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WWE Raw live results: Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins


Date: November 8, 2021
Location: KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, KY

The Big Takeaway -- 

Raw was a mundane show where they killed a ton of time doing very little and the 24-minute main event ended in a count-out.

Show Recap -- 

Kevin Owens was in the back with Big E trying to explain that he wasn’t the same guy he was before, the guy who would turn on his friends. Big E was applying cocoa butter on himself and he wasn’t sure why Owens chose this moment to speak to him. Owens acknowledged his history with New Day but tried to explain that he was being sincere. Big E didn’t care. He walked away. 

Seth Rollins promo 

Rollins wore a ridiculous outfit, even for him, and the crowd let him know he looked stupid. 

Rollins said he and Owens have known each other for a long time and even came up in the industry together. Rollins knew one thing about Owens, that would stab his friends in the back — just ask Sami Zayn or the New Day. Owens was the biggest liar in the world and after tonight he would be the biggest loser as well. 

Owens marched out but Rollins managed to bail before Owens could powerbomb him on the apron. 


Riddle told Randy Orton how excited he was to team with the Street Profits. They’d be a super team like the Eternals or Voltron. Orton told Riddle to stop picking fights (with Omos) because they already had a target on their backs. Riddle tried to reason with him and speak about the Street Profits but Orton said he didn’t care about them. 

The Street Profits were standing right behind him. Orton told them he meant what he said and if they had a vendetta against Omos, they were on their own. 

8-man tag team match: AJ Styles, Omos, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode defeated The Street Profits & Raw Tag Team Champions Randy Orton & Riddle (22:05) 

Riddle took himself and Styles over the top rope which led to break and the heels worked him over after the break. Riddle caught Ziggler with a knee strike and made the hot tag to Orton who hit clotheslines, a power slam and draping DDT. 

Orton set up for the RKO but Roode got in his way so Orton got rid of him. Orton dodged an attack by Styles and chucked him to the outside into the arms of Omos. Omos got on the apron as they went to a second break. 

Omos and his team were back in control after the break. Montez Ford eventually gave Ziggler an enziguri before tagging in Angelo Dawkins who hit Roode with a clothesline, spinning back elbow, t-bone suplex, and a spinning Stinger splash. Dawkins also gave Styles the Silencer. 

Omos gave Dawkins a chokeslam before pushing Ford out of the ring. Riddle tagged himself in (as Orton protested) and went after Omos with strikes but Omos chokeslammed him. The crowd chanted for Orton to go after Omos. He eventually decided to get in but Ziggler and Roode attacked him. 

Styles wanted a tag but Ziggler tagged himself in and they all argued. Roode shoved Styles so Omos drove him into the barricade. 

As this was happening, Ziggler crawled into the ring and covered Riddle, who was down for a while, and pinned him for three. Orton laid out Ziggler with an RKO after the match. 

This was a lacklustre finish and this match wasn’t as good as you’d expect, especially for the time they got. It felt like they were building to the big action spots at the end but that didn’t really happen. The heels controlled a lot of the match and then just randomly got the pin. 


Owens, still seeking validation, sought out Rey Mysterio and asked if he believed him. Rey didn’t want to answer but eventually told Owens that he believed him before heading to the ring. 

Veer Mahaan is coming. 


Adam Pearce segment with Rey and Dominik Mysterio 

Pearce spoke about the importance of Survivor Series and all of the big debuts we’ve seen at the show. He was filled with regret when he announced the Raw team because all members of the team were former world champions except for Dominik. He said Dominik was still on the team as long as he doesn’t lose his match tonight. 

[Second Hour] 

Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeated Dominik Mysterio (w/Rey Mysterio) (5:11) 

Lashley completely dominated and seemed to have it won with the Hurt Lock but he let go and chucked Dominik out of the ring. Lashley went after him and booted Rey as Rey tried to help his son. Lashley posted Dominik for a second time and followed with a spear. Lashley applied the Hurt Lock again and Dominik frantically tapped out. 

They announced that Lashley was officially taking Dominik’s place on Team Raw. 

Dominik looked like a feeble loser. 


Rollins approached Chad Gable and Otis and asked them about Owens. Gable put over his degree and agreed with Rollins that Owens was a liar on the level of Aaron Rodgers. Gable also planned on giving Big E a free lesson tonight. Rollins was happy to hear it. 

WWE Champion Big E defeated Chad Gable (w/Otis) in a non-title match (4:55) 

Big E was in full control until Gable used a dragon screw before working over the leg. Gable blocked a belly-to-belly suplex and hit one of his own before hitting a moonsault for two. Gable followed with an impressive rolling German suplex for two. Big E fought back with an STO and Big Ending for the pinfall win. The crowd seemed quiet for this. 

Otis entered the ring and had a staredown with Big E but the referee held them apart. (I mean, they could have easily pushed him down, but they didn’t.) 


Owens, still seeking validation, asked for R-Truth’s opinion. Truth believed him. He also believed in Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. Owens wanted to interrupt but Truth went on about how he also believed in mermaids and mermen. Owens left. 


Sonya Deville congratulated Carmella, Queen Zelina, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair on being named to Team Raw. She wanted to see some healthy competition so the same five women would fight tonight for a shot at Becky Lynch’s title. 

Doudrop asked Deville why she wasn’t considered for the match over someone like Belair who already lost to Lynch. Dana Brooke was pissed that she’s been overlooked and she wanted respect. 

Nikki ASH also interjected to remind them that she was once the Women’s champion, unlike them. Zelina said she’s had quite the fall from grace (Nikki is currently one-half of the tag team champions). They all argued at awkward angles as Zelina did the royal wave at no one in particular. 


There was a video package to plug WrestleMania tickets going on sale. 

Kevin Patrick approached Rey and asked for an update on Dominik. Rey said Dominik would be ok but he was pissed at Pearce and said we should be questioning his integrity, not Owens. If Pearce wanted Lashley in the match, he should have just made that call in the first place. (Austin Theory appeared and took a selfie as Rey checked on Dominik.) 


Drake Maverick defeated Reggie to win the 24/7 Championship (1:23) 

Truth marched down the ramp during the match but was attacked from behind by Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. The distraction allowed Maverick to schoolboy Reggie to win the title. 

This led to the title changing hands five more times: Akira Tozawa pinned Maverick, Corey Graves pinned Tozawa, Byron Saxton pinned Graves, Maverick pinned Saxton, and Reggie pinned Maverick. Reggie ran off with the belt. 

Graves was pissed at Saxton after all of this especially after Saxton mentioned that he was now 1-0 against him. 


They showed pictures of Undertaker hanging out at the Dallas Cowboys game and proudly shaking hands with George W. Bush. 


Becky Lynch joined commentary. 

Fatal 5-Way: Liv Morgan defeated Carmella, Queen Zelina, Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley (16:23) 

A brawl broke out before the match started because Zelina and Carmella attacked Belair from behind and the match started after a break. 

[Third Hour] 

Lynch put over the abilities of everyone in the match but made sure to put down Liv Morgan. 

Carmella and Vega tried working together but it didn’t last. Belair woke up from a five-minute nap to break up a Ripley cover. Morgan took out Belair with a Codebreaker before Carmella took down Morgan with a facebuster but Ripley broke up the cover. Zelina gave Ripley a DDT but Belair press slammed her onto the three other women outside the ring. 

After a break, Belair gave Zelina and Morgan a double powerbomb before eating a missile dropkick by Ripley. Carmella superkicked Ripley for two. Ripley and Belair had a counter exchange that led to Ripley just booting her in mid-air. Ripley hit Rip-tide but Morgan broke up the cover. 

Morgan slipped out of a Rip-tide and hit Oblivion but Zelina broke up the cover. Belair booted Morgan out of the ring while she had Zelina on her shoulders. Belair hit the KOD but Doudrop yanked her out of the ring and decked her. 

Carmella tried stealing the pin but Morgan put her in a crucifix pin for the win. 

Morgan earns a future title shot against Lynch. The two women faced off while standing on the announce table. 


Rollins approached Big E in the back. Big E told Rollins that he didn’t trust him or Owens. He planned on being ringside to make sure Rollins’ match goes smoothly. Rollins wasn’t thrilled about that. 

Big E entered to watch the upcoming match. Theory also entered to take selfies with each of the announcers. Theory tried to take one with Big E but he smacked the phone out of his hand. Theory backed away and left (not before saying that Big E was holding his belt). 

Rollins cut a promo before the match. He claimed that what happened last week was a plan between him and Owens that they devised for weeks. Owens marched out and he hammered away at Rollins. Rollins escaped into the crowd as they went to break. 


There was a promo video for Survivor Series. They highlighted the Montreal Screwjob, which is amazing. 


Seth Rollins defeated Kevin Owens via count-out (23:46) 

Owens had control until Rollins got his knees up on a senton before driving Owens into the announce table. Rollins was in control after the break until Owens fought back and hit a DDT. Owens dodged a frog splash and hit one himself for a nearfall. 

After a second break, they exchanged superkicks until Owens hit a clothesline. They battled on the top until Owens hit an avalanche fisherman’s buster but Rollins got a rope break. Rollins followed with a Pedigree but took too long to make a cover and Owens kicked out. 

Rollins hit a buckle bomb but Owens came right back with a pop-up powerbomb for a nearfall. Rollins blocked a stunner and they spilled to the outside. Rollins dove at Owens near Big E but Big E was smart enough to move out of the way and they went crashing into the leather chair. 

As Rollins scampered back into the ring, Owens bumped into Big E which led to a... countout. An incredibly bad finish. 

Owens was pissed so he attacked Big E. Owens drove him into the steel steps and powerbombed him on the apron. Owens freaked out as the show ended. 


(When entrances began, I didn’t think this would be the main event because there was so much time left in the show. But between entrances, videos, Rollins’ promo and commercials, they killed enough time that this wound up being the main event after all. 

Something similar happened earlier with the 5-way women’s match where they managed to kill about 15 minutes before the match actually started. They do this stuff a lot but it felt like even more of a stretch tonight.)