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WWE Raw live results: Two title matches, two weddings

Kevin Owens will also give Ezekiel a lie detector test.

Date: April 18, 2022
Location: KeyBank Center in Buffalo, NY 

Show Recap --

Jerry Lawler is once again on commentary with Jimmy Smith and Byron Saxton.

After a video recap, Seth Rollins entered to kick off Raw. Rollins said he felt like partying but didn’t want to do it alone so he invited Cody Rhodes to the ring.

Rhodes entered to a big reaction. Rollins encouraged the crowd to continue chanting for Cody and asked him how it felt to be on top of the world.

Rhodes said this was feeling familiar — he and Rollins standing in the ring in Buffalo. He called it Rhodes country. (Cody was referring to him and Goldust beating Rollins and Roman Reigns for the tag titles years ago with Dusty by their sides.)

Rollins acted like his usual jovial self until Rhodes interrupted him to soak in more of the crowd reaction. Rollins got serious and warned Rhodes not to do that again.

Rollins was planning on telling Cody how much respect he had for the Rhodes family and how much respect he had for Cody’s journey away before returning. However, the hard work that Rhodes put in was nothing compared to Rollins because he made Rhodes a star in one night at WrestleMania.

Rhodes told him to skip the foreplay and get to the point. Rollins again complained about facing a mystery opponent at WrestleMania. Rollins said he was better than Rhodes despite what Rhodes might think. Rollins knew Rhodes’ goal was to win the WWE title but Rollins has already reached those heights and that made him better.

Rhodes acknowledged that Rollins reached the top of the mountain not just once but four times, but that doesn’t change what happened at WrestleMania. Rhodes spent the last few years in a management role and learned a lot about mediation. They can go back and forth claiming who was better or simply ask a neutral party — the people of Buffalo. They chanted for Cody.

Rollins had a suggestion. If Rhodes thought it was so easy, he should wrestle in the main event tonight against a mystery opponent of Rollins’ choosing. The crowd chanted “Yes.” Rhodes emphatically accepted. 


Sasha Banks & Naomi defeated Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan to retain the Women’s Tag Team Championships (7:27)

Banks and Naomi were briefly in control over Morgan until Ripley caught Banks and used her as a weapon on Naomi. Morgan posted Naomi while Ripley drove Banks onto the barricade which led to break two minutes into the match.

Ripley/Morgan did a mistimed combo electric chair drop/bulldog that led to a two count on Naomi. Ripley blind-tagged in and assisted Morgan in hitting Naomi with a powerbomb. Ripley followed with the Rip-tide but Morgan failed to hold off Banks who broke up the cover.

Banks and Naomi followed with their combo finisher and Banks pinned Ripley to retain the titles.

— Ripley argued with Morgan after the match, complaining about the broken-up pinfall. Ripley then attacked Morgan from behind and laid her out with a big Rip-tide.

Sarah Schreiber tried to interview Ripley after a break but Ripley said nobody deserved an explanation.


Sonya Deville/Bianca Belair segment

Deville entered. She said she never gave up on being a fighter, she was forced into this authority position. When she watched WrestleMania, she knew she wanted to face Bianca Belair. She called Belair the best and that’s who she wanted to beat. “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.”

Belair interrupted. Deville warned Belair that there would be repercussions if she put her hands on her. The crowd encouraged her to do it. Belair suggested they have the title match right now. Deville said she didn’t wait three years to finally get her opportunity in this rusted-out suburb of New York.

Deville suggested they have the match somewhere where a Belair loss would be extra sweet, next week in Belair’s hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. Deville said it would be another quick loss for Belair, this time in front of her family.

Belair hoisted her up for the KOD but Deville warned her to put her down or else. Belair chucked her down.

Deville seemed to get a lot of heat and the crowd liked Belair. 


Veer Mahaan defeated Jeff Brooks (1:13)

Mahaan won via submission after a million dollar clothesline and modified camel clutch.

He put the hold on again after the match until officials broke it up.


In the back, Deville complained to Adam Pearce about Belair putting her hands on her. Pearce said they will take action (a fine) against Belair but Deville should worry about her own repercussions. The higher ups aren’t happy about Deville abusing her power.

Belair entered. She offered to pay her fine to Pearce. Belair held up a $1 bill and handed it to Pearce. Deville couldn’t believe the fine was only a dollar. Pearce smirked and responded, “I did it by the book.” Deville was displeased.


The jobber that Mahaan beat was shown being taken away on a stretcher.

KO Show with Ezekiel lie detector test

Kevin Owens wanted this lie detector test to be done without bias so he had Chad Gable join him to administer the test. Gable said this would be purely objective but when this was done, he would beat Ezekiel/Elias in a match.

Ezekiel entered. Owens welcomed “Elias” to the show. Ezekiel reiterated that he was the younger brother of Elias. Owens wasn’t buying it and wanted him to admit the truth right now. Ezekiel asked the crowd “who wants to hear Zeke speak?” Owens loudly noted how similar that was to Elias’ schtick.

Gable asked him a few baseline questions first and the polygraph results could be seen on the big screen. Gable also asked him if Gable Steveson was a spoiled brat. Owens told him to focus because he paid him $150 Canadian dollars to do this.

Gable asked if Ezekiel was his name and he said yes. Gable asked if his older brother was Elias and he said yes. The results showed he was telling the truth. Owens was pissed and asked if his name was really Elias. Ezekiel said no and the machine showed he was still telling the truth.

Owens blamed it on Gable (who really did do this objectively). Owens told Gable to leave and said he wasn’t paying him the money.

Ezekiel called Owens the biggest liar in WWE. Ezekiel was just happy to be having his first match tonight in Buffalo. Owens referred to Buffalo as Canada’s landfill. Owens got in Ezekiel’s face until Ezekiel dared him to do something. Owens left.

Gable knocked Ezekiel down from behind.

Ezekiel defeated Chad Gable via disqualification (3:33)

Gable controlled for a couple of minutes until Ezekiel hit a spinebuster and applied a single leg crab. Otis ran in and knocked over Ezekiel for the DQ.

Saxton acted like he sincerely believed this was a different person. Lawler wasn’t buying it.

(Funnily enough, like with Elias, the crowd reacted to the talking segment but was quiet for the match.)


Lawler joked that Saxton and the Street Profits must listen to the same music as the Easter Bunny: hip hop. Saxton didn’t seem amused. 

Non-title match: The Street Profits defeated Raw Tag Team Champions Randy Orton & Riddle (7:47)

Montez Ford went to the top but Riddle brought him down with a Spanish fly which led to break. They exchanged strikes before they both tagged out. Orton and Riddle each hit draping DDTs before Riddle tagged back in to set up for an RKO.

Ford began signalling to the back when the Usos’ music hit. The Usos didn’t show but this distracted Orton and Riddle. Ford dropkicked Orton off the apron before he and Dawkins gave Riddle a doomsday blockbuster for the pinfall win.

—After the match, Ford said this was a lesson for everybody. The Usos weren’t the only team that RK-Bro should be worried about.


Edge/Damian Priest segment

Edge and Damian Priest were in a dark, smokey room. Edge sat on a throne. Priest said last week (the lights going out) was meant to remind people who they were.

Edge said this side has always been inside of him and the seeds were planted when he first arrived in the Brood but we all forgot about that. (Except for the fact that Edge continuously reminds us that he was in the Brood.)

Edge said Priest was disrespected when Bad Bunny got all the attention at last year’s WrestleMania. Edge was a Hall of Famer but he had to beg someone for a match at this year’s WrestleMania.

Edge rambled some more before he admitted that AJ Styles was the only one man enough to face them. Edge challenged him to a rematch at Backlash to finally put a stake in his heart. Edge said it would be Styles’ judgment day.


In the locker room, Schreiber asked Styles about Edge’s challenge. Styles referred to him as “Judge Edge” and accepted the challenge. The lights flickered and Styles warned Schreiber to get out. Dim blue lights came on to reveal Priest and Edge. Styles attacked them but they laid him out and chuckled like bad guys.


(They did the big in-ring introductions they normally do for title matches for this but not the women’s match earlier.) 

Theory defeated Finn Bálor to win the United States Championship (11:39)

Theory hit a neckbreaker off the apron which led to break two minutes into the match. Bálor sold his neck for the remainder of the match.


Theory hit a rolling dropkick during the break but Bálor fought back until Theory cut him off with a spinning side slam for two. Theory went for the dropkick again but Bálor countered into a sit-out powerbomb for two. Bálor followed with stomps, a slingblade and running dropkick. Bálor went to the top but Theory brought him down with a springboard Spanish Fly for a nearfall. Bálor countered an ATL attempt and followed with a flip dive.

Theory dodged a Coup de Grace and hit the ATL for the pinfall win. Theory is the new champ.

— After the match, a bunch of low- and mid-level heels hoisted up Theory and celebrated his title win.

Vince McMahon entered to his music. Theory joined him on the stage and they took a selfie.


Kevin Patrick asked Rollins if he had selected Rhodes’ opponent. Rollins said yes. Patrick asked him who it would be. Rollins asked if he was dim. The whole idea was that Rhodes wouldn’t find out until he got to the ring. Rollins left.

(Rollins referenced The Weeknd in here because his outfit at Coachella resembled Rollins’ Shield gear.) 


Wedding segment 

R-Truth was the officiant to marry some combination of Reggie, Akira Tozawa, Dana Brooke, and Tamina. He announced that the 24/7 was off-limits for this double confirmation ceremony. Nikki ASH, Garza and Angel were among the guests. Brooke and Tamina entered in their wedding dresses. Banks and Naomi helped Tamina with her dress.

The crowd sang and chanted “what” as Brooke and Reggie read their vows. They did applaud Tamina and Tozawa because they kept their vows to three words or less.

Truth asked if anyone objected. Tamina said she did. She yanked Reggie over to her side before pushing Tozawa to Brooke. Tamina then put Reggie and Tozawa together before joining Brooke herself. The crowd cheered when they thought Tamina might marry Brooke but this was all pointless because she wound up back with Tozawa.

They put the rings on before the men kissed their brides. That made it official, so Reggie immediately pinned Brooke to win the 24/7 title. Tamina decked Reggie and pinned him before Tozawa rolled up Tamina to win the title. Brooke gave Tozawa a high cross to win the title back. Truth carried her away to safety.


Earlier today, MVP had a message for Bobby Lashley. MVP couldn’t believe that Lashley competed without him at WrestleMania but he’s moved on to something bigger and better. He made Lashley the All Mighty, imagine what he can do with Omos. MVP said Omos was challenging him to an arm-wrestling contest next week. Omos said the All Mighty era was coming to an end.

Schreiber interviewed Lashley. Lashley said he knew he had to go through Omos to get to MVP. Omos was bigger than him but we’d find out who was stronger next week because he accepted the arm-wrestling contest.


Next week on Raw:

  • Lashley vs. Omos arm wrestling contest
  • Bianca Belair vs. Sonya Deville for the Women’s title


Rollins pranced out and introduced Rhodes’ opponent, Kevin Owens.

Cody Rhodes defeated Kevin Owens via count-out (17:26)

Owens blocked a suicide dive, grabbed Rhodes and gave him a fallaway slam into the barricade which led to break 90 seconds into the match. Rhodes fought back after a break until Owens crushed him with a senton for two.

Rhodes countered an Owens’ suplex but Owens came right back with a spike DDT. Owens went for a senton but Rhodes got his knees up. Rhodes tackled Owens over the announce table and Rollins entered to his music again. This took us to another break.

They battled on the top turnbuckle until Owens shoved Rhodes off the top and hit a frog splash for two. Owens immediately followed with senton for two. Rhodes applied a schoolboy for two. Owens and Rhodes traded superkicks before Rhodes dropped Owens with a clothesline.

Owens came back with a pop-up powerbomb for two. Owens hit an avalanche fisherman’s buster but Rhodes got his foot on the rope.

Owens tried a powerbomb but Rhodes backdropped him on the apron. Rollins demanded Owens get up and get his “fat ass” back in the ring. Owens blew him off and left. Rhodes won by count-out.

Rollins followed Owens to the back. Rhodes was frustrated with the result but went to the top to pose. As he did, Rollins pushed him off to the outside. Rollins screamed at Rhodes as the show ended. 

(I thought the opening segment set this match up well but this was a classic example of them booking something and immediately finding a cheap way out of it. Also, in the match itself, Owens hit all of his big moves while Rhodes hit none of his.)