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WWE Raw live results: King of the Ring begins


Date: August 19, 2019
Location: Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, MN 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman are the tag team champions. 

Samoa Joe and Cedric Alexander advanced in the King of the Ring tournament. Cesaro and Sami Zayn are out. 

There was no announcement regarding NXT.

Show Recap -- 

Renee Young, Michael Cole, and Jerry Lawler are on commentary. Corey Graves is on vacation. 

Roman Reigns defeated Dolph Ziggler (10:53) 

Reigns came out and they aired a long video recap of his angle with Daniel Bryan and Rowan. Ziggler entered and said he wasn’t a keyboard warrior like the fans and would face Reigns man-to-man. 

Ziggler mentioned that a bunch of bad things almost happened to Reigns, like almost having stuff fall on him and almost getting hit by a car, whereas he ate three spears from Goldberg. This led to the embarrassment of Maryse’s husband beating him with Ric Flair’s move. Ziggler repeated “It should be me,” then blindsided Reigns with a superkick. 

Once Reigns got to his feet, the match started. Outside the ring, Ziggler sidestepped a superman punch, pushed Reigns into the barricade and hit a Zig-Zag on the floor. Commercial break. Reigns was in the ring at 8:05. The match started at 8:10. They went to break at 8:11. 

(The crowd is hot. They loudly booed Ziggler’s promo and chanted “You still suck” after the superkick. There were also chants for Goldberg.) 

After the break, Reigns came back with a drive-by, clothesline and big boot. Ziggler came back with a leaping DDT for two. Reigns ran shoulder-first into the post and Ziggler followed with a Zig-Zag for a close nearfall. Reigns avoided a superkick and hit a superman punch for a nearfall. Ziggler then countered a spear into a Fameasser for two. 

The crowd chanted for Reigns as Ziggler yelled at him and smacked him around. Ziggler went for a Stinger Splash but Reigns caught him with a spear for the pinfall win. Crowd was happy. 

They aired a recap of Sasha Banks’ return. Becky Lynch was shown backstage. Lynch said she challenged the other women because she wanted to fight everyone at their best and at their peak. She said Banks was now at her peak now, and she can thank Lynch for that. Banks was cold as ice a few months ago, but suddenly she’s hot and she did nothing on her own to get there. Lynch said she got to the top while Banks never could. She said when they finally do meet, Banks would actually have something to go home and cry about. 

The King’s Court with Jerry Lawler 

Lawler put over the King of the Ring tournament and mentioned past winners including Bret Hart, Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar. They were all cheered (Lawler mentioned that Lesnar was from Minneapolis). Lawler picked Cedric Alexander and Ricochet as the Raw finalists. Before he could get to his Smackdown pick, the lights began to drop for Bray Wyatt. 

Lawler knew better than to just stand around, so he made his way up the ramp. The spotlight shined on Lawler on the stage and Wyatt appeared behind him. Wyatt put him down with the mandible claw and cackled as he did it. The lights came back on and Wyatt was gone. Lawler was down and officials checked on him as the crowd chanted “yowie wowie.” 

Cole introduced Vic Joseph who joined him and Young on commentary. Cole hoped they would hear from Banks later tonight. 

Ricochet & The Miz defeated Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin (10:15) 

Corbin is back and still wearing dressy clothes. The red spotlights used during Corbin’s entrance remained on in the ring for the first 35 seconds of the match before they finally shut off. Ricochet took out both heels with a moonsault off the turnbuckle to the outside and they went to break 70 seconds into the match. 

After a break, Corbin was in control of Miz. Corbin ditched his dress shirt and wrestled in a tank top. Interestingly, Vic Joseph appears to be leading the way as the play-by-play guy on commentary. 

Miz caught McIntyre with a DDT then made a hot tag to Ricochet who ran wild on Corbin. Ricochet hit a front dropkick for a one count, then a springboard clothesline and standing shooting star press for two. McIntyre jumped in and took out Miz before suplexing Ricochet. Ricochet caught McIntyre with a superkick, then Miz followed with a Skull Crushing Finale. 

Corbin chokeslammed Miz then gave Ricochet a Deep Six for two. Corbin tried a charge but Miz pulled Ricochet out of the corner, then Ricochet gave Corbin a codebreaker for the pinfall win. 

[Second hour] 

Sasha Banks was shown getting ready for a sit-down interview. 

Cole interviewed Booker T via Skype. Cole said it doesn’t pay to be a Hall of Famer right now with Wyatt lurking. Booker called Wyatt a rabid dog and said Lawler was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Cole asked Booker about KOTR and called him King Bookah. Booker put over Harley Race. Cole asked him to pick a winner and Booker picked McIntyre. 

U.S. Championship match: Braun Strowman defeated AJ Styles (w/Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) via DQ - Styles retained (1:51) 

Strowman was all over him. Styles managed to set up for the Phenomenal forearm but Strowman just swatted him out of the air. Strowman set up for a powerslam but Gallows gave him a big boot for the DQ. 

Gallows and Anderson continued the attack after the match and posted him twice. They set up for a double team move but Seth Rollins ran out for the save. He handed out superkicks and cleared the ring. Rollins shook Strowman’s hand and jokingly said they were even. Strowman teased tension but it was only for a moment. 

Rollins caught up to Strowman backstage. Rollins said they’ve had each others’ backs but wasn’t stupid — he saw how Strowman looked at his Universal title. If it were up to Rollins, Strowman would be his next challenger. However, he wanted to settle the score with the OC. He asked Strowman if he wanted a tag title match against Gallows and Anderson tonight. Strowman grunted in the affirmative. Rollins ran off to find someone to make it official. 

King of the Ring Round 1 Match: Samoa Joe defeated Cesaro (10:18) 

Cole kicked things off by calling KOTR “the best tournament in the history of sports entertainment.” 

Cesaro immediately hit a running uppercut into the corner — which caught Joe and the crowd off-guard — for a nearfall. Joe followed later with a dive which sent Cesaro over the barricade and into the crowd and us to commercial break 90 seconds into the match. 

Joe was in control after the break. Cesaro dodged a senton as Cole said the match has taken a toll on both men. With the commercial break, it felt like the match was still just starting. 

Cesaro came back with a big boot for two. He went for a vertical suplex but they kind of fell over because Joe is so big. They held onto the hold, so Cesaro got up and successfully hit the suplex and the crowd applauded. Cesaro gave Joe a running uppercut and flying high cross for two. Joe followed with a Uranage and senton for two. 

Cesaro then gave Joe the big swing (which didn’t last long), then applied a Sharpshooter before transitioning into a crossface. Joe rolled into a cover for two. Cesaro went for a Neutralizer (which Joseph called a “neuralizer”) but Joe countered and applied the Coquina Clutch. Cesaro tapped out. Joe advances. Nothing outstanding but a good, physical match. Probably would’ve been better with a few more minutes. 

Rollins and Strowman will get a tag title match against the OC later. 

Elias segment 

They showed a replay from over the weekend of Elias fending off an attack by Drake Maverick and beating him up in the studio. 

Elias was in the ring. He kept getting bad feedback on his mic. He said this would be his farewell performance. As he began playing, he wasn’t happy with how the guitar was tuned and asked for someone to fix it. Someone in a hood came into help. It was R-Truth. Truth tried a schoolboy and a small package but Elias kicked out of both. Truth also hit a scissors kick but Elias kicked out of that as well. Truth tried to use the guitar but Elias bailed. 

Rey Mysterio interview 

Charly Caruso interviewed Rey Mysterio backstage. Caruso said Andrade ripped off his mask a few weeks ago and he was never able to avenge that incident. She also wondered why he mentioned his family last week. 

Mysterio said he was a fortunate man, with a beautiful family and a wonderful career. His uncle trained him from when he was a little boy and he’s met people across the world who were not just his fans, but his friends. Lately, things have not been clicking for him and what Andrade did was a disgrace. In his culture, ripping off another’s mask with the greatest insult. 

Mysterio was upset for not being able to avenge that. When he’s in the ring, he can see his next move, but his body was not keeping up. He’s fought a lot of bigger men his career and fears his injuries are finally catching up to him. He knew this day had to come for everyone, and it would come for him. It was time to hang up the mask. The crowd booed and shrieked. 

He said it was time for the new generation. He was about to take off his mask, but Dominick showed up and stopped him. Dominick said Mysterio once told him that when he debuted, it would be as his partner. Dominick wanted to be able to tell his children that he debuted with their grandfather, the great Rey Mysterio. Domnick said he would make him proud. Mysterio said he would do it for him. They hugged. The crowd cheered. 

Mysterio was great here. Domnick wasn’t. 

Xavier Woods & Big E defeated The Revival via DQ (6:17) 

Revival wore snakeskin boots in honour of their snake friend Randy Orton. New Day sent them to the outside and they went to break two minutes into the match. 

After the break, Woods gave Scott Dawson a missile dropkick and made the hot tag to Big E. Big E handed out suplexes to both opponents then hit a splash on Dash Wilder. Big E set up for his spear through the ropes but before he could do it, Orton flew hit and hit him with an RKO for the DQ. This got a big reaction. 

Kofi Kingston ran down and attacked Orton and Revival. He took out Revival with a double axe handle but Orton then cut him off with an RKO. Orton was about to give him another, but Woods made the save. Revival jumped in and lifted Woods in the air for an assisted RKO, which was very cool. 

Dawson held Woods in a leg lock and Wilder came off the ropes with a stomp to the leg as Orton forced Kingston to watch. 

[Third hour] 

Sasha Banks interview 

Cole interviewed Banks, who was on the big screen. Cole asked if she wanted to explain her actions. 

Banks wanted to explain from the beginning. Banks seemed like she was going to be sincere, but wasn’t. She said she looked in the mirror last week and told herself… blue is your colour. She said she looked great and felt great and everyone was talking about her hair. Cole told her that nobody was talking about her hair and the crowd laughed. 

Cole reminded us what happened last week, including Natalya talking about her dead father. Cole spoke in some weird, over-written verbiage and I have no idea if he wanted an answer from her now or later. Banks thought for a second, said “you’re welcome” and left. 

Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeated Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville in a non-title match (4:17) 

Rose decked Cross with a forearm, then Bliss took her out with a dropkick. Bliss and Cross took turns on Rose until Rose gave Bliss the V-trigger. Deville made a tag and nailed Cross with strikes and a shining wizard. Cross booted Deville and drove Rose into the post. Deville fended off Bliss, then Cross gave Deville a swinging neckbreaker for the pinfall win. 

Rollins tried speaking strategy with Strowman, who stared at his belt. Rollins told him to focus. Strowman told him he was focused and advised Rollins to follow his lead so they can win the titles. 

King of the Ring Round 1 Match: Cedric Alexander defeated Sami Zayn (3:34) 

Zayn was in control and hit a Michinoku Driver early on for two. Alexander came back with chops, a spinning back elbow, running forearm, headscissors takedown, dropkick and suicide dive. Alexander followed with a Neuralyzer and Lumbar Check for the quick pinfall win. This was the first (televised) singles match between these two. 

The Street Profits looked over their brackets. Montez Ford was 2-0, but Angelo Dawkins ripped up his bracket because he had Cesaro going to the final. Dawkins wondered why they don’t have a tag team King of the Ring tournament. Ford said they were already the kings of this place. They moved on to talk about tonight’s main event and downed some popcorn. 

Backstage, Gallows and Anderson complained about having to face Rollins and Strowman who weren’t even a real team. Styles showed up to psych them up. “They’re no match for the cowboys, they’re no match for these mother lovers!” He called them the only club that matters. 

Elsewhere, Natalya cut a promo trying to get sympathy as the crowd shouted “What” at her. She mentioned her dead father again. And probably her arm injury. As she ranted about what Banks did to her, Banks attacked her and called her a baby. Banks added: “Go to hell Nattie, and tell your daddy I said hi.” 

Cole misheard something Young said and told her not to take a vacation next week like Graves did this week. Joseph asked Cole when he last took a vacation and Cole said 2001. 

Universal Champion Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman defeated Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (w/U.S. Champion AJ Styles) to win the Raw Tag Team Championships (12:17) 

Rollins still has his ribs taped. He was in control of Gallows and Anderson but tried fighting them both on the outside, so Gallows cut him off and dropped him rib-first twice onto the barricade as Strowman just watched from the apron. 

After a break, Rollins got distracted by Gallows so Anderson gave him a spinebuster for two. Rollins fought Anderson off the top rope and hit a blockbuster but Gallows tagged in and stopped him from making a tag. Strowman stalked Styles on the outside so Gallows shoved him into the post. 

Rollins made a comeback on both opponents. He hit Gallows with a suicide dive (sort of), then gave Anderson a falcon arrow for a nearfall. Anderson distracted the referee so Styles knocked Rollins off the top. The OC gave Rollins a double team backdrop for a nearfall. 

Suddenly, Strowman came alive and ran over both Styles and Gallows on the outside. Rollins made a hot tag and Strowman ran over Anderson with running shoulder tackles. He knocked over Gallows again and gave Anderson a running powerslam. Styles was about to interfere but Rollins stomped him as Strowman pinned Anderson for the win. 

Rollins and Strowman are the tag champs. Crowd popped huge for the win. Rollins and Strowman celebrated on the stage. The final shot was Strowman staring at the Universal title and Rollins turned his head to notice.