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WWE Raw live results: Fastlane go-home show


Date: March 4, 2019
Location: Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA

The Big Takeaway --

The Shield is back for one more match. A show-long storyline ended with Dean Ambrose agreeing to join Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in a match at Fastlane. They also acknowledged the rumours of Ambrose’s departure, with Michael Cole announcing that Ambrose was not renewing his contract.

Ronda Rousey is still the Women’s Champion and turned heel in the final segment, turning on the crowd and attacking Becky Lynch. If Lynch can beat Charlotte at Fastlane, the WrestleMania title match will be a triple threat.

Show Recap --

Roman Reigns came out to start the show. He was cheered. As he entered, they showed replays of last week’s events. There were loud chants of “Roman” when he hit the ring.

Reigns said last week was the comeback, but this week “we take our yard back.” Reigns said there was one man standing in the way of what he wanted, his brother Seth Rollins. He called out Rollins. They shook hands.

Rollins said seeing Reigns in the ring last week was one of the greatest moments of his own career. It made Rollins feel like he could do anything and he would take that motivation to WrestleMania to slay the beast. He said he would bring the Universal title back to Raw every single week.

Rollins knew what it was like to vacate a title without ever losing it. He also knew that if anyone deserved a shot at Brock Lesnar as much as him, it was Reigns.

Reigns said he was wrong. While he was gone, it was Rollins who kept Raw in line. Reigns had confidence in him and knew he had what it took to beat Lesnar. Reigns wished Rollins luck at Mania.

However, Reigns did have a favour to ask. He wanted to get the band back together, one last time. Rollins said he would do anything for Reigns, but not that, not after what Dean Ambrose did that night. The crowd chanted for the Shield.

Reigns said he learned how short life was while he was gone. Reigns didn’t know what was going on with Ambrose and acknowledged that Ambrose was “making headlines.” Reigns wanted one more chance with his brothers. The crowd chanted for the Shield as Rollins paced around.

Rollins said he put that part of his life behind him--but Reigns was right. Life was too short, tomorrow is not guaranteed. “For you, my brother, I’m in.” Reigns said all we need was the third guy and called out Ambrose. Ambrose sauntered out onto the stage with a mic and the crowd chanted for him. It seemed he would stay there instead of going to the ring.

Before Ambrose could say anything, Elias suddenly appeared from behind and smashed a guitar over his back. Elias sprinted to the back as Reigns and Rollins ran up the ramp to check on Ambrose. Ambrose eventually got up without assistance and left on his own to the back. Rollins told Reigns that Ambrose was in his own world right now. 

Backstage, Drew McIntyre told Charly Caruso that he broke the Shield months ago and what we saw out there was three pathetic individuals. Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley ran down their opponents tonight. Corbin let us know that the power lies with the three of them now. 

Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley (w/Lio Rush) defeated IC Champion Finn Bálor, Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman (14:43)

Kurt Angle didn’t get an entrance. Strowman ran over Corbin on the outside, to which Cole (who won’t be missed) commented: “Braun Strowman says: hashtag get off the tracks, the monster train is coming through!” That’s really what he said.

Bálor hit a flip dive and was about to go for another but Lio Rush tripped him right in front of the referee. Rush timed this perfectly. He wasn’t even that close to Bálor as he ran toward the ropes, but Rush darted in and caught his leg just in time.

After a break, the heels worked over Bálor. Angle got the hot tag and hit McIntyre with triple Germans. Lashley jumped in when Angle went for the ankle lock, so Angle gave him a German. McIntyre then cut off Angle with a headlock.

After a break, the heels worked over Angle. Strowman got the hot tag and ran wild on Corbin. Strowman gave Corbin a powerslam and Bálor followed with a Coup de Grace but Rush pulled Bálor off Corbin. Again, this happened right in front of the referee. Rush ran away to avoid Bálor, but then was killed by a running charge through the barricade by Strowman.

Back in the ring, Lashley speared Bálor for the pinfall win. Afterwards, the heels beat up Bálor and Angle. They drove Angle into the steps, then gave Bálor a chokeslam onto the steps. McIntyre gave Bálor a Claymore kick before the chokeslam. 

Caruso interviewed Heavy Machinery. She said not everyone on Raw was happy to have them there. She showed footage from earlier of Ascension complaining to Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, and B-Team about the new NXT guys getting so many chances, especially Heavy Machinery.

They made some bad jokes at Otis’ expense. They cut back to Otis who (in a completely normal voice) said: “I’m sensitive. That… that hurt my feelings.” Tucker said he would find the McMahons and make this right, because they would learn that Otis hurts those who hurt his feelings.

Natalya defeated Ruby Riott (w/Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan) (2:04)

Natalya applied the Sharpshooter, Ruby failed to get to the ropes but managed to counter into a small package, but Natalya reversed into a small package of her own for the win. Afterwards, Lacy Evans did her thing that she does. 

Stephanie McMahon was greeted backstage by Michael Che and Colin Jost of SNL. Stephanie mentioned something about them being special correspondents for WrestleMania. Che gave Philly a shoutout, then Jost mentioned how happy he was Mania was in New York. He put on a Mets and was booed.

Stephanie then basically warned Jost not to rub the wrestlers the wrong way. Jost said he wrestled in high school and could handle himself. Che led him out of the room and Jost suggested they get some pizza here in Philly. 

Triple H promo

As Triple H entered, they aired a promo Batista cut on his own Instagram. Batista said he wasn’t at Raw (which was booed) not because he had other obligations, but because he simply didn’t want to be there. He said he hated Philly and would sit there and think about how much he doesn’t like Pittsburgh (where Raw is next week). Batista said he may or may not show up next week and they would play this game on his terms until the game was up.

Triple H talked about wanting to honour Ric Flair last week because of how well he knew the man Richard Fliehr. He spoke about the roads they travelled together, being at Flair’s wedding, and being there when he buried his son. He recalled Flair’s health troubles last year and dreading every phone call thinking that might be the end.

Triple H went on for a while and called Batista’s act lame, making fun of the town they were in just to get booed. Triple H told Batista to have some balls. He said he would go to Batista’s house if he wanted to, or Batista could go to his. He said this wasn’t something they were selling. When Batista looks into his eyes, he isn’t seeing the character Triple H, he's seeing the man. Triple H fired up and said if Dave wanted his attention, he got it.

This… really sucked. 

Stephanie told Caruso that Ronda Rousey disrespected the title last week. Stephanie said they would do what’s best for business and drop all charges against Becky Lynch and lift her suspension. She also invited Lynch to the arena tonight to sign a hold harmless agreement that states the company can’t be held responsible for what happens to her at Fastlane where Lynch would face Charlotte Flair for the now vacant title. 

Heavy Machinery defeated B-Team, Ascension and Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder in a gauntlet match

Heavy Machinery eliminated all three teams and this entire match was no more than six minutes. Otis picked up the pin for all three eliminations. He pinned Bo Dallas after they gave him a Compactor, pinned Viktor after a splash, and pinned Hawkins with an elbow drop after doing the worm.

There was also a “special look” at Captain Marvel, which was mostly about Brie Larson’s training. 

Che and Jost walked around backstage as Jost claimed he was up-to-date on WWE, mentioning names like the Bushwhackers, Koko B. Ware and Razor Ramon. They ran into EC3 who was standing in a corner spraying himself, then Titus O’Neil who took a picture with Che, then No Way Jose and his conga line.

They announced Torrie Wilson for the Hall of Fame and played a video, which was mostly about how good she looks. 

Backstage, Charlotte told Caruso that she would put Lynch on the shelf for good. She called Lynch a one-legged competitor in an ass-kicking contest, and the best part was that the WWE universe would get to bask in her glory when she becomes champion.

Rollins approached Ambrose backstage. Rollins said brothers fight, and through everything, he’d like to think there’s still mutual respect. He called Ambrose his wrestling soulmate and he always will be. He said they have one chance to do this the right way. Ambrose said no. He appreciated the help last week, but he had his own business to take care of tonight.

Back from break, Elias’ song was underway. He sang that he knew he was in Philly because the Stanley Cup was nowhere to found, because everyone’s mom looks like that googly-eyed slob Gritty (the crowd chanted for Gritty), because everyone he saw was a fat load, because he saw an Eagles fan eating horse manure on the side of the road, because Bryce Harper told him this is where his career would go to die.

This was a nice song. Should be noted that Elias is from Pittsburgh. 

Elias defeated Dean Ambrose (8:05)

Ambrose made a comeback and hit a swinging neckbreaker. However, as he came off the top, Elias caught him with a high knee and followed with Drift Away for the pinfall win. 

After Elias left, they cut his music and focused on Ambrose. Reigns and Rollins walked out and they went to commercial. After the break, Reigns and Rollins entered the ring and reasoned with Ambrose. Ambrose shoved them aside, left the ring and walked up the steps through the crowd.

Corbin’s music hit and he came out with McIntyre and Lashley. They mocked the Shield, with McIntyre doing most of the talking. He said they considered offering them an epic six-man match at Fastlane, but instead, they would end it right now.

The heels hit the ring and attacked Reigns and Rollins. Ambrose watched for a moment, then sprinted down and attacked all three heels. Ambrose took out Corbin, Rollins superkicked McIntyre, and Reigns gave Lashley a superman punch.

Reigns and Rollins put their fists out for the Shield pose as Ambrose paced around. Ambrose dramatically joined in and the crowd popped. 

The Shield vs. McIntyre, Lashley & Corbin was made official for Fastlane.

During Sasha Banks’ entrance for the next match, Michael Cole said the Shield’s reunion was significant because Dean Ambrose has decided not to renew his contract. Renee Young confirmed this and said Ambrose was moving on to greener pastures. Corey Graves knocked her for saying greener pastures because he was already in WWE. Young said you didn’t know what he had planned.

Tamina (w/Nia Jax) defeated Sasha Banks (w/Bayley) (3:14)

Banks applied the crossface but Jax pulled Tamina out of the ring. Again, this happened right in front of the referee (like the six-man earlier). The referee just stood there dumbly. Bayley tried to fight off Jax, but Jax tossed her aside, then Banks took her out with a meteora. Jax distracted Banks one more time, allowing Tamina to hit a superkick for the pinfall win. This was dumb. 

Backstage, Jost was on his own because Che went to the restroom. Strowman approached Jost and intimidated him. Jost asked Strowman, “is this stuff even real?” Strowman grabbed him by the throat and hoisted him up off his feet and they went to commercial.

After a break, they came back and Strowman was still choking Jost, who was still alive. A bunch of officials and Che were there trying to stop Strowman. Strowman let go of Jost, who was suddenly fine. Strowman warned them that he would see them at WrestleMania. Another dumb segment. 

Tag Team Championship match: The Revival defeated Ricochet & Aleister Black via DQ (6:54)

Before the match, Black and Ricochet cut a generic promo. I’m pretty sure Black’s promo included the line, “let’s not talk about words, let’s talk about actions.” There was a sizable “NXT” chant to start the match. Chad Gable and Bobby Roode walked out and they went to commercial 90 seconds into this scheduled title match.

Ricochet made a hot tag and ran wild on both opponents. Gable and Roode suddenly attacked Dash Wilder and the referee called for a DQ (so I guess only some rules apply). After Gable and Roode beat up Wilder and Dawson, they stepped in the ring and got in the faces of Ricochet and Black. They argued, then ended up trading fists. Ricochet and Black got the better of it.

With Gable and Roode on the outside, Ricochet and Black faked dives in style and the crowd cheered. Certainly feels like Gable and Roode are heels now. 

They plugged a face-to-face next week featuring Batista and Triple H. 

Main event segment

Stephanie McMahon came out with the Women’s title belt. She replayed what Rousey did last week, then called out Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Lynch limped out with a crutch and is also wearing a knee brace. The crowd chanted for Lynch.

Stephanie said we need a champion and we would find out who it was on Sunday. Stephanie said Lynch had to first sign a hold harmless agreement, then explained what a hold harmless agreement was. Charlotte encouraged Lynch to sign it, then suggested Stephanie just hand her the title.

Lynch said she beat Charlotte in the Rumble with one good leg and could do it again right now if she wanted to. Stephanie had to separate them, then encouraged Lynch to sign the agreement. Lynch signed it.

They suddenly cut to the back where Ronda Rousey was shown marching from the parking lot through the back with a stern look on her face. Commercial break.

Rousey timed her arrival perfectly, because after the break, her music played and she stormed to the ring. Rousey asked Stephanie what she was doing. Stephanie said she left her no choice. Rousey said she gave Stephanie a week to think about it so that she would include Lynch, not exclude her. Rousey demanded her title back.

Stephanie gave Rousey her title belt. Stephanie said Lynch and Charlotte would still have a match at Fastlane. If Lynch loses, she’s done. But if she wins, it’s a triple threat at WrestleMania. (So Rousey is still the champion.)

Rousey got in Stephanie’s face and said Stephanie values her wallet more than her pride. She said made too much money to get fired and knew that Stephanie valued her bank account more than she valued the well-being of Lynch’s and Charlotte’s frail little bodies.

Rousey then turned on the crowd. She said she did everything right and tried to respect the business, but they booed her out of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, her home, and cheered Lynch over her while she worked her ass off. She said everyone knew she could break their noses just sneezing in their directions. Lynch was amused by this.

Rousey ended by saying (I think), “no more Mrs. nice bitch.” Rousey kicked Charlotte out of the ring, then attacked Lynch. Rousey put Lynch in the armbar three times as Charlotte watched. Rousey rubbed her boot in Lynch’s face, then held up her belt as the crowd booed.

I thought Rousey was good here, but this kind of fell flat.

Before going off the air, Stephanie told Caruso that Rousey showed her true colours. Stephanie admitted she had no love for Lynch, but felt sick for Lynch who must now have an injured arm in addition to her injured knee.

Stephanie couldn’t wait to see what happens at Mania, whether it’s a singles match or triple threat. Stephanie said they have a lot to address and it could impact Rousey’s career, whether Rousey thinks so or not.

They cut back to the ring as Rousey posed on the turnbuckle. A crew member could be heard yelling at Rousey, “hold up your title!” Rousey held up her title and they went off the air. 

Final Thoughts --

I guess Triple H’s promo is going to end up being pretty divisive, but I thought it was wretched and brought the show down, along with lazy booking. I’m glad we get to see the Shield together again, but even the pay-off for that felt lazy. Ambrose deciding to return to Rollins and Reigns after refusing them moments earlier felt random. I thought the final angle was fine, it just came at the end of a long, dull show. Stephanie is starting to feel too involved in the threeway, and that’s probably a sign.