the Street Profits standing backstage (wearing their NXT tag belts) but it was never acknowledged and the camera quickly went back to the arena. 

Falls Count Anywhere match: Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley 

Lashley hit a spear early on, but Strowman cut him off on the outside with a shoulder tackle and senton (yes) for two. Lashley followed with another spear for two. The fight quickly went into the crowd, and Lashley used a steel chair for a two count. The crowd greeted him with “you suck” chants. 

Strowman fought him off, backed up and charged at Lashley with a running shoulder tackle for two. Strowman then launched him on top of the stage but Lashley fought back and gave him a vertical suplex, which the crowd appreciated, for two. 

Strowman then charged and drove both himself and Lashley through the stage, which caused a big explosion. They went right through the video boards to the other side as sparks and exploding noises kept going off. 

The crowd went nuts and Corey Graves said, “holy sh*t!” (Not censored.) Both guys remained down as people came in with fire extinguishers. The lighting on the stage is completely off. The crowd chanted, “holy sh*t.” A camera shot from the side of the arena was used to show officials and EMTs assist Lashley and Strowman. 

The visual looked very different than anything they’ve done before. The announcers also stopped speaking after Graves’ line. (As the EMTs went to work the crowd could be heard counting to ten.) Suddenly, they went to break without the announcers saying a word. 

Back from break, Michael Cole used his somber voice to explain what just happened at let us know each man was going to be sent to a local medical facility. Lashley was loaded an ambulance first, then Strowman in a second one. 

Graves explained that someone yelled, “cut the power” as the explosions were going off. They also explained that the area they crashed through is where the show is being powered from. They showed the fifth or sixth replay of what happened, then the Viking Raiders’ music started for their entrance. The stage and ramp were all completely dark. 

Big E & Xavier Woods defeated The Viking Raiders via DQ (2:40) 

The video boards were working again for New Day’s entrance. New Day came out as jovial as ever despite what just happened. 

Samoa Joe ran out and attacked Woods so the referee called for the bell (presumably a DQ win for New Day). Kofi Kingston ran out to make the save, but Ivar attacked him from behind. Officials backed off the heels as Big E and Woods checked on Kingston. 

6-man tag match: Samoa Joe & The Viking Raiders defeated WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods & Big E (7:11) 

The match was made official during a break. Graves said there were rumours that Joe vs. Kingston would be a ladder match at Extreme Rules. Cole and Renee Young wanted more information but Graves tried to move on and Renee got annoyed because he’s the one who brought it up. 

Kingston made a hot tag and ran wild on Ivar. He gave Erik a boom drop but got distracted by Joe and ate a running knee by Erik. Big E gave Erik a belly-to-belly suplex and Woods followed with a baseball slide, then Ivar took out Woods with a suicide dive. 

Kingston took out Ivar, then Joe caught Kingston from behind in the Coquina Clutch. Kingston eventually passed out and the referee called for the bell. The crowd was tepid during Kingston’s comeback but they were chanting for him to get out of the submission. I believe this was Kingston’s first loss of any kind since he lost to The Bar at Fastlane (before WrestleMania). 

Drake Maverick (wearing a “Maverick 24:7” t-shirt) and his wife, Renee Michelle, were backstage. She had a blindfold on. She thought they were going to a beach but was disappointed when she saw they were at Raw. Maverick panicked and introduced her to Dana Brooke, who happened to be nearby. 

She told him he was obsessed with the 24/7 title and he needed to choose between her or the belt. He chose her and they hugged. As they hugged, R-Truth showed up to taunt Maverick. (Maverick covered Michelle’s ears, but it’s absurd to think she couldn’t hear Truth behind her.) 

AJ Styles met with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows backstage. They were friendly with each other this week. He mentioned their loss to the Viking Raiders last week, then they reminded him that he only barely beat Ricochet. They questioned whether he could beat Ricochet for the title. Anderson even offered to make a bet with his “hot Asian wife” on the line. Styles put over Ricochet as a superstar, then made a comment about Anderson’s wife. I think he said he would keep the bet in mind and Anderson was caught off guard. 

Cesaro vs. No Way Jose 

The match never happened. Truth was in the conga line and danced with Renee Michelle, who sat at ringside with Maverick. The usual crew ran out and chased Truth to the back. Cesaro attacked Jose from behind, then gave him a suplex and Neutralizer on the outside. 

Backstage, Charly Caruso introduced us to Raw’s newest tag team, the Street Profits. Montez Ford was about to do an impression of The Rock but Angelo Dawkins stopped him. Ford then sang, Dawkins danced, then Caruso danced. 

[Second hour] 

Backstage, Sarah Schreiber interviewed The Miz who said he would send Elias back to being an out-of-work musician. He then warned Shane McMahon that he heard Undertaker may be here tonight, which popped the crowd. 

Shane McMahon/Drew McIntyre/Undertaker segment 

McMahon and McIntyre came out for a promo. They went on for a while about what they did to Roman Reigns and what they will do to Undertaker. McIntyre called Taker the greatest legend in the history of the WWE who put down every man he’s come across. McIntyre said he himself was no ordinary man and he doesn’t give a damn about the Undertaker. 

McIntyre heard the rumours tonight and came dressed to fight. The crowd chanted for Taker and McIntyre called him out. Storm sound effects went off, the arena went black and lighting struck the ring. 

Taker’s music hit and he eventually made his way to the ring. McIntyre and McMahon bailed into the crowd. McIntyre wasn’t acting scared, it was more that Shane directed them to leave the ring. 

Taker said Reigns never asked for his help because that’s not who he is. Taker called himself the reaper of wayward souls and was here to collect theirs. He said Shane had his respect, at least a little bit, for giving everything inside Hell in a Cell and coming out alive. However, Shane fell victim to his own greed and ego. 

Taker said Shane might be the best in this world, but where he’s sending them, they’ll just be another couple of lost souls. He said they would never rest in peace. 

Backstage, Baron Corbin was with Lacey Evans. Corbin wondered why Seth Rollins would throw it all away for his latest fling. Evans has seen Rollins’ wandering eyes and said he should have never put his faith into Becky Lynch. 

They cut back to the arena where Taker exited up the ramp. 

Lacey Evans (w/Baron Corbin) defeated Natalya (3:32) 

Evans dominated for a few minutes until Natalya made a comeback. She was distracted by Corbin but still managed to get a roll-up on Evans for a two. I’m pretty sure Natalya yelled “bitch” at Evans after a discus clothesline. 

As Natalya came off the ropes, Corbin tripped her (the referee was checking on Evans) then Evans gave her the “women’s right” for the pinfall win. The crowd booed loudly when Corbin tripped Natalya. 

Ricochet was speaking with Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder backstage when Caruso showed up and asked Hawkins and Ryder to leave so she could interview Ricochet. She asked about his match with Styles last week. Ricochet was happy to be in the main event and given the opportunity to face Styles again, he could “probably” beat him. 

Anderson and Gallows showed up to give him a hard time. Ricochet said if they were looking for a match, he was always willing to defend the title. Anderson and Gallows said he had someone else to worry about. Graves wondered who they were talking about. (Ricochet did not come across well here.) 

After a break, Styles found Anderson and Gallows, who lied and said Ricochet talked trash about him. Styles believed them and said he would have a talk with Ricochet. They were annoyed that all he wanted to do was talk. Anderson got in his face and asked where the old AJ Styles was, the one he knew in Japan, the one who would go to Ricochet and smack him in the face. 

Styles walked around the corner and Ricochet was there warming up. Styles confronted him about what said. Ricochet didn’t know what he was talking about, but was willing to have another match if that’s what he wanted. Styles said he would take Ricochet’s title tonight and the crowd popped. Styles then smacked Ricochet hard in the face, then Ricochet smacked him back. This was good. 

2-out-of-3 falls match: The Miz defeated Elias (8:56) 

Miz attacked Elias before the match. The referee separated them to start the match, then Miz immediately gave him a Skull Crushing Finale to win the first fall in 10 seconds. About 80 seconds later, Elias gave Miz the Drift Away to win the second fall, then they went to break. 

(As the match started, Cole announced that they would take a commercial break after the second fall, then start the third fall after the break.) 

After a break, the bell rang and they started the third fall as promised. Elias was in control and had Miz lined up against the ring post. A kid in the crowd yelled, “don’t do it!” Elias didn’t listen and instead went for a running knee, but Miz moved and Elias crashed against the post. Miz applied the Figure Four and Elias tapped. Miz wins the third fall. (The overall match time above includes the commercial break.) 

Caruso interviewed Lynch and Rollins backstage. Rollins first sent well wishes to Lashley and Strowman. (Miz did this earlier as well.) They made jokes about Rollins being too impulsive. Rollins explained the rules of the match at Extreme Rules and Lynch quipped, “I wouldn’t advise you to lose my title.” 

They weren’t really worried about losing and Lynch was glad that Rollins was confident because she sleeps with the title belt. Rollins told Caruso that she wasn’t kidding. Rollins made a comment about Lynch needing to listen to him, but he quickly realized what he said and stopped. Rollins said he got lucky and Lynch confirmed that he did. 

Maria Kanellis showed up, disgusted by both of them. She wasn’t impressed with Lynch’s title, and said she deserved her own title for pushing an 8-pound baby out of her uterus. Mike Kanellis showed up and Maria suggested that tonight, “me and my bitch, take on you and yours.” Lynch accepted and threatened to slap their heads off. Rollins told them “y’all done messed up.” The crowd enjoyed this. 

[Third hour] 

They showed another replay of the Lashley/Strowman spot. Young said Strowman may have a ruptured spleen, but couldn’t confirm it. 

Mixed tag match: Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch & Universal Champion Seth Rollins defeated Maria & Mike Kanellis (3:30) 

Rollins beat the crap out of Mike for a while as Maria yelled at him to do better. Rollins eventually forced him to tag in Maria (which brought Lynch into the match). Maria grabbed a mic and admonished Mike for not protecting her, though she wasn’t surprised. Lynch was about to attack her then Maria yelled that she was pregnant. 

The crowd chanted “bullsh*t” at her. Lynch left her alone. Mike asked how she could be pregnant. Maria pretended to be shocked too and said he wasn’t man enough to do it. Lynch then pulled Mike into the ring, put him in the Disarmer, and he tapped out. Lynch and Rollins win. 

Afterwards, Maria mocked Mike some more about not being a real man. She said the only real man in the building tonight was obviously Becky Lynch, so maybe next time she’ll ask Becky to get her pregnant. Maria left the ring by herself. 

They cut to Caruso backstage who appeared nonplussed. Paul Heyman showed up and got a big pop. He introduced himself as the advocate for Brock Lesnar. He said tonight could be the perfect tonight for a cash-in. The Street Profits showed up and asked if Lesnar was really here tonight. They mocked Heyman who was very annoyed. He left as they begged him to come back. They then sang a nursery rhyme about Lesnar. 

A Moment of Bliss with guest Nikki Cross 

Bliss hosted in her gear. She sent well wishes to Strowman and Lashley. Bliss introduced Cross and showed a replay of her win over Bayley on Smackdown. Cross thanked Bliss for all the help and support. Bliss said this moment was about Cross, then Carmella interrupted. Carmella wondered why Bliss was getting the title shot if Cross beat the champion. 

Bliss wondered why Carmella was even out there. Carmella said they were supposed to be friends, but Cross was getting nothing out of their relationship. Bliss said Carmella was nothing more than Truth’s sidekick, then spelled it out for her. Carmella challenged her to a fight. Good thing Bliss wore her gear. 

Carmella defeated Alexia Bliss (w/Nikki Cross) (0:06) 

Bliss was paying attention to Cross as the match started, then Carmella applied a schoolgirl for the quick win. They went to break pretty much as soon as it was done. 

Nikki Cross (w/Alexa Bliss) defeated Carmella (2:43) 

The announcers said Bliss volunteered Cross for this match during the break. Cross blocked a superkick and won with a swinging neckbreaker. The announcers noted that Cross did what Bliss couldn’t. Bliss celebrated afterwards like she won the match, then encouraged Cross to celebrate. Cross’ music played when she won, but Bliss’ music played as they celebrated. 

Schreiber found Cross and Bliss backstage and asked Cross what she thought about the WWE Universe wanting her in the title match instead of Bliss. Cross was surprised but before she could answer, Bliss said “no comment” and they left. 

Truth hid as some losers ran passed looking for him. Maverick was there but told Truth that he just wanted to go on his honeymoon. As Truth walked away, Maverick clobbered him with his suitcase. A referee ran in and counted the pinfall win. Maverick is the 24/7 champ. Renee Michelle showed up and Maverick said they could now go on their honeymoon and do it 24/7. 

United States Championship match: Ricochet vs. AJ Styles 

The match started with about 15 minutes left in the show. There were loud duelling chants as Styles worked over Ricochet. Ricochet fought back and hit a Fosbury flop. Styles followed soon after with a Phenomenal forearm for the pinfall win at 2:23. 

Ricochet’s foot was clearly under the bottom rope, but Cole yelled and screamed that Styles was the new champion. The referee handed Styles the belt as another referee came out to explain what happened. The announcers argued as they went to break with about 11 minutes left in the show. 

Ricochet defeated AJ Styles to retain the United States Championship (3:35) 

Back from break, Styles argued with Gallows and Anderson outside the ring. The match was restarted because the referee acknowledged the error of his ways. 

Ricochet hit an enziguri and corkscrew neckbreaker. Ricochet went for a dive but Styles slipped back in the ring. Ricochet had landed on his feet, but Styles caught him with a springboard forearm. Styles followed that with a brainbuster in the ring for two. Styles then hit a rack bomb for two. Ricochet fended off Styles and caught him in a rollup for the pinfall win. Ricochet retains. Gallows and Anderson were not impressed. 

Styles was disappointed but shook Ricochet’s hand. Anderson and Gallows jumped on the apron as Ricochet prepared for a fight. Styles backed him off as he reasoned with his buddies. Styles then turned around and decked Ricochet. He hammered away on Ricochet as the crowd booed. He called Gallows and Anderson into the ring to join the beating. 

Gallows and Anderson gave Ricochet a Magic Killer, then Styles gave Ricochet a Styles Clash off the second rope. They posed, then attacked him again. After a replay, they posed with the “too sweet” gesture as the show ended. 

The crowd often pops for a heel turn, but they full-on booed AJ Styles when he turned.